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May 6, 2019


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More to skin tightening through the cold laser laser nowadays many ways and in all areas of daily life used as part of electronic devices or for use in the medical field. But lasers in the cosmetics industry are a new phenomenon, and the least heard cold laser called, ever slightly by Byonik,: A new beauty treatment, in which using a gel and a laser after one-time use stunning effects can be achieved. But what does it with cold laser treatment exactly on itself? Should you be afraid? Associated Byonik with pain? It can quiet conscience with no”reply. Laser treatment of eye surgery are likely to be known to most people. But cold laser work differently and much gentler. Cold lasers are not really cold, but warm to the skin. That’s why there is absolutely no risk of burns and the entire process is completely painless. The exact function and mode of operation is also easy, but also fascinating.

Without the reader with too many to boring scientific details, the process can be explained as follows. If laser with a special wavelength used the Byonik laser – on a boundary water layer, such as the Hyalurongel, thus its flowability and changed its density. The cell reflexively responds to these changed conditions by themselves spontaneously pulling together. As soon as the laser irradiation is over, the cell expands affiliated to its old size. During the expansion process, the cell absorbs all offered represent you nutrients. At this point the Hyalurongel comes again into play it supplies the expanding cell with a wide range of nutrients, which are then absorbed by her.

The positive effects on the skin are manifold: a Byonik treatment is extensively Rejuvenates the skin and strengthens. The absorption capacity of the skin cells increases during the treatment several times, which stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin. Is the connective tissue of the skin strengthened, allowing a natural toning and strength occurs. Regeneration and formation of new blood vessels is improved by the dietary promoted is the blood flow to the affected skin area, as well as its long-lasting supply of nutrients. The effects of Byonik cold laser treatment are not only short term but long term detectable. Unfortunately the still very new treatment method is carried out only in a few beauty salons, a nationwide offer no speech may be so. Who wants to come in to enjoy of a cold laser treatment, must take a little trip to so ever. Provider for Byonik Munich is the cosmetic experts”, for example, the cosmetics Institute. You can learn more details to the action and the prices of the offered treatments on the website of the Institute.