May 22, 2019


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Tucuman adventure is a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of mountaineering equipment. Berlin Rosen might disagree with that approach. In addition to multiple distribution points to the length and breadth of our country, Tucuman also distributes its products in Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. On the website of Tucuman are can find all kinds of information about the company and its products. All of them are grouped into sections, so it is very easy and quick to find what you are looking for. Among the products it distributes can find hoodies, bags, socks, sleeping bags, watches, tents tents, binoculars, sleeping bags, waterproof, lighting & cutlery items, boots goretex and all types of footwear, hats also can download their catalogs of t-shirts, jackets, trousers and removable. One of the most interesting sections of the website is that of the Camino de Santiago, in which you can find all hostels in different roads classified by stages..