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Military Industrial Complex

February 23, 2018


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Paul Craig Roberts (who was in the past member of the directive staff of the Department of the Treasure of the United States and publisher of Wall Street Journal) published the 20 of March a titled text the collapse of the American power where he describes the decisive characteristics of the integral declination of the United States (1), the 27 of March The Economist titled Waiting for arnagedon to article referred to the irresistible tide of bankruptcies North American industralists. The 14 of March The Intelligencer titled Expert international foretell the collapse of the North American economy where it among others picked up the opinions of Bernard Connelly of Bank AIG and of Martin Wolf, columnista of Financial Times. The 3 of April Peter Morici in a note appeared in Counterpunch indicated that is impossible to deny that the economy (American) it has entered a recession whose unpredictable depth and duration are (2). As a conclusion the 14 of Financial Times April published article of Richard Haass, president of the Council of Outer Relations of the United States where it indicated that the single-pole era, period without precedents of American dominion, has finished. Read more from Southwest Airlines to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Hard two decades, a little more a moment in historical terms. Of course, the factors are many that have entailed to this situation, nevertheless we pause in which is very significant and as it indicates Beinstein to it, the mitalirizacin and the state decay, on the matter it contributes, Another phenomenon to take into account is the long ascending march of the Military Industrial Complex, area of convergence between the State, the industry and the science that went away expanding from mid years 1930 crossing republican democratic governments and, real or imaginary wars, periods of global calm or high voltage. Some authors, among them Chalmers Johnson, consider that military expenses have been the dynamic center of the North American economy from World War II to the eurasiticas wars of the Bush-Cheney administration happening through Korea, Vietnam, the War of Galaxias and Kosovo. .

Great Plague

February 22, 2018


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Seville, Spain, are considered the artistic, cultural and financial capital of the south of Spain. The people who inhabit this beautiful and historical city are called Sevillians (men) or Sevillan (women). Although Seville is located far from the coast, only continues being 20 feet on the level of the sea. Sometimes it was an important seaport. In fact, explorer Hernando de Magallanes has the boats who used to give the return to the world from Seville.

Also it was the receiver of much of the silver brought from the New World. Due to the brought wealth of America, Seville attracted a quite great population in centuries 16 and 17, making it the biggest city of Spain until around 1649 when the Great Plague of Seville struck. Although the city fell in importance in terms of population and economy, continues being valued like an artistic center of the baroque one. Seville is today the home of many places of tourist interest. Its cathedral was constructed between years 1401 and 1519. It is greater gothic and medieval cathedral in the world, elaboradamente decorated and with a little gold. It is crowned by the most famous statue of the city, the Giraldilla, symbol of the faith. Located in front of the cathedral it is the Palace, an old palace morisco that took more than 500 years to be constructed.

Their lands include beautiful gardens in a mixture of styles Moors, Andalusians and Christians. In the river this the Tower of Gold, a watchtower constructed by the Almohade dynasty. A defensive barrier in the river was used as to chain a heavy chain of its base through river to stop boats that traveled that way. With so many wonderful things that to see, it is no wonder Seville is a magnet for the tourist activity. Luckyly, there are many options of lodging for the tourists of Seville, including the inns, hotels and apartments.

Latin America

February 12, 2018


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If the cycle of cuts of rates in EE.UU has brought him to Latin America a loss of its external competitiveness and a greater rate of inflation What will happen of now in more since it seems that the same has finalized? Clearly this possible brake in the cut policy of rates of the EDF will be beneficial not only for Latin America but it will be it at global level. This change of policy will help to clear pressure on the ascending tendency of the international prices of the commodities. And surely when at the beginning of the ascending cycle in the rates is given rise (cycle that very hardly begin before year end), it will still more contribute to alleviate the inflationary pressures to world-wide level. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Then, by the inflationary front, the possible change of trajectory of the policy of rates in the EE.UU will be beneficial for the region, but It will pass the same with the competitiveness of the currencies of the region? I believe that it is probable that yes, and as the crisis prevails moves away and the international markets return to the calm will find in Latin America a region that has managed to surpass with minimum costs the crisis and counts more in addition on two countries than they enjoy the privilege of being investment degree (profit reached about Brazil and Peru) and one more than it is on the verge of being it (Colombia). These factors plus the potential of growth and stability that are demonstrating the majority of the countries of the region (safe, clearly, certain exceptions), will be a magnet of the external capitals, which will increase the pressure on the types of change.


December 21, 2017


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You can finish the cards that she has with that company and secure new services, new cards or accounts only to his own name. This means that you are finishing all the privileges that their ex- ones would have with cards. This is the way to become position and to maintain its credit in good state. When you are looking for the best way to organize his cards and to decide which goes a to cancel and which is going to leave, can sit down and to imagine which are the different interest rates from each. You only must leave the cards that are to their name and which they have a good interest rate for his pocket and that he is constant. You will not want to have to much more pay interest that the one that is added to its account. This one is the main reason for which it is so important to make sure that you have a credit card that has losses interest rates because this will also make its payments lower. You must think that she is better for you and its credit.

