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Da Vinci Code

May 3, 2014


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– "Time of Janus" was written for himself or originally intended as a commercial project? – Any well-written book – it's a commercial project, wants the author or not. If the book is well written, it one way or another will find its readers, will be in demand. There are, of course, the absolute best-sellers that are designed for a wide audience, though, on the other hand, a role played by advertising. For instance, sold 100 million books Dan Brown (American writer, journalist, musician, author of such works as "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons," "Digital Fortress". – Ed.), But many of those who read it, note that it is written badly, although there are kind of a mystery, originality. The works of JK Rowling (British novelist, author of a series of novels about Harry Potter.

– Ed.) Segment is filled in time that will always be in demand, – books adolescents. The main advantage of these books is that they have created the world in which to live. But the content they are far from perfect. I do not think that JK Rowling published her first novel, was counting on some great success. – Now write? – If I had more time I would write more. But I come to this very seriously. Three of the book he wrote almost four years.

Now I have some projects, publishing commitments that take up a lot of time. I'm working on a book, but not over the art and science of journalistic, historical. Write fiction about the present, although there are stories, and even blank is not desirable. The key to the story – How did you come into the publishing business? – I was invited, because I know this area, to provide certain consulting services. And then I liked it. Here there is nothing complicated: we must devise and implement a project.

Instant Cash Loans: Immediate Finance Program

May 2, 2014


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Instant cash loans-refer to a variety of immediate finance programs which the British people look for, when they pass through a trying time. Instant cash loans are free from hassle. It is not always possible to guide a man looking madly for small cash when immediate cash is his need of the hour and when finance source of any child does not come within his vision. It is not always impossible too, even when his friends or relatives indicated reciprocate to his appeal. He should go for instant cash loans which is nothing but a child of cash at hand. The finance market has introduced instant cash loans for the benefit of the people of Great Britain. The funding is available to the citizens of this country. The loan seekers must be adult, unless which they are not eligible to sign on the paper of financial agreement.

The mode of payment used for instant cash loans is bank transfer, because of which it is urgent for the loan seekers to possess a valid and active bank account. It is a must for the loan seekers to have a monthly earning of about 1000 they must be working in Office or in a plant for half of a year last to be eligible for instant cash loans. The loans seekers will, of course, find it catchy to apply for instant cash loans for good many reasons. The finance providers work in a competitive environment, and they do their best to make the advances at at the earliest convenience. Usually, the borrowers find the sanctioned cash getting deposited with their respective bank account within one day, and sometimes, even before that. Yes, the finance providers receive the loan application from the borrowers and start operation. The borrowers are encouraged to submit the loan application online.

Offline application is received. In the online application, privacy of the borrowers is not made public and processing of payment becomes faster. Instant cash loans are a child of free from hassle loans program. The payment is made keeping on eye on the paycheck of the loan seekers, precise to say, on their paycheck of the next month. The loan seekers need not get bothered for providing valuable assets to the calendar who would use the same as collateral. Botheration of faxing is so absent when the borrowers look for instant cash loans. Credit performance of the loan seekers is again immaterial, because the finance provider, while reviewing the loan application for instant cash loans do not verify the credit record of the applicants. The loan seekers can obtain an amount within 100 to 1000 which they must pay back within two to four weeks. As cash loans are instant loans no collateral program, interest is charged at higher Council. The borrowers must be responsible in repayment; otherwise, they are charged with fines. Declan Dylan is author of loans for Unemployed.


May 1, 2014


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Among other things which are topics in the current ForestFinest-magazine Wood for energy production role, as world trade threatens forests and how the economic value of pollination-dependent growing fruits such as cocoa or coffee is steadily increasing. The report “The trees first, then the profession” tells of a forest conservation project in Ecuador and the idealism of young people who plant trees when sultry heat and tropical downpours. The environmental magazine introduces also forest fund in its current issue and shows how forest investments can be useful and profitable for climate and environmental protection. The heading “LandPartien” addresses issues around land grabs and evictions. ForestFinest illuminated the role of Deutsche Bank and the new guidelines against land grabbing and provides alternatives such as the urban gardening. Presented partners and actions are also of ForestFinance, such as scholarships for higher education, new cocoa forests in Peru.

