The Suffering

March 29, 2019


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All religions, when we teach love and brotherhood, lead the soul of man to the union with the one and only one divine source. Man must remember that it is a soul single attached to humanity, then we are all brothers, because we are children of the same God, for this reason is must abandon individual selfishness and nationalism, and instead, work for the good of the community. This energy in thinking, therefore the man, in his measure, desiring, becomes a creator, for this reason, if you want a better future, should direct his thought towards the good common and abandon selfish thoughts, because only thus a creator of love that gathers what seeding becomes. We will collect what we sow, said Christ. But remember that the sowing the well only to collect it, we will not have created a work of love, but of interest, then will not have the same value. Let us remember that our insurmountable barriers are created by our limits, which exist only because we believe it, therefore we take conscience of our way of thinking optimistic pessimist and transformemoslo. One day the man understood that the body is simply a temple that serves to save his soul, which, developed through experience, in this land when the body dies, abandons the world material and returns, emancipated to the original heavenly dimension. We must remember that our suffering is the result of energy that follows our selfish thoughts, seeking only personal pleasure.

The only path to inner peace will follow the man who knows how to give up himself for the good of the community. Without reflection no one gets to the goal, we are prisoners of our limits, drowned in ignorance, that inevitably left us envenenara the heart of evil and suffering, retarding so our inner evolution. Whoever knows eliminate negative thoughts of your own mind and fill it with love for all creation, will be illuminated, then will live in peace, though unfortunately, surrounded by the suffering of those who still will have to work hard, about themselves, to achieve it.