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Social Service

March 13, 2018


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It is not treated, therefore, to reduce the social conscience of a classroom the characteristics interns. She treats yourself to admit a category of workers while possibility of capsizes if to transform into social force, in having conditions propitious to the development of the prxis transforming in the enclosed way. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary Kelly is the place to go. The speech of the workers, used, express the level of the real conscience of its participation in the social politics of the companies here, while suppliment of its necessities and how much used of a capitalist company. However, in the measure where the Social Service is requested in such a way by the capital as for the worker, practical its necessarily will be determined and guided for the ideological option of its agents to the project of a classroom or another one. Inside of the enterprise context, the worker is considered as using of the services given for the social assistant.

In this manner, the consideration of the denying potential of the diligent, inherent classroom to the problematizao of the reality and gift in the potential solicitation of the services of the social assistant, constituted the basic element for the construction of new a practical one of the Social Service in the capitalist company. Of this form, she is necessary to penetrate in the speech of the workers, following, also, its proper way to command its universe of life and work, whose hierarchy, in general, always begins for the institution company. The workers identify the company as its employer, specifically with respect to wage payment. In this manner, the accepted worker the objective and the position of the company, as a condition to assure wage. However, it recognizes the peculiarities gifts in the privatization of the profit. However the relation between capital and work assumes alternative of agreement for the worker. They are position that if they complete to have production, and not positions that if oppose.

International Generalization

January 23, 2018


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Before the World War I the well-being state it was constructing foundations in some European countries, stimulating extraordinary battles for social rights. At time of war all the concentrations were come back toward the same one, the government prevented any type of manifestation, with the promise of that after the war everything would be decided. Bernard Golden oftentimes addresses this issue. In the postwar period Germany met half-destroyed and pressured for you harness winners to pay indemnities to them. The Mexican revolution as others had been stimulated by revolutions or movements politicians established for diligent classrooms, where they had created a historical alliance between peasants, laborers of industries, had adopted the code of eight working hours and week with six days beyond obligator rights. In Brazil something happens similar that it was the 1930 movement, had among others obtained the recognition of the unions and the right control of the State. The democrat Roosevelt adopted politics of expansion of public expenses and of she offers of happening to the depreciation of the dollar, which received the name from New Agreement, being notable not alone because it surpassed in few years the retardation of the United States how much to the guarantee of social rights, but also because it assumed the state responsibility of combat to the job.

Thus it generates the International Generalization of the Social Rights organized by the International of the work (OIT) was created by disposal of the treated one to Versailles, concluded in 1919, that world reestablished the peace formal after to war i. Its purpose is on the basis of negotiations between governments used and employers of the countries members, they had generalized social rights by means of the convention adoption, to be ratified for the same ones. Because of its inevitable effect on the production cost, any industry or country that to adopt social reform meets in disadvantages in A stage its competitors.

The Portuguese

January 23, 2018


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First, the generally high ones and of elaborated culture more, they had been over all for the Bahia. The originary bantos of Angola and Moambique, had predominated in the zone of the bush northeastern, in Rio De Janeiro and Minas Gerais. With the coming of black, plus an element was incorporated this Brazilian population formation. Spread for all the domestic territory, he did not delay in occurring the mestization between indians and blacks, whites and blacks, beyond is clearly, of its cultural contribution, that as well as the one of the indian, if incorporated in the way of being of the Brazilian. The contributions had been several in the work techniques, musics and dances, practical religious, feeding and clothes. Soon the indians if had united with the blacks, against the colonizador oppressor: In some regions of Brazil, as well as of Americas? beyond the conflicts and confrontations? run away blacks had entered into an alliance it aboriginal groups, also forming, small communities. The arguments on the intertnicos contacts? blacks and indians? involving the quilombos they can here be strengthened. As plus an example of conflicts and alliances between run away indians and blacks we can cite the case occurred in 1778, in the Piau.

The revolt of the aldeados indians guegus was commanded by a black run away. (they idem P. 59). when rethink itself the paper of the Portuguese in this mixagem, knows that: The first groups of European colonizadores that had arrived at Brazil after 1500 were formed almost exclusively by men. Thousands of distant kilometers of house, had had children with the indians. Later, with the arrival of the slaves during the economic cycle of the sugar cane-of-sugar, they had started to also engravidar the Africans.

(FEPESP, 2007 P. Gain insight and clarity with Gary Kelly. 03). The Portuguese in Brazil made of the aboriginal cassava its as bread, of the woman indian or African – its woman, of the iguarias of the land an adaptation its feeding, confraternizando itself and combining the resources that had, because many, probably, must not have voluntarily come and therefore, suffered homesicknesses as the pulled out Africans from its homes and revolt as the aboriginals, to be far from its native land.


July 16, 2014


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In Uganda in Africa the climatic change already affects the coffee production, main product of exportation of the country drastically. It has forecasts of that in 2080 a massive migration will have occurred enters 1,4 to the 6,7 million Mexicans northward of America due to the heating and its impacts on the agricultural production. The forecasts point with respect to the growth of more unproductive regions and rise of uninhabitable regions, not only for the bad use of the land, or for me the distribution? these would be questions of great reach and would deserve another debate. The climatic alteration can also induce in the human behavior, through a cerebral cognitiva disfuno, generating it estresse emotional and agressividades. Until the GIP of the countries it will be able to have high reduction, in the which had average of 20% to the catastrophes. It is clearly that the nature of the account not to all eliminate the garbage and pollution produced on a large scale in the current level of ' ' desenvolvimento' '.

