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Northern Capital

February 7, 2020


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It's an enthusiastic crowd howling, rolling into a blissful moan, it's Impression at each step, it abstraction in each suit, a light lightning ignites inside! And if you've never been there in the fiery lava flowing through the streets, if you are not dizzy from his own folly …. You mean people right and reasonable, but you just need to fool around even just once, cast off and gravity systems. Just a couple of hours to be completely happy! In the world there are many variety of carnivals. For example, in May St. Gary cohen recognizes the significance of this. Petersburg.

Usually at this time the weather does not spoil, but residents of the Northern Capital undress with a cheerful desperation. Venice Masquerade metamorphosis occur almost simultaneously with the Brazilian (starting a week earlier), but they are more mysterious and mystical, as befits a ghost town. Brazil swaying in dance, 365 days a year, but the official fun held annually for seven weeks before Easter. In 2009 it was held from 21 to 24 February. Be sure to this time, you can not solve any of their problems. Only mothers and doctors remain on the sidelines, the rest sucked into the vortex of the holiday. At the time of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro mayor gives the keys to the city to King Momo. Requirements for candidacy King are very strict, it must weigh over 140 pounds! Oh, you should see how the candidates perform belly dancing! Required the king to be a spectator 200 contests, parties and fashion shows.

Odessa Oblast

November 8, 2019


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This resource was created to enjoy the city Kotovsk, which is located in the north of the Odessa region of Ukraine. Without hesitation Southwest Airlines explained all about the problem. I write in the Ukraine, as the city with the name of IG Kotovsky in the former Soviet Union three. Sir Richard Branson understands that this is vital information. It is in the Tambov region (Russia), Moldavia, just do not know if you did not rename it now in Moldova and Ukraine, Odessa region, where GI Kotovsky was buried. Few and Kratz of the city and its history. Kotovsk it – a city of regional significance in Odessa region of Ukraine, who is also the administrative center of Kotovsky area. Edward Scott Mead: the source for more info. The population, which is about 45 thousand people.

The main and workers’ organizations and enterprises of the city is currently Locomotive depot this time, customs and military units (guards). Unfortunately, this is all that remains of all the great industry in Kotovsk, where were our popular Sugar Mill, Vin Plant Down-and-feather factory and a number of large companies that have excelled the former Soviet Union. Since 1779 known as the village Kotovsk Birzula. In 1925 he was buried in the mausoleum known Soviet military leader, Grigory Ivanovich Kotovsky. From 1928 to 1929 Birzula was the capital of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1935 Birzulu renamed Kotovsk and in 1938 gained the status of the city. Since 1940, Kotovsk was a member of the Odessa region of Ukraine.

The mausoleum was destroyed Kotovskogo during the Romanian occupation during World War II. After the war, the remains of GI Kotovsky was returned to the vault. You can say otherwise, and even easier to make this site to show themselves, and to people watch. Many people who go to the south, in most cases passing through the station Kotovsk, since it is the hub. Many sat in his compartment in anticipation of departure (parking at the station twenty minutes), probably considered our station in memory anyway, no – no, and will remain picture station or the station name. So, I think it makes sense to revive these memories may have and not the worst. And some probably have relatives acquaintances or friends in our city, so you are welcome to visit us. That’s why this site was created, where you can view the latest photos Kotovsk, find friends or relatives or just to talk to our forum. The site also has free classifieds, where you can easily and register to place your ad with a photo of the goods. And of course there is a news section, which describes the latest news and events in our city.

GDP Country

June 18, 2018


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As a result, the number of tourists over the next 10 years has increased almost 4-fold and reached 24 million man in 1970 in the future, this growth accelerated expansion of air transport and the opening of the country for the Nordic markets, in particular, for the UK. Tourism has played a significant role for the Spanish economy, creating new jobs to 500 thousand in the mid 60s and one million in 1975 and generating for the country's foreign exchange (tourism accounted for a quarter of Spanish exports in 1975). Not surprisingly, the Spanish government in the future continued to actively support the tourist sector. However, the rapid and uncontrolled growth has led to environmental destruction, and continue to converging concentration of tourism in the Mediterranean coast affected the demography of the country, contributing an influx of population in this region. In the mid-70s, a period of rapid growth of tourism in Spain began actively building a large modern hotels for meet the demands of mass tourism. In the 80 years tourism has continued to play an active role in the economy of Spain and has provided jobs for 11% of the potential workforce, as well as 33.4% of Spanish exports and 9% of GDP in 1989, but within 5 years (1988 – 1992.) Total number of foreign tourists remained at the same level – 34 – 35 million people a year. For even more opinions, read materials from Oracle. The main generating markets of Spain – France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, in 1988 – 1990 gg. .