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Old Demand

March 21, 2014


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* – ikov Troy (Prague 7) * Among the most attractive areas of Prague investors confidently maintains its position and Troy, located on the right bank of the Vltava. In terms of investments it attraction is a good transport accessibility area and not far away from the city center. There is accommodation of all types, from luxury villas – to low-cost apartments. The biggest demand here uses it, Of course, apartments in villas and cottages with beautiful views of the center of Prague. * – Troja Vrshovitse and Stranice (Prague 10) * The attraction of this area, located near the city center of Prague 10, in recent years is growing. Topics Still, housing prices are about 20-30 percent less than neighboring areas more prestigious Vinohrady and ikov. Investment attractiveness Vrshovits is the presence of this large number of brick houses, apartments in which are in high demand among buyers. Here is actively developing infrastructure, there is a large shopping and sports centers.

Given the high demand for housing in the area, development companies are buying up Old houses are being reconstructed and sell apartments. Are under construction and new residential complexes, apartment which also quickly sold out. Located further away from the city center area Stranice uses less demand than Vrshovitse. Nevertheless, the neighborhoods located near the metro station , can also be viewed as promising from the point of view, investing in real estate * – Vrovice, Stranice Smichov (Prague 5) and Holesovice (Prague 7) * Some experts called Smichov "second ikov", meaning, its prospect for investors.

Nonferrous Metals

March 21, 2014


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After the collapse of the Soviet Union left many developed and ceased to exist deposits of nonferrous metals. In those years, few cared about recycling or the so-called tailings, with the remaining non-ferrous metals and . And the content of metals in the waste is sufficiently large: Cu 12.17%, tin 6.76%, 1,49% nickel, cobalt, 0.99%, 0.14% silver, gold, 0.04%, platinum group 0, 02%, and other valuable components of 14.97%. These averages of several hundred tests. During the processing of a wagon (60 tons) of waste we only only 7 tonnes of copper, which cost 700,000 rubles. Now those businesses that are engaged in the production of metals, will be closed and replaced by small Villages with a population of several thousand people.

Therefore, these wastes a draw and the special obstacles on its way you will not meet. Technology of recycling is as follows: sintering, melting, increasing the percentage, electroplating, melting in an induction furnace. Laboratory for processing need 50-80 square meters. As workers can use the local population, the packaging and can also be sent directly to the site. And from there, ready send machines into space warehousing and sales. Company for processing and sale of metals can be issued in an average of 10,000 euros. All in all, the opening of this business need 40-50 thousand dollars. The main costs are the following: 1 – selection of repeated samples – 2000 $ 2 – analysis in Moscow (or any other major city): mineralogical and chemical – 3000 $ 3 – Organization of production at the site, from Moscow 6000 km – $ 5000 4 – transport to storage areas and sale – 20 ton – $ 3000 5 – aluminothermy – $ 1000 6 – galvano – 3000 $ 7 – Melting of Phase 1 – 2500 $ 8 – Chemical division – 3000 $ 9 – melting fractions – $ 3000


March 20, 2014


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Many enter the net looking for the much-desired economic independence, to find our business from home. We have so many plans, so many projects, we constantly dream of different forms and possibilities. See you in our dreams exert different functions or handling different projects, whether these of any kind, work, study, travel, partner, etc, all and each one of them best. But however many times reality has little to do with our dreams. The reality is crude, cruel, us sticks in the face. But there are two reasons that I believe are fundamental to not relocate our projects forward, so that our dreams is amputate. These reasons are: the doubt and fear. If we rechazaramos the doubt and fear every time we want to start something and put all our efforts and not think negatively leaving us addressed by them, our lives would be very different because we concretariamos many of our projects and our dreams.

And although the result obtained is not expected in all cases, not you import both, because we will have extracted from our mistakes all the wisdom they contain. In addition, when we are fenced and cornered by doubt and fear and abdicate, without invoking our courage to face them and deal with our projects, displayed something that will accompany us forever: we stayed with the eternal question of knowing what would have happened if we had tried. We all have fears, is a universal emotion is inherent to the human condition and experience it is something natural to human beings. Only that we must overcome and learn to deal with them and not leave they become someone who visit us regularly. At least force him to hit the door several times and having to knock down it to enter, rather than receive it with the door open. Although it is a mechanism of Defense and survival, when fear is imposed, prevents us from clarity of thought, the panorama is seen from another perspective where the optics that prevails is the negativism.

Fighting Plagiarism Site Promotion

March 19, 2014


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Author creative stuff has always been and will be of interest not only readers but also web master, in need of filling your project content. The unique material is currently expensive. Sooner or later, before owner gets a choice to buy the site content, writing, or shall we say to borrow, copy it from someone else's site. Try typing in the search engine a few phrases of interest and you will notice as a result of Search least two sources with the same, previously owned by a unique and one of them information. With recognition of the same content on different platforms, the search engine on its primary task of fighting for relevance to ban pages with the same content, but this does not happen by virtue of that fact plagiat'stva, even in the most explicit form it is difficult to prove.