If he is not safe how to handle something, you can look for the aid of a professional. It can secure advising for his credit after a divorce, so that you are able to have organized his finances and thus to protect his good reputation. There are only some things that you can have while still alive and one of them is its good reputation. This is something that is completely his and you do not have to run the risk of soiling it person on the other or a bad event. Any card that you do not use or has to name of his ex- pair needs to be cancelled immediately when you are happening through a divorce. This one is the unique way that can conserve its credit where it wants that it is and thus it will avoid any unexpected position that can be added. You need to be in control and to find ways to reconstruct his credit and to maintain it.

Millionaire Thought

December 21, 2017


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One of the most important attitudes for the financial success is to think in the long term. The successful people think long about the future, and fit their daily behavior to guarantee that their goals are fulfilled in the long term. Certainly, for me, when I directed myself like independent industralist, the unique thing who wanted was to be millionaire. To be rich, frees and to have all along for my same one. A thing is safe, this is perfectly attainable for any person. But in the reality, you must take a step simultaneously. The key is to establish more specific goals to the short term, will lead that you to the accomplishment of your goals to the long term.

One by one, step by step, to fulfill and to surpass each short term goal and you will be able to realise more in the space of a year that what many reach in a life. Here I indicate to you how to do it Vamos to create the Way to the Success: There are many different areas in your life that they must align itself so that I reach everything what you want. Nevertheless, for many people, to know really what they want is a thing difficult to respond (the financial freedom, to be millionaire, etc). Until they do not identify what really they wish, simply they do not have any possibility of obtaining it. Therefore, when completing this exercise I go to mostrarte that you will begin to attract your life people, the tools, the finances, the joy and the happiness that you need to obtain everything what you want. Here we go Step 1: I want to begin by the list of the most important areas of your life. For example, I have categorisen mine in: Family, Health, Spiritual Wealth and. Yours they can be similar, you can add others, like the aspirations of your race.

Venezuelan School

December 20, 2017


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In relation to the school it limits Gerver Towers, in his book a Dream for Venezuela: the Venezuelan parents (worldwide, the cursive ones are mine) we must involve to us thoroughly in the education of our children much more. The participation that we have today very poor and is limited. In some cases one takes place a type of participation of the parents and representatives in the activities of the school, but very centered in tasks of logistical support or financial operative raffles, fairs, verbenas and of cleaning, are the type of activities in which usually we participate to the parents and representatives generally and, this is also the type of contribution that the school demands of us. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. The author adds: Our participation – as parents and representatives – he must extend to the pedagogical aspects of the school. We must be informed on the contents, programs and practices of education; to know the methodologies that the teachers and professors use, to involve us in the internal organization of the school. The familiar education and the reality of the Latin American family Given the complexity of the present surroundings (economic, social and political problems), the family needs to raise the level of answer the demands that the surroundings impose, thus to provide an education that, on the one hand, prepares the people to face these realities; and on the other, she preserves the continuity of the democratic systems; right systems, that generate honour culture; progress systems; that it trains citizens under coexistence principles, honour and respect.

Now, in many countries (Latin America example), the family, generally, is not raising the answer level that is required to assume this responsibility, this because the family is in crisis and state of deterioration like institution. Phenomena as the divorce, the abandonment, the domestic violence, etc., have become something common. The degree of familiar disfunctionality of the modern society in our countries is alarming.

Computer Service Engineer

November 25, 2017


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The formation of the computer science engineer in the University of Ciencias Informticas (UCI), includes a system of knowledge, abilities and values, that allow him to put themselves to the service of the Cuban society and all the humanity. The necessity to develop more competent professionals of ample profile, makes possible that in Curricular Diseo of the race, extracurricular subjects that supported in the Technologies of Computer science and the Communications they facilitate to develop in the new surroundings of learnings designs of educative but open, flexible Models and developers are included. What professor, regardless of what it is its matter, does not need that their students read in classes? The professor of History, requires of the reading commented for the analysis of the contents to try; the one of Mathematical because among others elements, in their activities, must read problems to solve; the one of Physics; the one of Programming; in short, all require of the reading, without her could not develop their teaching. And then, why not to work from her the words with orthographic difficulties? Not necessarily by means of some rule, but making see its correct spelling them, asking to them they copy that them in his notebooks with ” conciencia” of grafemas composes that them, asking to them they consider that them in the answers that offer and soon causing a revision with the table companion, or a car revision from the slate, or better still, from the east and text book then he will be more functional, and will contribute the professors of this form to develop what ” is being called; ortogrfica” brings back to consciousness;. It cannot be alleged against this proposal, that it does not reach the time after its subject, because if the student in more important his estatus, the one of person, needs the knowledge the matter, most elementary of this knowledge it is that the basic vocabulary writes with property.

