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Nail Paint Like The Pros

May 12, 2021


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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen provides information for women of all ages, they simply include a perfect outfit: varnished fingernails. Since the first nail polishes are in the twenties of the last century on the market, a lot, not only in relation to the manufacture of paint, but also as regards the technology of varnishing but chose. Many women who make their nails themselves, don’t know the tricks of the pros, and must be satisfied with a moderate result. The nail designer Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen says: “It doesn’t have to be!” and reveals how a professional finish at home can be achieved. With some flair and high-quality products, trendy painted nails are the absolute eye-catcher. Before however do the work, are used, it must be ensured that the nails are free of old paint residues, grease and dirt. Oil-free nail polish remover is suitable for this purpose best.

Also the cuticles should be retracted and removed. Should not be removed but with a pair of scissors, because it minor injuries can be caused, which may lead to infections. The nails are so well prepared, the next step in a suitable base coat, optimizer, or Groove filler is. This is colorless and so compensates the grooves and irregularities on the nail plate to get a smooth surface. This is the best basis for the later paint. Also, under coatings protect the coloring the nails. Discoloration should occur but once, helps the treatment with fresh lemon juice. The lacquer is then applied in two layers.

As the paint dries faster and higher is the opacity of the color. It is important that you the nails do not “Criss -Cross” painted, but in the middle of the nail in the nail root begins and to the top of the nail. Then follow the edges of the nails. At the end of styling, an excess paint ensures a longer shelf life and better resistance of the paint coating. So the nails look longer, as freshly painted. Who it now something more unusual like, decorated the colored nails with imaginative Nailartelementen. The hit in the summer! Professional nail design succeeds best with professional products. Therefore advises Birgit Neumeyer her clients and customers of course also in detail to the care articles suitable for them for at home. For those who would like to go one step further and from the ground up, or even certain techniques learn the craft of nail Designer, Birgit Neumeyer offers workshops and seminars. For further inquiries it is available at any time.

Susanne Gundlach

July 24, 2020


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His style will find and discover the beauty of their own. While in Berlin, the fashion week opened its doors, the Brigitte fashion event 2011 without models started already to the 17th in Munich parallel, time since now the largest women’s magazine in Germany BRIGITTE performs 34 years -. Altogether 75 brands have Susanne Gundlach, fashion Director, BRIGITTE and her team put together a diverse program and the different styles grouped together thematically in: Asia-chic – floral patterns, colorful satin and expressive colours Cowgirl-Romance – get a dynamics, one can hardly elude best boyfriend fringe – unlike the most beautiful floral pattern for the summer Oriental journey intensive colors combination of Mannersachen, just woman kind of garden party and exceptional pattern kidnap color blocking pop colors on an Oriental journey to make the race everything can be, nothing the 40-ger South Pacific naval classic style years new neon neon attention black and beige nights new soft delicate, transparent and playful with the new powder shades of night. Naturalness is trendy – Special: the new fashion trends were exclusively by Brigitte presented readers who had previously no catwalk experience, and also with the natural make-up of lavera trend sensitive makeup, which is entirely free of chemical preservatives, perfumes, flavours, paraffin products or silicone oils and thus particularly gentle and mild, with the skin goes to. Invited guests from culture and economy and of course the winners the lavera sweepstakes were enchanted by a total of 15 women who confidently presented on the catwalk mirror the trends for the coming summer. Each of the women was part of stylized choreography and show and transported at the same time a piece of her personality probably one reason that there was time and again applause in some styles. Naturalness is trendy Brigitte celebrates 1 year without models of lavera natural cosmetics celebrate with as main sponsor of the Brigitte fashion events in the cities of Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg. With Marlene and Lisa lavera natural cosmetics could result in even a short interview after the show.