The magazine pays tribute to the environmental organization Robin Wood with a portrait of one of its most important employees Djoeke Lueken and calls on all its readers. Mouth predator to be – quite legally and for the protection of nature on The environmental magazine ForestFinest appears twice a year and can be downloaded free of charge at Magazin.559.0.html or ordered free of charge through. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages a total 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru), Asia (Viet Nam). She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between different products and invest in different models of sustainable tropical forestry. At the BaumSparVertrag for a monthly savings contribution 12 trees per year planted and harvested after 25 years. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with return guarantee.

For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with option on real estate, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in fine cocoa and wood, with possible annual payouts already from the second year. GreenAcacia is a forest investment with only seven years total term and annual payouts. Pure forest 0I is a sustainable forest fund with only 14 years maturity and early recoveries. A coordinated security concept with insurance, crop communities, insurance areas, certifications and subsequent planting guarantees contributes to the investor protection. CO2OL is consulting and service agency for operational climate and developer of forest carbon offset projects, and a division of the ForestFinance group.

Payday Cash Loans Bad Credit

April 30, 2014


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Bad credit loans New Zealand: finance for bad credit holders of NewZealand bad credit holders do not get favor from the finance agencies anywhere in the world. People having catastrophe credit history do not have any different experience. It is another thing that they, at times, are to pass through a trying time when their wallet becomes empty. It is, nevertheless, on important thing from economic and social point of view. The finance market has come forward to assist the people of New Zealand whose credit score is far from 6. Bad credit loans New Zealand has been introduced. The finance providers do not always refuse the people who look for bad credit loans New Zealand. They just set aside the credit report of the loan seekers when going through the loan application for approval.

The qualified loan seekers can fetch on the amount between $100 and $1500 when they apply for bad credit loans New Zealand. Obviously this is a child of short cash, but the borrowers are greatly benefitted when they secure the same. The amount that will actually be paid to the applicant is determined by his income potential which the finance providers assess. It is important for the latter to assess repayment strength of the applicant before he grants the loan. Bad credit loans New Zealand is offered in unsecured variant is to mean that collateral is not required to secure this child of cash.

Naturally, as there is no collateral, the finance is associated with higher Council of interest. The borrowers are to pay back the loan amount plus its interest within two to four weeks. The borrowers must be responsible in honoring the repayment program. If they fail to clear the borrowed amount within the agreed tenure, they are charged with penalties and fines. Save this, terms and condition for bad credit loans New Zealand are set as per the practices prevailed in the finance market of New Zealand. The loan seekers are to pay nothing towards processing charges and nobody wants to ask them to pay anything as hidden charges. The loan seekers are, however, required to satisfy some criteria to be eligible for bad credit loans New Zealand. The criteria include citizenship of New Zealand, 18 years of age, possession of a valid and active bank account, employment in a plant or in to office and monthly earning of about $1000 it is good that the finance seekers can obtain the sanctioned cash within 24 hours after the loan application is passed for payment. The cash is immediately transferred to their bank account electronically by the finance providers. Tristan Tanner is author or Payday Cash Loans Bad Credit.For any information about small cash loans nz, bad credit loan nz visit

New Car Financing

April 27, 2014


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Car dealerships offering 1.99% APR, but appearances are deceptive Thorsten Schambach says Managing Director at Carworld 24 GmbH. Especially in the automotive sector, customers are often lured by low interest rates. In hindsight but, many customers find that their alleged bargains for new cars was paid dearly for. Because often the retailer at the time such special financing offers are only little or no discount on the new cars and right here is the problem so Sadiq. Many manufacturers offer cheap financing to make the purchase easier potential customers via your own bank.

