The Portuguese

January 23, 2018


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First, the generally high ones and of elaborated culture more, they had been over all for the Bahia. The originary bantos of Angola and Moambique, had predominated in the zone of the bush northeastern, in Rio De Janeiro and Minas Gerais. With the coming of black, plus an element was incorporated this Brazilian population formation. Spread for all the domestic territory, he did not delay in occurring the mestization between indians and blacks, whites and blacks, beyond is clearly, of its cultural contribution, that as well as the one of the indian, if incorporated in the way of being of the Brazilian. The contributions had been several in the work techniques, musics and dances, practical religious, feeding and clothes. Soon the indians if had united with the blacks, against the colonizador oppressor: In some regions of Brazil, as well as of Americas? beyond the conflicts and confrontations? run away blacks had entered into an alliance it aboriginal groups, also forming, small communities. The arguments on the intertnicos contacts? blacks and indians? involving the quilombos they can here be strengthened. As plus an example of conflicts and alliances between run away indians and blacks we can cite the case occurred in 1778, in the Piau.

The revolt of the aldeados indians guegus was commanded by a black run away. (they idem P. 59). when rethink itself the paper of the Portuguese in this mixagem, knows that: The first groups of European colonizadores that had arrived at Brazil after 1500 were formed almost exclusively by men. Thousands of distant kilometers of house, had had children with the indians. Later, with the arrival of the slaves during the economic cycle of the sugar cane-of-sugar, they had started to also engravidar the Africans.

(FEPESP, 2007 P. Gain insight and clarity with Gary Kelly. 03). The Portuguese in Brazil made of the aboriginal cassava its as bread, of the woman indian or African – its woman, of the iguarias of the land an adaptation its feeding, confraternizando itself and combining the resources that had, because many, probably, must not have voluntarily come and therefore, suffered homesicknesses as the pulled out Africans from its homes and revolt as the aboriginals, to be far from its native land.