Central American States

June 22, 2020


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As much Uribe as Chvez is the unique presidents of the Americas that have been or have want to be re-elect more in one go and also the exponents of models both opposed of democracy multi-partisan (one liberal and the pro-USA and the other one nacionalizante and the anti-USA). Both they will want conflict use to consolidate internamente. Perhaps although Uribe can have been isolated in its region at internal level is finishing more fortified or more popular than its llanero neighbor. A data little known in Latin America is that when the norandino conflict was solved the salient main minister of Northern Ireland Ian Paisley declared that he managed to squash the republicans being caused who disarm and integrate their government. She has been the old head of the protestant right of the Ulster and its footpath is, possibly, the one that wants to follow Uribe. Even though that has said that the death of the second of the CRAF would paralyze the negotiations or the delivery of hostages, the certain thing is that this guerrilla, instead of to have responded attacking some civil servant or being of the government, has been the one who received another punishment (the murder of Rivers).

The CRAF has not decided on the retaliacin. Chvez solicits to them that they give to the Betancourt consequently its image would improve, but Tirofijo thinks that to do it would remain without much power of exchange. If the Group of River has his roots in to have lead gradually at that the Central American States and insurgents they get to put itself in agreement, this organism aims to assure that the CRAF and the ELN have a route to reinsert themselves in the Colombian system, although Uribe and many other agent chief executives would want that it does this in situation of backward movement and crisis.