According to marketing actions promote these car banks with up to zero percent interest rates for car loans. It’s only once irresistible. On the other hand, a car loan at auto Bank of the manufacturer reduces also the will to give high discounts on the new cars. Someone who already has the financing, usually cheaper buys. So Sadiq, we offer high discounts customers first and foremost, so that the customer really saves.

An example is to simplify it: top Offer 1.99% APR. Offer 1: Mazda Mazda 5 1.8 COMFORT 5-door 21.190,–MSRP of manufacturer’s 590 transportation costs to the delivering dealer 20.084 purchase price incl. 8% incl. 590 transportation costs deposit 4.017,–= 1.99% APR 48 months special financing runtime 348,40 monthly financing rate calculation: 48 x 348,40 = 4.017,–16.723,20 plus deposit total expenses 20.740,20 offer by Carworld 24 5.99% APR offer 2: Mazda Mazda 5 1.8 COMFORT 5 door side 21.190, – recommended retail price of the manufacturer 590 transportation costs to the delivering dealer 16,482 purchase price incl. 8% incl. 590 transportation costs deposit 4.017,–= 5.99% APR 48 months special financing runtime 291,80 monthly financing rate calculation: 48 x 291,80 = 14.006,40 plus deposit 4.017,–expense 18.023,40 total savings under the bottom line at a higher interest rate of 2.716,80 as strong partner in case of car financing Carworld 24 already for many years cooperates with the VR-discount Bank. Here, everything is just right as Sadiq. Thinking also matter on a cheap auto insurance! Carworld 24 offers all customers a free insurance comparison at de / insurance comparison


April 20, 2014


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ForestFinance House forests, for example, many species of birds, which in turn feed on insect pests. Therefore, only a minimal chemical usage is there necessary when compared with monocultures. Also the risk of fire and storm damage is lower in mixed forests, because less quickly spread fire and the trees are firmly rooted. Investors also benefit from the ecological forest system: A ForestFinance forest contains up to seven different commercial noble wood and a selection of 50 different other native species. This portfolio model allows to react flexible on the wood market and thus contributes to risk reduction. In addition to own mixed forest forestation, ForestFinance acquires existing Acacia and teak monocultures, suksessiv in species-rich forest to convert these. For the Acacia is ideal, because it binds air nitrogen into the soil and thereby improving the quality of the soil.

So can be eliminated the monoculture plantations over the medium term and in their place created environmentally valuable forests. ForestFinance: Since 1995 ForestFinance searches on mixed forests on former Brach and pasture land permanently sustainable, secure forest investments. Original rain forests will be protected through the reforestation and CO2 is bound over many decades. The forests, which are managed by the forest finance Panama in Panama S.A., will be managed and replanted according to the guidelines of the forest stewardship CouncilTM (FSC). The FSC stands for a worldwide commitment to sustainable and socially responsible forestry. The FSC is an international non-governmental organization established to the target the conservation of forests through environmentally sound and sustainable management. This, the FSC has developed a world-wide valid label for wood. Only who meets the strict criteria of the FSC responsible forestry, may characterize its products with the FSC label.

The review Compliance is carried out annually by external bodies. Many environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF, federal support the FSC. Also ForestFinance is committed to the FSC guidelines.

House Finance

April 18, 2014


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Also in the age, dare one dream still of the homeowner who has fulfilled his dream of your own four walls with 40 years, must not despair. Later, a House can be financed? It, however, some tips should be noted. Otherwise the House financing retirement age become the crushing financial burden. Flexible home financing in the age has to finance the theme House important at the advanced age”not necessarily be deleted. Because now many companies offer flexible financing options, where the age of the customers is taken into account. Who is for example anticipate, that he does not pay off the loan until the beginning of the pension, should pay attention to a redemption rate, which may be modified during the term of the loan. Because usually the pension is significantly lower than the previous income. The rates are not adjusted to the new financial situation, they can become the enormous financial burden.