Unfortunately, copying the unique material if it is useful and interesting to the user sooner or later. Actually, no it does not protect against this is a natural process for the Internet. In view of the above problems associated with conservation of the unique content are only effective way to deal with four kopipastingom: Method number 1: Always create a unique material. That is, lower the percentage of plagiarism in your resource by filling the "strategic stocks" new unique content. Method number 2: Place your article in anchor links.

This is done to increase link to your site, even if your article was used as a crib. While this option does not always work, as links can be manually removed from the body of Article Method number 3: The supply of text information unique images showing the source address for them. It certainly will not cut down with an ax. Method number 4: As above, by not bad decision – set of special programs allowing completely prevent copying of text information, or at least reduce this process by means of inserting hidden links and symbols.

Taiwanese Straits Exchange Foundation

March 18, 2014


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“” Service trade pact between the two sides of the Taiwan Street nearing completion the Mainland Affairs Council “of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (MAC) announced on May 27, 2013, that Taiwan and mainland China shortly before the signing of a trade agreement on services in the wake of the cross-straits economic cooperation framework agreement” (ECFA), would be. “This Pact is the first directly related to the ECFA and the General Agreement on trade in services of the World Trade Organization” be standing, free trade agreement between Taiwan and mainland China. Signed this important Pact gives a strong message that Taiwan seeks a further liberalisation of the trade of the world. “It is also the way for Taiwan, a more important role in regional economic agreements, such as the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “, to take. The Minister of the MAC, Wang Yu-chi, made these remarks during a press conference in Taipei City and gave details about the progress of negotiations known between the two sides. The agreement will deepen the trust between Taipei and Beijing and strengthen relations with each side of the Taiwan Strait. It will also pave the way for smooth negotiations of other pacts, such as, for example, agreement for trade in services and dispute resolution.

According to the MAC, the negotiations for the agreement were recorded in February 2011. There were already ten meetings between organization representatives of both sides in the past two years. “The signing of the Pact, which now represents the 19th between Beijing and Taiwan, is expected in mainland China during the 9th round of talks between officials of the Taiwanese Straits Exchange Foundation” and the mainland Chinese side, the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits “, take place. Trust worthy sources according to it says that Taiwan and mainland China are mutually 55 and 65 sectors, respectively, are open.

SOS Software Service

March 14, 2014


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The manufacturer Xoreax Ltd. appoints SOS software service to his master distributor. Incredibuildr solution, the Israeli manufacturer addresses the developer market. Incredibuildr allows users to accelerate the compile to the 30 times. Developers can dramatically reduce your development time and significantly accelerate the time-to-market. SOS software service GmbH with its headquarters in Augsburg is specialized in the distribution of software products for 26 years. SOS offers its wide range of developer tools, software service, customers in terms of developer products all from one source. SOS software service offers its customers German-speaking customer service representative, fast and flexible support to projects, payments in euro with different payment terms, and much more.

Eyal Maor, Managing Director of Xoreax Ltd.: Intel premium partner and long-time certified Microsoft Visual Studio partner has the SOS software service the competence and understanding of our business, the we us by our partner wish you. We have this experience and knowledge of the market reflected for us daily in the professional collaboration with the entire team of the SOS again.”In development tools already a very large portfolio. There are no longer many manufacturers on the market that can still complete this portfolio. “At Xoreax was different: we have seen Incredibuildr and we knew immediately that we have to do it here with a software solution that the market needs us.” Mr Joaquim Moreira says dos Santos, CEO of SOS software service. Incredibuildr – acceleration platform for developers with Incredibuildr reduce their development time developers and development tools accelerate up to 30 times. So can users better concentrate on bringing to market and save valuable time and money. IncrediBuilds unique parallel processing solution allows developers reach just significantly faster builds.

Transform your network into a virtual supercomputer users with Incredibuildr and accelerate slower CPUs, also if this just be used. This is new hardware required nor users need to customize the source code. Xoreax Ltd. Xoreax software solutions designed to accelerate development processes. Especially for software applications Windows based focus Incredibuildr software on the acceleration of the so-called build process. Every developer knows the problem of waiting until builds have been created. Incredibuildr these waiting times are significantly shortened and accelerates time-to-market. Currently over 100.00 users in over 2,000 companies with Incredibuildr work. More information: SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH was founded in July 1987 and specializes in the sales and distribution of software, software procurement and licensing advice. We distribute software from over 1,000 manufacturers with 70,000 articles. Every day we extend our software portfolio, software of from all manufacturers to offer a hand.


March 14, 2014


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Serious and competent key services find a key emergency services is pretty easy to find, but who is looking for a trusted and yet affordable locksmith service, which must be inserted in the search really a bit more time. Who meet the bad luck that has fallen behind a door in the Castle, which must engage in the bag sometimes strongly, because quite a few services call for incredible prices, only a few locksmith services offer honest prices and convincing in this case with the performance. In addition to the actual performance, even the travel expenses to be paid by the contracting authority, which required only a few. If you need help late at night, which should allow the business hours of the key service, because who is helped outside the opening hours, must spend extra charge many times up to 200%. To get this case out of the way, the question, making a good and convenient key emergency services in Stuttgart arises naturally. A good locksmith service is characterized by a trustworthy ads positive word of mouth advertising. Customers give good feedback and tell their colleagues about or to review key service on the Web. It turns out that black sheep do much advertising.

