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Inflation Currencies

November 3, 2019


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By LIC. Aldo Abram, director of the Center for research institutions and markets of Argentina (PRESIDIAL). Economy Minister launched a Fund of the bicentennial for the debt relief and stability, which will be constituted with something more than u$ s 6.5 billion of free availability’ of Central Bank reserves. Aside from the dubious constitutionality of the DNU which gave origin, we believe, at least, it would be reasonable to rename it to this Fund. To endorse this proposal, we have the following arguments: as the President said, the reserves are of all Argentines. They are in the Central Bank to defend the value of the peso, which we treasure and charge our incomes and our savings, which are in the financial system. Details can be found by clicking Sir Richard Branson or emailing the administrator. The mistake is to think that these currencies are the Government and you can use them to spend, since it implies weaken the BCRA in its ability to ensure that it can carry out its mission. Free availability reserves.

This concept was invented in early 2006 to be able to use them for payment the debt with the IMF and is defined as the currencies of the BCRA leftover necessary to substantiate the total number of base money at the current exchange rate. From the economic point of view do not have any livelihood, since assets in foreign currency of the body should endorse their financial liabilities total and not just a part. This advise it when you created this account and, also, note that naming them ‘freely available’ was an invitation to use them for anything. In fact, at first, they only served to redeem maturities with international agencies and, now, its use extends to any instalment in currencies. Fund to increase public spending: since money is fungible, this decision confirms that the fiscal solvency is not recompose. During 2010, the State’s revenue should increase by the recovery of the internal and external demand, the increase in inflation and the rise in international prices.


May 22, 2019


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Tucuman adventure is a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of mountaineering equipment. Berlin Rosen might disagree with that approach. In addition to multiple distribution points to the length and breadth of our country, Tucuman also distributes its products in Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. On the website of Tucuman are can find all kinds of information about the company and its products. All of them are grouped into sections, so it is very easy and quick to find what you are looking for. Among the products it distributes can find hoodies, bags, socks, sleeping bags, watches, tents tents, binoculars, sleeping bags, waterproof, lighting & cutlery items, boots goretex and all types of footwear, hats also can download their catalogs of t-shirts, jackets, trousers and removable. One of the most interesting sections of the website is that of the Camino de Santiago, in which you can find all hostels in different roads classified by stages..


April 1, 2019


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Scrawling long time I stopped watching leaves drawn with colored pencils, which my two granddaughters, of four and seven years, left me on my work desk, as a souvenir of the visit that in the company of their parents I had made. I was mesmerized, abstracted, when viewed from different angles, the beautiful work that both were, at that time I thought about how these girls interpreted their impressions through the images that his intellect was dictating them as a means of communicating their emotions. How many interpretations could be made of this unique form of demonstrate that they tend to have children. For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi humbition. Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to observe hundreds of these creative work performed by children of different ages, and gradually, with the help of professionals in the field, he was understanding in part, the different stages, in which scientific work, applied to the study of children’s creativity, usually classify them. The stage of the Scribble, without a definite shape, the cell, which tries to identify a figure, the human figure, front and profile, if you add eyes, if you have mouth if your hands have fingers, the colors that the child has chosen, in the end, an enormous number of details that allow us to orient an approximation to the expressive universe of the child mind. The observation of these engravings, and appreciation that my mind was trying to perform them, were awakening, little by little, my own imagination. Imagination, led me to the reflection and reflection to analysis, and the analysis to the exhibition of values that make to countless forms and circumstances, in which we try to capture as if we pretendiesemos, to extract water from the oceans with the palms of our hands, without giving us account that the same escurriria inexorably between our fingers.

The Suffering

March 29, 2019


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All religions, when we teach love and brotherhood, lead the soul of man to the union with the one and only one divine source. Man must remember that it is a soul single attached to humanity, then we are all brothers, because we are children of the same God, for this reason is must abandon individual selfishness and nationalism, and instead, work for the good of the community. This energy in thinking, therefore the man, in his measure, desiring, becomes a creator, for this reason, if you want a better future, should direct his thought towards the good common and abandon selfish thoughts, because only thus a creator of love that gathers what seeding becomes. We will collect what we sow, said Christ. But remember that the sowing the well only to collect it, we will not have created a work of love, but of interest, then will not have the same value. Let us remember that our insurmountable barriers are created by our limits, which exist only because we believe it, therefore we take conscience of our way of thinking optimistic pessimist and transformemoslo. One day the man understood that the body is simply a temple that serves to save his soul, which, developed through experience, in this land when the body dies, abandons the world material and returns, emancipated to the original heavenly dimension. We must remember that our suffering is the result of energy that follows our selfish thoughts, seeking only personal pleasure.

The only path to inner peace will follow the man who knows how to give up himself for the good of the community. Without reflection no one gets to the goal, we are prisoners of our limits, drowned in ignorance, that inevitably left us envenenara the heart of evil and suffering, retarding so our inner evolution. Whoever knows eliminate negative thoughts of your own mind and fill it with love for all creation, will be illuminated, then will live in peace, though unfortunately, surrounded by the suffering of those who still will have to work hard, about themselves, to achieve it.