Finance House: stable interest rates for better planning security decisions are Consumers aged 50 and more years for construction funding, is it beneficial to complete a Volltilgerdarlehen. This, not only the interest are stable until the end of the contract, providing financial planning security. Who financed his house with this loan, must not deal also with the loan of a connection. This can be quite complicated in the retirement age that some credit institutions offer no loans to pensioners. Home financing: use special repayment many older consumers have also completed a life insurance policy that can be used for the repayment of the loan. But even inheritances and severance pay are to fully pay back the loan.

It is however important that builders and future homeowners in their home financing to arrange a special repayment. So, the loan of the monthly rate, can be paid off. While some providers pay for this option, it is in turn free others. The more equity the better who a House wants to finance, should of course have the appropriate capital. The less money must be borrowed, the less is the financial burden, which goes hand in hand with the dream of the House. Just online in advanced age should consider well, whether they should attempt a House funding without equity. Because that means most high rates, which must be paid even in retirement. Furthermore, the banks require usually a high interest rate if there are none or minimal own funds.

German Financial Resources

April 16, 2014


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DFK German financial resources AG since 2005 made dividend by 7 per cent for profit participation certificates each year Kaltenkirchen June 2013. The DFK German financial resources AG concluded the year 2012 to the repeated time with a payout of 7% for profit participation certificates. Thus, Kaltenkirchener financial services continues his successful series begun in 2005. And that shows during the curve of interest rates for day – and fixed-term deposit accounts since last year continuously down. The DFK profits for profit participation certificates were from 2005 to 2012 each year continuously at 7%. In addition to the beneficiary with an attractive interest rate, the DFK German financial resources AG markets self-developed supply concepts like income properties to the pension. The recipe for success of the Kaltenkirchener financial lies in the broad-based financial concept consisting of from investments, real estate and insurance, and its consistent implementation.

Also the DFK German financial resources AG offers its customers guarantees such as a provision of the profit of over 700,000 euros, one of the main risks of participatory rights the insolvency of the issuer is covered by that. The DFK provides further information under. Beneficiary of DFK German financial resources AG: an example of calculation especially given weak interest income on bank accounts worth an investment in certificates. Following example invoice illustrates this: who invested 10,000 euros in profit participation certificates of the DFK, has achieved a profit of 700 euros in the first year and would accumulate after 25 years so the end of the term 54.274 euro. Would the money on a day money account has been created, the amount to 150 euros would much more modest in the first year (at the current rate of 1.5%). Investors can already draw beneficiary of DFK German financial resources AG from a monthly rates deposit of 100 euro. The DFK is well equipped with a wide portfolio and profit provision is the 7 percent dividend to our investors for me personally not only a Promise, but above all a duty.

Online Auctions – Benefits For Companies And Private

April 13, 2014


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Many are the benefits your own online auction platform cheap outlets for spezielleProdukte and services online auctions both the operators of the auction platform as well as the participating buyers and sellers: on the basis of interest and bids at the auctions, the outlets or the best price can be determined for new products or services;. the achieved (thanks to the popular Hunter and collector mentality!) is priced at auctions with maximum bidding often above the price that would be achieved with conventional sales methods. Online auctions especially for closeouts and surplus merchandise from wholesalers, but also for niche products / special products or services are profitable. With an open business-to-business auction platform businesses large and small, have the same opportunities for purchasing and sales. Here a website nor an own online shop is necessary; the seller and buyer If they do however exist, can be increase your awareness by linking with the auctions.

As with a normal Web page also expanded customer circle international, at a lower cost to the manufacturing or sales contacts, and about the auctions also can develop more business contacts. Auction offers onSite internet services with the auction software: NG the ideal platform for your own auctions on the Internet; the php5-based software uses Zend and Smarty templates for comfortable operation. Possibilities of auction: NG for operators:-the auction platform can be configured as a portal and retail solution. -Different types of auction (classic auctions, order or service-related auctions, Holland auctions with decreasing price, classifieds software, penny auction, fixed price offers = shop function); as the online platform for the award of public contracts can auction: NG used. -Fee structure and listing fees are adjustable, for bids as well as for the different representations Article (bid steps, top position, bold type, number of images among other things. -Different payment methods possible (selectable manual payment method such as “Bill”, “bar” etc.).