Unsuspecting customers fall for the ads and websites. A good locksmith in Stuttgart is characterized also by a respectable Web presence. Who’d like to play it safe, which should search beforehand, if time allows. Right to a bill allowing not over the ear cut you themselves. Serious people are always writing a Bill.

This is also an essential must-have. Arrival and departure costs must be shown separately, if they are present. So, the customer has the overview and is not led astray. Customer-friendliness and helpfulness In a phone conversation should be replaced first information. Learn about the business hours and the cost of a possible change of the Castle. Good service providers are friendly and respond to customer requirements. If you not from the Locksmiths are convinced, then look to a different service provider better.

Chauffeur Service

March 6, 2014


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From the 23.01. up to the 27.01.2013 Interline Munich Forum (WEF) offers its services in the field of chauffeur-and limousine service in Davos during the World Economic. Munich, the 17.12.2012 – the next WEF (World Economic Forum) takes in the next year from the 23rd until the 27.01.2013 in Davos (Davos Klosters) held in the Switzerland and the limousine service is Interline Munich with full act here. The Forum participants try to find solutions to the serious environmental and health problems with the guiding principle, committed to improving the state of the world”. The World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos of Switzerland and unites around 2,600 journalists and media people, leading economic and financial experts, politicians, scientists and intellectuals who discuss current topics and issues, and discuss.

It is a non-partisan non-profit organization, which is bound to no interest and is funded by its member companies. Interline Munich offers its exclusive services for years during the World Economic Forum’s. During the WEF, the Interline driver service uses a large number of sedans, mini-vans and mini-buses and coordinated successfully demanding transfers. For the invited guests, thus offers the possibility of exclusive, comfortable, punctual and relaxed to be chauffeured to the international major event. Politicians, journalists, scientists and executives can rely drivers on safe driving and the discretion of the Interline. The fleet of the limousine and chauffeur services has a four-wheel drive and therefore has the appropriate equipment to guarantee a safe and comfortable ride even in demanding, wichterlichen weather conditions. The customized service of Interline allows it guests to book both transfers of any kind or even a personal private chauffeur for an arbitrarily long period of time. Whether individuals or groups, Interline Munich takes the appropriate transport solution for every requirement.

At Participants who want a private business aircraft, offers the Interline aircraft charter service team the appropriate alternative. Interline Munich offers years of WEF participants successfully its services in the areas of driver, limousine, bus, event and aircraft charter service to and flexibility ensures comfort and exclusivity. Interline Munich Volk sedan OHG Firkenweg 7 85774 Unterfohring press contact: Harman Jochen phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 958081 40 fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 958081 49 E-Mail: Web: company portrait: the Interline chauffeur-and limousine service Munich was founded in 1995, is one of the largest sites of the German network of Interline and the leading suppliers in the field of the exclusive passenger transport in Bavaria. Interline Munich is from the regionally successful companies Volk sedan OHG in the 1950s. Despite its young existence, Interline Munich can on many years experience in the field of saloons and Chauffeur drive service access.

Oehrlein Photographer

March 1, 2014


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Ultimately, this means for the individual photographer: much less revenue. but at almost the same time. At the same time, one can observe that especially since the opening of the photographer profession for everyone, the number of providers for nursery photography rapidly increases and there is also a strong price competition in the industry. Also pushing more and more old photo studios in the nursery market. It will be very difficult for the individual photographer to earn his living with the nursery school photography.

At the same time, it is to observe that the claim of the customer is getting bigger. The parents turn more and more into the procurement decision-making process. This has unfortunately resulted in that more and more of the purchase price is the most important deciding factor. The quality is more and more on the line. Triggered by large companies, the prices for the individual series fall increasingly, more and more sales Commission offered the facilities. A very dubious practice. Latest time provided more and more natural pictures with plain white without a Studio background as modern.

Also, game recordings are increasingly offered, favored especially by young professionals without proper equipment, the only camera and on camera Flash equipped with, go to kindergartens. Because the mothers are always critical, and the flavors are always varied, succeeds in becoming increasingly rare to offer wallpapers in which consent for all parents. A chic and modern, the white background white is too easy and boring for the next. Remains still a short glimpse of the future of kindergarten photography, which is admittedly not very rosy. By further shrinking children with simultaneous rise of competitors and thus walking hand in hand in prices, will in this business field of photography the merit range always lower and many colleagues at the edge of subsistence. It only can survive, what special service offer. Conclusion: You can advise therefore only then young colleagues to the photographer work in the kindergarten if you want this with passion. Only then you are eligible children love, humor, patience, communication skills for this job, and blind control of the camera more to work than the usual 38 hours also are essential, as well as the willingness. Ralf Oehrlein


The G-100 Group joined up with and the G-100 Group, formerly known as the M&A Group.
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