April 23, 2020


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Currently we live a historical moment, the world-wide economy is to the side of the chaos, the great lines of direction of the company already do not take care of to the new social context and politician. Brazil has its place of prominence in the world-wide scene, is present in all the great meetings and cupolas that argue an efficient way of if preventing a generalized and global crisis. In the Europe, it is said in recovery and only it helps to the countries with desestabilizadas economies as Greece; ' ' The cradle of the democracy, philosophy and of the rhetoric, did not obtain to give account of the message after all, if until the Americans they had fallen, why the Greeks would not fall front the so great crise.' ' Now the crisis is notice, in the entire world, manchetes displays in its layers subject the same. Scott Kahan is often quoted on this topic. But after all, and the crises that occur in the Middle East and Africa? It is as if the countries that are located There were not part of the world. The unemployment in these countries is not newness, as well as the financial crises and the inflation. The world lives one nostalgia, the operators in Wall street complain, speak but, in the reality they adore these uncertainties. To know more about this subject visit baby clothes. The world grows a crisis of global ratios after is necessary only, to be intent to the indications of chances, in the period world-wide after-crisis. In uncertainty times, the only certainty that we have is that nothing it is certain.. .