International Generalization

January 23, 2018


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Before the World War I the well-being state it was constructing foundations in some European countries, stimulating extraordinary battles for social rights. At time of war all the concentrations were come back toward the same one, the government prevented any type of manifestation, with the promise of that after the war everything would be decided. Bernard Golden oftentimes addresses this issue. In the postwar period Germany met half-destroyed and pressured for you harness winners to pay indemnities to them. The Mexican revolution as others had been stimulated by revolutions or movements politicians established for diligent classrooms, where they had created a historical alliance between peasants, laborers of industries, had adopted the code of eight working hours and week with six days beyond obligator rights. In Brazil something happens similar that it was the 1930 movement, had among others obtained the recognition of the unions and the right control of the State. The democrat Roosevelt adopted politics of expansion of public expenses and of she offers of happening to the depreciation of the dollar, which received the name from New Agreement, being notable not alone because it surpassed in few years the retardation of the United States how much to the guarantee of social rights, but also because it assumed the state responsibility of combat to the job.

Thus it generates the International Generalization of the Social Rights organized by the International of the work (OIT) was created by disposal of the treated one to Versailles, concluded in 1919, that world reestablished the peace formal after to war i. Its purpose is on the basis of negotiations between governments used and employers of the countries members, they had generalized social rights by means of the convention adoption, to be ratified for the same ones. Because of its inevitable effect on the production cost, any industry or country that to adopt social reform meets in disadvantages in A stage its competitors.