Both were very happy without being run error on the catwalk and very happy with their performance. “Lisa: in the beginning, after the casting I could not imagine ever to perform on a mirror catwalk fashion.” Marlene: We are up to the task and just glad that we could implement everything so successfully. It has been really fun and I had with clap at the end simply.” Marlene particularly rejoiced melted with lavera natural cosmetics because she has a very sensitive skin it Sabine Kastner, the press officer of Laverana, said. When I learned that we are painted with lavera natural cosmetics, I was really glad I can’t take the lavera makeup really well”. Laverana GmbH & co. KG, Kaiwen (public relations),

New Product

July 14, 2020


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“The Wellnessklassiker of Kusmi tea in a new form before two years presented Kusmi tea Detox”, the purifying Wellnesstee with lemon grass. Detox fans, which also on the go want to enjoy of their favorite tea, now presents Kusmi I. My Detox, the case with 24 individually wrapped muslin tea bags. Go hand in the bag, in the Office, on vacation, or simply for the enjoyment of small the Teesachets are easy to handle and suitable for any occasion. The purifying and toning effects of Detox is kept by the individual packing in each tea bag, the consumption of Detox is thus guaranteed at all times. A must for fans of detox! From Kusmi tea Detox Detox, the Wellnessmischung from the House of Kusmi tea, freshens and purifies at the same time.

Is Detox rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin C. stress with mate, green tea, lemon and lemon grass, long nights, irregular or poor diet put to our body. Fatigue, stomach problems or Sleep disorders are the result. With Detox, it can be helped to restore the natural balance of our body. Due to his mate-Detox is the Detox or weight loss ideal mate plant is known among other things for their effect on stoppende hunger.

Detox tastes the best when you can be three or four minutes in about 85 to 90 degrees pulled him hot water, it is incidental to the diet to drink the best 20 minutes before each meal.

FDA Products

July 14, 2020


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Gluttony is said to be one of the factors behind the fall of the great Roman Empire. One can remember this and get terrified when one Lake the obese people growing in great number everyday. What measures people should take extra to shred fat of their body is the million dollar question in the recent years. There are obese people irrespective of men, women and children. There are obese people irrespective of nationalities, colors and creed. Diet pill online may be discussed against such alarming spectrum.

True it is that diet pills have little capacity for addressing the problem of obesity if they are used alone. It is important to get favor of diet supplements with necessary diet and physical exercises if one wants to succeed in one’s fight gaining of extra fat. Loss of weight should never lead one to own a poor physique. Markets and the mental part stores have been flooded with several kinds and qualities of diet pills. Diet pills are sold in various names.

The purchasers should know beforehand if those diet pills are really products of quality. The buyers will not get to answer for this question from FDA. Most of the people products with genuine can recognize and identify potential. There are fewer physicians who can help the buyers. It may happen that a person has been taking certain drugs for some earlier ailments. It may happen that the diet pills could not work for his body this time. Patients may therefore pass through unwanted side effects. The buyers should prepare a list of the web sites which provide information regarding the diet pills. Consultation with the family physician is very important during this time. Lists of the selling stores and selling centers are so to be written down. One should’nt confirm, then, that those stores and selling centers are genuine, and dependable. Companies with serious concern for their goodwill and reputation are not fewer. They cannot sell sub standard products or products of low quality. Customers of diet pills are safe to secure diet pills from traders who sell products of those companies. The purchasers should verify and confirm genuineness of the diet pills online. Contact information and address of the manufacturers must be genuine. Web sites providing information of the diet pills must be officially authorized. The buyers can invite the company for on-camera discussion on their products, and the company must respond positively. Leena Babuta is providing information on new diet pills, diet pills, diet pills from mexico and other weight loss medications.

Avoid Weight Problems

June 2, 2019


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Beware of Zuckerfallen – not all ‘light’ is actually ‘light’ the food industries new advertising messages come up. “Low fat”, “Sugar-free”, “no sugar added” – what consumers there goes through. Many products even suggest that they are a special support in losing weight. The goal of the manufacturers is the small label printing only to buy you want to seduce. Behind this, only the profit and the customer King”becomes the farm depression” demoted. Who want to loose weight should not fall on the advertising.

