Autoloader Truck

April 1, 2018


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Work forklift with a boom lift truck equipped with a boom, can carry out loading, unloading and transportation on short distances of various unit loads, the weight does not exceed the carrying capacity, indicated on the boom and the technical characteristics of the forklift. The sequence of loading and unloading truck, equipped with an arrow, the following: 1. Set the hook in position boom lift, the weight of cargo, and, if necessary, put on his lines to capture cargo. 2. Pull up to the cargo hook and it hooks or slings.

3. Raise the weight to the height required for the withdrawal of its envelope area, using a lever lift cylinder. 4. Tilt the forklift itself, using the lever tilt cylinder, and, if necessary, pull in truck back. 5. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison. Drop the load into a transport position to weight was at 300-400 mm from the ground and make transport in the required direction. Work with a bucket lift truck bucket, mounted on a forklift, used for loading, handling and transportation only melkosypuchih materials – coal, slag, gravel, sand, peat, grain, etc. (no more than a piece of size 60X60 mm).

Rotate the bucket by a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a lever located on the right side of the steering column. Particular attention should be paid to the purity of the junction of the tubes, pipes and fittings opening of the cylinder, preventing the possibility of contamination during assembly. Only strict adherence to the following rules of operation create the conditions for trouble-free operation forklift equipped with a bucket.