Positive Change

March 2, 2018


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The base of development is empowerment. Strengthen the capacity of persons will enable peoples face the challenges of the future, drew the programme of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its most recent report. The fight against poverty, the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, environment and sustainable development are vertex of development, threatened today by the uncertainty in the global economy, the increase in the prices of oil and food. Unavoidable expansionary macroeconomic policies that have been used to respond to the problem of the financial sector have created pressures on the world economy, the report said. These measures would not be unavoidable if serious proposals for the creation of mechanisms against speculation, responsible for 70% of the increase in the prices of hydrocarbons be included in efforts to prevent the crisis. This, in turn, has inflated prices transport of raw materials and industrial processes that depend on many products.

Starting from the good news will prevent falling into fatalism that all is lost and there is nothing else to do. The Sub-Saharan African countries reached an average growth of 6%. In several countries of the South have been significantly reduce poverty, such as India and China. The nature of the world economy highlights our interdependence and the need for much better global policies. However, countries must also address its own problems, the report says.

In this regard, strengthening the capacities of people become them protagonists of their participation in democracy, in the management of its economy and its natural environment. UNDP defines that empowerment as the process that puts people, organizations, and societies as protagonists of their own development to obtain, strengthen and maintain the necessary powers to do so. Also contributes to the support of institutions international and national solid and capable of channeling way more fairly the benefits of economic growth.

Royal Decree

March 2, 2018


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What happens if the beneficiary of a bank guarantee or other guarantee opts to run it against the non-payment of the debtor that has been declared in competition? He is this a fundamental issue not only for the beneficiary of the guarantee, but also for grantor of the same – in many cases, a financial institution.Neither should ignore the possible consequences that his debtor and endorsed, respectively, be declared in bankruptcy. For greater clarity of Exposition, throughout this article we’ll call to the guarantor or guarantor as the guarantor. For its part, will call the debtor in competition the guaranteed debtor. And the beneficiary of the guarantee, the lender with collateral. 1.

The general rule of article 87.6 of the bankruptcy law (LC) Act provision that credits in which creditor enjoyment of third party bail will be recognized by its amount without limitation and without prejudice to the replacement of the holder of the credit in the event of payment by the guarantor. This means that after the Declaration of insolvency, the guarantor will remain as a subject forced against the creditor with endorsement, benefited by the time remaining until the enforceability of its obligation. Yes, constant competition, such period elapses and the creditor with endorsement requires the guarantor the fulfilment of the obligation of warranty, this – the guarantor – will become, by the fact of the payment, owner of the credit against the guaranteed debtor, for whose demand may subrogate the place of the primitive creditor. The Royal Decree-Law 2/2009, on March 27, has added to the aforementioned article 87.6 the following mention: will always occur the subrogation by payment, in the qualification of these credits are opt resulting less burdensome for the contest between those corresponding to the creditor or to the guarantor. Suppose that, as a counter-guarantee of the guarantee, the guarantor was garment public document on certain assets of the guaranteed debtor (special privilege according to article 90 of the LC).

Economic Action

December 25, 2013


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Today, the real economic action seeks to enrich accelerated and concentrated in the hands of very few, using speculation as the main instrument. The real economic value of the planet is a third of the value of the bonds, titles, shares and other financial inventions issued regarding these real assets. That speculative character is denounced with some differential nuances by Alan Greenspan, Bernard Connolly (former head of the European Commission’s analysis), David Rosenberg (head of Merrill Lynch), Georges Soros, or the economist Paul Krugman. They criticize the monetary authorities for allowing a mostly speculative economy. It is very simple. If the financial markets, banks, investment funds are not controlled, and because jobs, it acts against tax havens, the measures against the crisis, whose more disastrous consequence is increased poverty and hunger, they are smoke. The gangster character of this system economic, in addition, it attests the fall of Bear Stearns, fifth World Investment Bank, fall that tells Ignacio Ramonet, director of Le Monde Diplomatique. Taking advantage of the distrust generated by the crisis, JP Morgan, another large Bank, spreads rumors, premeditated and shamefully, about lack of liquidity of Bear Stearns.

Although this documentary shows that it is not true, you cannot stop the ruin. It finally agrees to be sold to JP Morgan. In midst of crisis, Ramonet tells us, the more bandits system pursued with rumors or whatever that some banks value divided by ten and buy them at bargain prices. Maybe recall the conviction that a profound economic and social change, is essential now that commemorate forty years of may 68. And get behind this because, as he has written the German analyst Michael Kratke, everything that has led to this global multicrisis confirms that neoliberal capitalism itself lays the foundations for its own destruction. It doesn’t hurt us to disappear, we wish, but, as a result of foolish and gangster action, would be ahead hundreds of millions, who have no less responsibility in the disaster and Yes all their respecting human rights.