These so-called light “-products that are low in fat or low in sugar declared, not always easily be classified either as.” The fat is reduced in many different dairy products but increases the sugar content for it. The consumer is thereby led astray and thinks a light”product in the hands to hold, although the real fattening foods sugar is included. The fat is reduced in the manufacture of dairy products, allowed the low-fat”product maximum have 3 grams of fat per 100 grams. The limit is 1.5 g of fat per 100 ml for the low-fat milk. Verizon has compatible beliefs. “A product must be as free of grease” or non-fat “only call if it contains 0.5 g of fat per 100 g / ml maximum. Recently, even jelly beans and jams/fruit spreads are grease-free”advertised. It is well known that these products contain no fat generally, but lots of sugar. The producers try to manipulate the customers by they label their goods so that the impression, they will promote health and help with weight loss.

The food producers try mightily to reduce the fat from various meats and cheeses to take sugar substitute instead as a taste-supporting effect. This has resulted in that the consumer of the food industry is reduced fat but raised on sugar consumption. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Leiden). This is the wrong way to a healthy diet. The fat can either remain or be reduced to the part, but the sugars should not be used. Get up the packaging of sugar arm”so sugar may contain more than 5 g per 100 g or 2.5 g per 100 ml. The consumer buys a sugar-free”product, sugar has been processed yet. “Because sugar free” does not mean that no sugar is food processed in this. After all, sugar is added in the product still 0.5 g per 100 grams or milliliters. Is labeled without added sugar”advertised, may be sussende also no sugar or other food to used – however advertise many juice producers with this slogan, though the juice has a high natural sugar content. “Actually, the note would have to be applied: contains natural sugar”. A constant sugar consumption has terrifying consequences for health: obesity, diabetes, stomach and bowel disease – up to cancer. These reasons consumers should no longer misleading guides and shopping increasingly pay attention to the ingredient list. Source: Diabetes Advisor 5/2011 photo: Veit Kern / pixelio.de learn more about the topic Sugar and the effects on the organism, offer the authors of contactor and Bajwa on their Web pages: or company portrait: the author Bajpai was born in 1964 and lives with her family in Bremen. Several years, she worked in the food industry. For over 20 years, it is used by the District Court of Bremen as a carer for a disabled person, in addition she looked after elderly people at home. By the way, writes CARB low-carbohydrate diet as former colon patient, books with own testimonials and about the low form of nutrition.

The Moment

June 2, 2019


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At the moment, in which Casanova smiled at the woman, she was probably satisfied with himself. If you are satisfied itself, you radiate this satisfaction also. And it shows up then you. I won’t say now, that you are now beautiful, but you are already in their vicinity. The inner satisfaction could also include, to have a certain general education so that you can talk to. (Not getting a such education, if one is constantly on the couch, consumed chips and the television series.) A good figure belongs to the satisfaction of course.

I mean not this model figures, where nothing can be beautiful. You can not buy a good figure. Many think that but by they buy slimming pills or similar. But you can train them to himself. On the page, I’ve found the following and compelling Tip: “the only sensible tip which therefore can be healthy slow take off.Our body can be ultimately convince with continuous training. Credit: Rick Garcia CBS-2011. We take advantage of slow changes as a loss and just as our body adapts the slowly changing conditions. A slowly trained behavior enables permanently.

also healthy weight loss” Everything else does not work probably. So you take something. Make a short spa break. Think about. Change. You’ll be amazed at what success you have. And another thing: buy a sweater for 3 euro, that can’t be, you see, you can see the non-quality. After two times, it looks sloppy. You can save yourself something, then it looks well maintained. And of course the hair! Be maintained! This post lists exhaustively not all tips, but if some are observed: Casanova would smile at you. Do you want? If you live in southern Germany, about to choose a comfortable hotel. Good luck Konrad mosquito

Perfect Depilation

May 22, 2019


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Designed specifically for the topic of hair removal! The topic of hair removal has become more important for the modern woman lately. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. You want to remove troublesome hairs as quickly as possible and the skin should stay as long as possible smooth. On the market there are a wide variety of hair removal methods. GEOMAR occurred since April 2011 in the pulling market, and chose this method of growing, because it is that which most effectively conjures forth an enthaarte smooth soft skin. GEOMAR, thanks to the new products, ensures a perfect depilation and a professional result. The basic substance of waxes by GEOMAR consists of natural FucusAlgen extract, which serve the skin more smooth and soft feel.