SMEs Challenge

February 22, 2017


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The great companies initiated of zero, with the minimum of employees and the basic resources to produce. Nevertheless, they do not represent the majority, hundreds of small and medians companies fail, do not develop the capacity to become solid businesses and to be developed until reaching a level positions that them in a privileged place. The statistics demonstrate that more of 50% of the SMEs they fail in the first year. Learn more at this site: Cyrus Massoumi. The first company that is constructed requires of a period of much learning, not only it consists of throwing it to walk, but it implies an investment, to let it grow and in addition to learn on the march. He is not simple, if outside it would do everybody it.

It implies a greater challenge, and a challenge for which owns an enterprising spirit. How to obtain that a small company is transformed into a great company? This is the definition that Brad Sugars does of a business: A PROFITABLE COMMERCIAL BUSINESS THAT WORKS WITHOUT MY the objective is to obtain that the owner of business surpasses the stage where has car to be used and it turns into a true owner. The definition of Sugars is simply powerful because it implies in his totality the most important part of the company: THE OWNER. If the owner most of spends his time to be used in his business, when he will be the owner? How he will meet the challenge to see his developing project and in addition enjoy greater freedom financier as personal as much? In order to construct a business it is important that YOU TAKE ACTION NOW. " A commercial business " Action 1. – Money: It is necessary that you have information on your investment, sales and utilities. And to be certainly you receive benefits of your sales. Product This one corresponds to the satisfaction of your clients, and the quality that you offer to them.


November 28, 2016


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This attitude is an invitation to the failure. The members of the equipment feel inclusively disillusioned and, abiertamente hostile. For this type of companies, the political behaviors are those that are used to obtain this type of activities by part the people in charge of the organization being promoted particular interests and with strategic operations where the actor defines the aim that wants or it interests to him to reach, combining the means that are necessary in the attainment. The power, is not obtained here by the consensus, nor by rotation but by domination: the one that aprocura the Mobbing maintains a relation with harassed which places in disposition to carry out its own will to him, pesea to the resistance of the other . Lawrence Ellison does not necessarily agree. The Mobbing is used in this type of organizations like an instrument to undo of employees for which they use the tactics of the desperation, psychic exhaustion to undo of them without it supposes an economic cost for the company. The strategies that are used go the destruction of the victim by means of the stigmatisation where the pursuer puts in practice all strategy of harassment with behaviors whose purpose is the one to ridicule and to separate to the victim socially (or to try it at least), in this case we spoke of a descendent power which this related to the rational-bureaucratic model whose strategy usually it is by a trajabajador of superior category whose authority is formalized and legitimized by the organization it exerts the coercion cradle in the fear the consequences like the functional degradation. Another strategy, within this power can be to maintenance of alliances with people of the group in an exercise of fidelities that they try the divisions between the components of the same and the lack of solidarity; one is to influence in the subordinates in exchange for benefits, allowances to be able of the prize, or also by means of persuasion with symbolic prizes, for example the possibility of professional development and another strategy are the cradle in the control of the information or power of knowledge maintaining the control to the access of information to posibililtar the decision making. .

Venezuelan Management

August 22, 2016


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It is not necessary to dream about a paradisiac society in which all the conflicts have been solved. It is necessary to accept that always conflicts will exist, and is even necessary to accept that the misfortune cannot be eliminated. I would say, even that as we are happier also we are more vulnerable to the misfortune. Edgard Morin General aspects and considerations The reality of the national scene demand of changes, of an effective, visionary, proactive management, that has known to interpret, to diagnose the situation, more when there is an intervention of the present State protagonist of the Bolivariana revolution that she has generated changes, challenges and dice passage to threats and opportunities, entails to that it is counted on an enterprise management able to cause the actions that guarantee, not only the survival of the companies under his position, but a dynamic participation, where their roll is beneficial, not only for the country, but for all integrates that it, even for the same causes of the interests of government for its commitmentto rescue to the country of the delay to where been he has put under per years Numerous models represent and personify to the companies and the competitive and successful leaders of today. The Venezuelan management, of many of their companies has beenmanaged and still they continue it doing by executives with very little knowledge of the administration, guaranteed by the learned thing of an empirical way, without to have happened through a university formal formation. Feeding itself on the experience, and of course properly protected for being member (often) of the family of the owners or great friendships, especially in which to the SMEs it concerns. In the present, it is required of a new type of managemental leadership, more, before the great challenges, threats and opportunities that the present national scene and the international even present/display, otherwise, always there will be a delay in efficient, productive the performance that is required of the companies to participate in dynamic scenes, turbulent, competitive. .