-Multi-language support: in the basic version is DE / EN largely in place. the language texts can be changed at any time, or it can be created new languages. -Several different templates / web designs are already available; your own design templates possible (fully editable Smarty template system). -Individual programming may be possible for an additional fee. -Auction: NG is available either as open-source purchase version or as a rental version with regular updates. -Manual locking users is possible. Auction: NG advantages for seller and buyer (if necessary, Supplement):-auctions are also available with fixed-price- or buy it now option. -Quantity auctions can be set. WYSIWYG editor is included to the article entry. -Upload of any number of pictures in Photo Gallery possible. -PDF upload and integration of YouTube videos is possible. -Article can be imported by Excel and CSV format. -Postcode-based search and Google site display for Germany – TOP auctions on start – and/or category page – purchases – / sales history available – detailed search – own profile page for both buyer and seller – “further auctions” – and “Preferred vendors” display – offers can revised or withdrawn are, as long as there are still no bids – different configurable shipping: free shipping, international shipping, shipping conditions. Since auction: NG was created by German-speaking programmers, also the help texts are all written in German. The auction software itself is multi language capable. The onSite team will be happy to provide more information. onSite internet services contact person: Marcus Dressler

Mobile Solution Group Realized Android App For More

April 12, 2014


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Application of the provider webfactor media UG with the support of the Bremen specialists for mobile solutions in the NEUSTA group now also on other devices available. Ammerndorf, Bremen, October 2010. Saving fuel made easy with this slogan the Web service more launches its known from iPhone application now available for Android smartphones. This is one of the first free fuel tools for the open source operating system available. The mobile solution group GmbH in Bremen is responsible for the technical implementation. Using search by postcode or GPS prices of all or only preferred stations brands and types of fuel are rapidly found in Germany, on request, a map shows the way.

Users to current gasoline prices or new gas stations report, these data are then all users. The app also supports fuels such as bio-diesel, car – or natural gas, E85, and the additive AdBlue. Graphically inspired to the existing version of the iPhone, the mobile solution developed group in a short time they all of the logic behind the scenes. The database query functionality to the surface, the principal had realize the whole software of the IT companies from the NEUSTA group webfactor media UG from the Bavarian village of Bunting. The free app is now available in the Android market. As one of the first fuel-efficiency apps for Android devices, more allows to compare fuel prices on the go. Thomas Swonke, Managing Director of provider of webfactor media UG, is satisfied: for the optimal effect of the savings we provide the application free of charge.

Last but not least we have won group the ideal partner for mobile solutions with the mobile solution, who immediately understood and implemented what we imagined”. The software developer integrated numerous functions in the Java 5 based software. Using sophisticated interfaces, the mobile app accesses quickly on the central database, search results in seconds. The tool is easy to use thanks to the well thought out user interface. To the Navigation touch screen and trackball can be used. When you first start the app wonders stations brand as well as postcode area and district make searches unique to the preferred fuel type, thus more convenient. Of course, all parameters can be edit at any time. Handy for trips into unknown areas: the search can be automated by means of GPS positioning. Clearly present themselves to found stations in the list of results, click reveals all important information. Pricing or details to the petrol stations have changed, users update this data in logically constructed steps itself. The development of sophisticated Smartphone applications is an essential part of our core competencies. Professional business applications with technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, wear IT, Tablet PCs, digital pens, and more will be added. The potential of apps with user-generated content is enormous. We are convinced of the success of the application as well as webfactor”adds Holger Bothmer, managing partner of the mobile solution Group. At about 290 employees strong NEUSTA group custom software and Web development, standard software, online-marketing, SAP, are BI and more in the focus. Thanks to the close interlocking of all skills within the group, the developers realize complex solutions in a very short time.