Ready to use wax strips for a fast and practical hair removal remove the GEOMAR wax strips unnecessary hairs long-lasting. The special material, consist of the strips and ensure the special formula from extract of FucusAlgen a perfect pull without the skin to hurt. Wax strips have been developed specifically for sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line, offered together with three ApresEnthaarungs towels, for a smooth and soft skin. In addition, there are wax strips in a slightly larger format, which are applicable only on legs and arms. There are four ApresEnthaarungs towels in the Pack. The wax cartridge heater is a professional heater wax cartridge heater and wax cartridges for an accurate and precise hair removal such as at the beautician, was specially developed to warm up with fat-soluble wax cartridges. The following points are different from GEOMAR the heater by others: it is universally suitable: for any liposoluble wax cartridges with 100 ml content it displays, when the wax is ready at the tank a small window is attached, you need to connect only the cable with the socket at any time to see how much wax is still available, and can already start the warm up in a few minutes You can wax the skin perfect and long-lasting: with fat-soluble wax, which allows for a quick removal of superfluous hairs.

Organic Ginger

May 21, 2019


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If you have combination skin or dry combination skin, you should use special care products. The skin is the largest organ and protects the organism against harmful environmental influences, therefore it is exposed to many adverse impacts. Therefore every person well could not care less. She should be regularly cleaned with high-quality cosmetics and lubed up. But often caused skin problems that have nothing to do with lack of hygiene and care. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications.

Some women and men are blessed with flawless skin, others have severe problems. Usually the face skin suffers. Hormones or using incorrect care products can be responsible for the problems. Hormonal reasons can be treated only with help of a skin doctor and, if necessary, fixed. Skin problems like acne or eczema, should not be treated on their own. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Leiden. Other milder symptoms of problem can be resolved peacefully by using special products themselves. Dry and oily skin or are among the most common skin problems Combination skin. An unusual skin appearance, and is certainly very difficult to handle, dry combination skin.

Combination skin is characterized by a dry cheeks and prone to pimples and oilier T zone (forehead, nose and Chin). The dry parts need plenty of moisture, the oilier areas however, matting and balancing care. Dry combination skin is even more difficult to handle. The skin tends to pimples and blackheads especially in the T-zone, but it is dry even in these places. So, what products are right for this skin? Care products should contain alcohol, definitely not. Because alcohol dehydrates the already dry skin in addition. Often, this skin is extremely sensitive and allergic to artificial ingredients such as mineral oils and parabens. These skin types use mostly natural cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Many brands claim to produce natural cosmetics. However, you should check what ingredients are included. On brands, such as for example Dr. Hauschka, you can rely. However should always be on the ingredients, because here too: trust is good, control is better. There are only a few beauty products designed specifically for dry combination skin. In order to properly maintain the skin, it is advisable to treat the skin with gentle cleaning and moisture products. Use the best gentle cleansing milk, as well as moisturizing, but not too rich and heavy, facial creams. Definitely not the care products should contain alcohol. Alcohol is attacking the sensitive skin. In addition, the alcohol dries out the skin, which leads to increased activity of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin greasy more. So you know however what products or what product lines you can use with combination skin, you get a short list of suitable products from various manufacturers here: example products from Dr. Hauschka for combination skin: cleansing cream, facial tonic special, lotion and facial oil skin care line with organic calendula and Organic Ginger from Lavera sample products by Vichy.