In this direction practically all action of the man modifies the nature, but the action of the nature (catastrophes, climatic alteration, water scarcity) does not modify? exactly that insistently? the action of the man, however, the alienation of the nature cannot be perceived in concurrence with the alienation of the work? How the way of production and its historical mutations distanciaram each time more the man with the remain of the nature? as the relations of the production of the work could demystify these questions. In such a way we intend here to argue the way of capitalist production and which the impacts the same produce on the environment. Specifically we search to foment on the problematic one that it involves all the society, a time that the ambient changes, provoked for the man, come causing of disordered form, the degradation of the planet.

The Capitalist

December 14, 2013


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Between diverse other factors, we compare then the wage of the masculine football players with the feminine one, is clear presence of the inaquality. In a general context, the capitalist mask alienates the people in order to be satisfied itself with what it happens in its society, without counting that the women in general way deserve respect and valuation inside and outside of its houses. The sociological context of everything this is basically the essential importance of the valuation of the human work, counting on the necessity that we have ones of the others. The woman comes if developing socially, occupying positions, managing companies, but this is not nothing compared with the depreciation that they suffer. The recognition is the conquest and the results reward are them, reward these that all we will have with the equality of the sorts.

However, the reality for which we pass sample that, the way for the equality can be a utopian way, therefore, the society is capitalist and dominated for men, they are who dictate the rules, and a feminine representative in great positions of the society is many times left to lead for the capitalism. The solution of this problem is without a doubt to promote one action of awareness in the society, therefore, does not have as to know the problem without somebody shows in them, for the fact of many times to be something underlying. The equality of the sorts is without a doubt a to be reached objective, a great challenge, that would generate a great revolution, is enough that somebody if moves for the situation. We fit young them, to fight therefore, to demand what he is ours of right, therefore as he conducts the federal constitution of 1988: ' ' Art. 5. All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, equality, to the security and the property, in the following terms: I – men and women are equal in rights and obligations, in the terms of this Constitution; ' '.

Sun Glauber Rock

November 10, 2012


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' ' The New Cinema was an ample and differentiated movement. It did not have a rigid program that it served as dogma to be followed by its participants. It had this yes, action principles politics that had constructed its force in the union and the camaraderie of grupo.' ' (SIMONARD, 2006, P. 19) and these men had defied to be able of the State in the decade of 1960, and had elaborated its films. The image to the times resounds higher of what the words in any pamphlet, it withhold a supreme power, and the media makes use of of this power, in the case of Dry films as Life the scenes make to reflect and estigmatizam the mind. The creators of the New cinema were not worried in showing great historical events, the precision biggest were in following the disfavored classrooms, the small histories that if they uncurl to mounts among the side streets and alleys, since the confines of the hinterland enters caatingas until poludas and interminable streets of So Paulo, the same people, the same difficulty in if living. Films that are produced remain as windows of the times, the load of information are tremendous, either for showing to overturns politics of a simple time or the daily one of a population. The communication that is made between cineasta and spectator bases debates of sociological matrix until today, offering representations of social matrix in different aspects is possible to understand this exchange of information that is made by means of the flmica workmanship. In God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun Glauber Rock used the Brazilian northeast region as scene of its history, in the film we perceive the Pink Odyssey of Manuel and its woman that in the attempt to buy a lot of land leave in a trip until the city to vender some heads of cattle that they finish for dying in the passage, this cause the anger of the colonel who is proprietor of the animals, after a significant Manuel misunderstanding it finishes for killing the colonel immediately afterwards running away with its wife.


September 2, 2012


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Adoptar, intentionally, the popular culture, according to which: ' ' it looks at for what I say and you do not look at for what I fao' ' , as attempt of auto-justification for all and any decision, situation or event, that harm the majority in benefit of a privileged minority of elitist groups, it discloses Citizen-Politician, at least, intellectually iniquitous, in the measure where good the practical ones start, exactamente, in the good come examples of the highest instances of the power, either in the agencies of the State, either in the Institutions financed for the Government. The equality of chances, the joust distribution of the national wealth, the principle according to which ' ' who more has more must contribuir' ' for the well-common one, the ethics in the act of the laws, that would have to be general, abstractas and of equal application for all, must always constitutes concerns gifts in who has to be able of decision and execution. It is unjust to divide one same society and to govern it for the elites, exactly that democratically elect, because: ' ' The man cannot survive seno in society, that is, with customs and laws. (.) The citizenship is the quality of the men who think to be governed for itself proper, that they depend on they themselves. It is therefore, to the inverse one, that the citizenship loses its direction and the democracy its force, if the society is reduced to the social one, if, for example, some are so dependents of whom they are ready to alienate the vote to them, or, if they do not vote, to alienate the decisions to them. This calls clientelismo and is developed in clandestine way, at the same time that the parallel economy or subterrnea.' ' (MADEC & MURARD, 1995:94 – 95). What if it can interpret in the direction of the total autonomy and independence of Citizen-Politician, when in the exercise of governmental functions, as well as all responsible for institutions financed for the State, they are of solidarity, cultural, porting, foundations and any subsidized others.