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Prospects Highly Interested

November 12, 2017


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When we have an entrepreneurship in line with the purpose of making money it is normal that we try to all valid and ethical methods that come within our reach to achieve this end. Today day having an online business we can allow many more things that work in a conventional eight or nine hours a day job and this is mainly due to that there are thousands of opportunities in a market that knows no geographical bounds, quietly can live in a Latin country and do business with people from any other language or continent. On the web you can find opportunities ranging from earn money by reading emails, join MLM programs, play in online casinos, invest in the stock market, answer surveys, etc. The proposals are many and varied, each entrepreneur seek his opportunity in the section where you are most comfortable working. More info: delta airlines. If you are already an entrepreneur with some time online probably seen abras also the exaggerated proclamations of people claiming to make lots of money, and like them can teach you to do the same. Generally When we started working on the internet, we do so with a certain caution, and it is not for less, since many of us probably, and I include myself in this, we have seen or felt disillusioned to acquire certain techniques or products and have not been able to achieve outcomes that we promised. It is true that still today there are unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of us with its deceptions online. Currently they are already disappearing those notices that were online earn money fast and easy, because almost nobody is secret if we want to succeed online, live from the internet, we have that work putting effort and passion for what we do, the only way the result will be satisfactory and we will continue to safely grow increasingly more.

Hernan Echavarria

December 27, 2012


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Law 160 of 1994, in whose provisions is expected as one of its objectives the recomposition of the ownership structure, aims to achieve it through the market. Is time to thinking about innovative mechanisms as real to the bidders of latifundia incentives or mechanisms more radical as expropriation by administrative means or imposing high levies to large farming property (single point on which I agree with Hernan Echavarria olozaga), to prevent the land tenure with the only purpose of pretend status fatten it or safeguarding of high taxes on other activities. In the same way, we must start to question ourselves on the current reality of the agricultural credit, because it is very difficult to sustain the supplementary loan of lands at such rates of interest. Is must, too, reflect on the experience, in other latitudes, deliver the Earth, directly acquired by the State through summary proceedings, in quality of bailed the peasant to his family farm for a period of 15 or 20 years, which will get effective support to produce efficiently. After that time Yes give her the first choice of purchase or order the recovery for the State, in order to be given to another family. Or, at least, we must insist on a change in the conception of the subsidy for the purchase of lands replacing it with an approach of almost total subsidy to the overall cost of the initial project desired by the subject of reform. We could continue discussing many hours more because the subject returned to collect valid. And surely we are going to continue doing, because without general agreement on these issues, peace will not have a second opportunity on Earth.