Byonik Munich

May 6, 2019


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More to skin tightening through the cold laser laser nowadays many ways and in all areas of daily life used as part of electronic devices or for use in the medical field. But lasers in the cosmetics industry are a new phenomenon, and the least heard cold laser called, ever slightly by Byonik,: A new beauty treatment, in which using a gel and a laser after one-time use stunning effects can be achieved. But what does it with cold laser treatment exactly on itself? Should you be afraid? Associated Byonik with pain? It can quiet conscience with no”reply. Laser treatment of eye surgery are likely to be known to most people. But cold laser work differently and much gentler. Cold lasers are not really cold, but warm to the skin. That’s why there is absolutely no risk of burns and the entire process is completely painless. The exact function and mode of operation is also easy, but also fascinating.

Without the reader with too many to boring scientific details, the process can be explained as follows. If laser with a special wavelength used the Byonik laser – on a boundary water layer, such as the Hyalurongel, thus its flowability and changed its density. The cell reflexively responds to these changed conditions by themselves spontaneously pulling together. As soon as the laser irradiation is over, the cell expands affiliated to its old size. During the expansion process, the cell absorbs all offered represent you nutrients. At this point the Hyalurongel comes again into play it supplies the expanding cell with a wide range of nutrients, which are then absorbed by her.

The positive effects on the skin are manifold: a Byonik treatment is extensively Rejuvenates the skin and strengthens. The absorption capacity of the skin cells increases during the treatment several times, which stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin. Is the connective tissue of the skin strengthened, allowing a natural toning and strength occurs. Regeneration and formation of new blood vessels is improved by the dietary promoted is the blood flow to the affected skin area, as well as its long-lasting supply of nutrients. The effects of Byonik cold laser treatment are not only short term but long term detectable. Unfortunately the still very new treatment method is carried out only in a few beauty salons, a nationwide offer no speech may be so. Who wants to come in to enjoy of a cold laser treatment, must take a little trip to so ever. Provider for Byonik Munich is the cosmetic experts”, for example, the cosmetics Institute. You can learn more details to the action and the prices of the offered treatments on the website of the Institute.

LCN Nail Care Pen Propolis

February 18, 2019


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With the power of nature the LCN Nail Care Pen Propolis ensures manicured nail skin beautiful, healthy nails are the focal point of manicured hands. So that they can be presented with pride, nail and cuticle must be regularly maintained. The new Nail Care Pen Propolis fits into every little handbag and pampers stressed and sensitive cuticles in the blink of an eye. Propolis is a PuTTY resin produced by bees, which seal small holes, cracks, or columns in the hive. As a result of organic and mineral substances contained therein, propolis antibacterial and antifungal properties are written to.

This knowledge has used LCN in the development of the LCN nail care pen propolis. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. The handy nail care pen contains apart from the highly effective propolis soothing panthenol, anti-inflammatory Chamomile, Bisabolol, camphor and nourishing jojoba oil. Eucalyptus and menthol ensure a pleasant freshness on the nails. Sensitive, often irritated or slightly injured cuticle Care Pen propolis uses the LCN nail optimally maintained and stroke tender again. Retail price: Nail care pen Propolis, 7.70 EUR LCN: LCN belongs to the renowned cosmetics company of Wilde cosmetics, offering high-quality cosmetic products and services. 25 years ago in 1985 first light-cured plastics from the dental industry were employed under the brand name LCN for the extension and reinforcement of fingernails. This was the birth of the brand of light concept nails a branding that was reduced over the years on the short form of LCN. Under this brand name today successfully over 3,000 different innovative care products marketed in the fields of decorative cosmetics, foot care, nail and hand – always meeting the highest demands on quality, exclusive ingredients and best compatibility.

Wilde Cosmetics, an owner-managed company headed by CEO Michael Kalow, has its headquarters in Oestrich-Winkel in Rheingau and employs over 200 people. Consumer can buy products by LCN in the shop under or in the cosmetic trade, individual owner-managed perfumeries and selected Karstadt department stores. More information is available at.