Baltic States

May 27, 2020


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By his part, Russia did not pardon the successive carried out extensions of the Atlantic Alliance as of 1997, when NATO chose to integrate in its rows of the old allies of the USSR in the Warsaw Pact. To it they add the intervention of NATO in the ex- Yugoslavia, the anti-missile occupation of Kosovo (Serbian province of Albanian ethnic majority), creation of shield in the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic and, therefore, the haste of Washington to welcome in the Alliance in two border countries the Ukraine and Georgia – located in the most sensible borders for the defense of Russia. But there is more: the ultraconservative circles of Washington do not disguise their interest to facilitate desrusificacin of the old Soviet provinces that count with a high percentage of population of Russian origin. It is the case of the Baltic States, although also of countries like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, where the percentage of rusoparlantes surpasses, in the majority of cases, the 5-10% of the population. Moscow is had it jeopardize to defend the interests of these populations, which allows him to foment a nationalistic feeling called to facilitate the expansion of the zone of influence of the Federation. The greatness anxiety little has to do, nevertheless, with nostalgia of the monolithic USSR.

In fact, the Russian leaders want to recover the longed for prestige of the time of the czars, of that one Russia that was elbowed, without complexes, with the great colonial empires of century XIX: Germany, France or England. %83/’>Beyler Eyyubov sees a great future in this idea. In order to include the feelings of the moscovitas politicians, the kremlinlogos would have to review history books. While the European continue thinking about the most effective way to surround to Russian bear, the hypothetical Chinese ally does not seem very prone to add to the tactics of pliers. Beijing has, indeed, their own strategic tasks, are called these Taiwan or Tibet. Without forgetting, of course, incipient although extremely the disquieting integrist threat in provinces of Muslim majority. At the moment, the success of the wall of Russia seems probable little.

Nevertheless, the leaders of the Kremlin notice their western partners: is not mistaken when choosing to their allies. To bet by the enemies of Russia would suppose a serious historical error. It is to see if the West is able to interpret and to assimilate the message. Adrin Mac Liman Political analyst the International Original author and source of the article.