Andean Yugoslavia

June 27, 2020


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Today Santa Cruz has voted by her autonomy although La Paz boycotts that process. Bolivia, after to have been the most centralist country of the region (who governed each of their 9 departments elect but were not designated by the president) goes away in an opposite direction. The unique South American nation that is lost the majority of its original territory before its 5 neighbors (and whom for that reason the case of Poland remembers) today undergoes forts centrifugal tendencies (that could turn it into Andean Yugoslavia). The nationalism camba affirms not to want to divide to Bolivia although if to create a so great autonomy that it allows them to avoid that the leftist government regularizes, wants to redistribute earth or to have major control on the gas. Morals, Correa and Chvez accuse the USA to foment separatisms in the main counterbalances to their capitals. However, these socialist agent chief executives can be helping their rivals if they do not make certain concessions to certain DES-centralist demands that they have pierced in the populations of Santa Cruz, Guayaquil and Zulia..