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April 11, 2018


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Aexecuo or the use of a lnguano affects in nothing its organizaosubjacente, that is, its deep structure. This tratado for Psychology as the lingustico performance, ouseja, the way for which each individual uses the linguistic suacompetncia. The desempenholingustico is a register problem, of estiloou of individual preferences. Ascontrovrsias, doubts and mysteries querondam the studies regarding the language of the aged one demonstrate that este a field that still needs to evolve very, but queest in frank growth and have characterized peloenfoque to interdisciplinar. Certainly, necessrio to advance still more to unmask acognio of the aged one. In the search for respostass its questions, the researcher that if occupies of this campodeve to turn itself toward the valuation of the aged one. Independent of the results to demonstrate declnios, habilidadespreservadas or superior, the inquiry must return with positive fruits for the citizens. Amedida that the agreement on the doidoso cognition advances, the position dospesquisadores starts to converge to the idea deck the studies must move in direction productive aatitudes, abandoning the simplesconstatao of declnios.

Of acordocom Birren; Deutchman (1991), is to necessriorealizar an intervention that makes possible when idosodesenvolver the understanding and avalorizao of self. The aged one, being in umestgio more advanced of the life, to necessitaencontrar the direction of its life for the world, to adapt aoenvelhecimento and to carry through positive choices for itself exactly. The propostadestes authors are the use of the narrativasauto-biographical ones, that they are source of pleasure for oidoso and at the same time they make possible its desenvolvimentopsicossocial. Wood (2000), in a study that investigated auto-eficciacognitiva and the memory of work in a program cognitivo detreinamento for aged, verified that the effect cognitiva dainterveno in aged sopromissores, being that they are of great importance apreveno and reabilitaode harmful consequences of envelhecimentosobre the quality of life. The language, being a factor that sofreinfluncia of possible cognitivos processes emdeclnio in the oldness, is aspect queno must be neglected cognitiva nainterveno of the aged one.

Korea Symptoms

March 23, 2018


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Theoretical propositions of the science of PTSD is based primarily on studies of general adaptation syndrome (Selye H., 1936) theory of cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger (Festinger L., 1957), on the model of Horowitz MJ (1975). In his works should stay a few more. He identified three main groups of symptoms: 1.chrezmernoe arousal, including autonomic lability, dissomnii, anxiety, intrusive recollections, avoidance of situations associated with trauma. 2.periodicheskie bouts of depressed mood with anhedonia, alexithymia, and emotional rigidity, and a sense of despair hopelessness. 3.cherty hysterical response in the form of astasia-Abaza, mutism, amblyopia, paralysis. (Similarly see: Coupang). In a particular embodiment, these symptoms disappear in most of the work on PTSD. In addition Horowitz MJ (1985) described phases of PTSD: 1.Otchayanie – acute anxiety without a clear understanding of the significance of what happened 2.Otritsanie – insomnia, amnesia, withdrawal reaction, numbness, physical symptoms 3.Navyazchivost – explosive reaction, emotional lability, chronic state of hyperexcitability with sleep disorders 4.Prorabatyvanie – understanding the causes of trauma and grief 5.Zavershenie – new plans for the future. Of the other works which laid the basis for the study of PTSD should mention the work Neiderland W.

Hurry Maybe

March 23, 2018


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Metropolis … People live in a hurry … All running somewhere … not noticing the beauty that surrounds them, unaware of what foreigners admire in Moscow … The main task of these people – to have time … To be in time somewhere in time for someone else … All evil, pensive and indifferent … What is that? From the fact that this great city? Or what we become part of 'the modern car? " Maybe we should stay? Life – it's not a movie.

Can not press pause or rewind ago. We must understand that our life is the only one! And we must live it so as not to regret anything! Of course, everyone there are "black and white stripes', but that if there was nothing sad, what would we have? We must learn to be happy! I sincerely rejoice in good fortune of others, do not hesitate to show your love for someone to forget about the hatred and think about empathy, not envy, but try to be at or better than … Maybe it's naive. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. But if Everyone woke up in the morning, smile himself, and came to work – genuinely smile colleagues – will be worse than none and it's not hard! Maybe there is something for the effort?


March 15, 2018


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I think so. There is a canonical methods – with a special prayer on the water, with a special prayer for proofreading, with nachitkoy on wax. Difficult? Yes. Can I make it easier and with no less the result? Yes. Immediately, why wax? Wax – a product of biological, organic.

The method of removing the damage and negative transfer from one biological object to another – one of the most basic and reliable. Wax because of this, sensitive to communication and energy. And just so you can use him to remove the damage – damage to the wax casting. What to do this? A piece of wax, two tanks. In one of the recruit water tanks, read over it three times, the prayer "Our Father." In another container put the wax and melt it over low fire.

When the wax is melted, pregnant this capacity and we are ready to work. Person should be put back on itself. Begin. It is worth staying in prayer, or conspiracy, which is pronounced with the procedure. This can be either conspiracy to remove damage (look on the Internet, or invent themselves – about this in another article) or a simple prayer – "Our Father" or "Let God." And here I propose to Small and unlike other methods of casting. Usually Prayer (conspiracy) is pronounced, holding a container of wax on a human head, and then carried pouring wax into the water. That is correct – the wax is in a zone most of the energy flow – over the top. But I suggest Add to this procedure to work with all the energy centers of Rights – the chakras. And with the spine. Why? It is on the chakras can be negative energy binding, blocks, clusters of alien energy. And at what spine? Here on the spine, often accumulate a large amount of negative energy. As. Begin to read a prayer, making a container of wax in the area of the chakras, starting from the bottom. In reading the prayers at the chakras rotate the container wax counterclockwise. Please visit Coupang if you seek more information. Why is anti-clockwise? Clockwise – the imposition of energy and information. – Against the removal of negativity and energy. Walking on the chakras, go to the spine – the same rotational motion, falling from the top-down to the coccyx. Finish over his head, realizing in reading prayers rotation over the top. The rotation should be at number 3, 7, 9, 12. So we remove the negative from the human energy field and the specific energy centers. At the end of prayers, pour the wax into the water. Begin to consider – what happened. Distorted contours, something ugly, anything that could remind the appearance of all sorts of nasty things – in all this was embodied negative of going with a man on the wax. Yawning, vomiting, cramps, fear, fever – all this confirms the negative output. This procedure is repeated for fidelity 3 times, but every other day or on well-being. And what to do with the wax? Pour water, and Wax can be used on – the next firing of wax will take all the crap going nowhere. Good luck, try it. The method differs from the classical, but suffer from it will not. Exactly.

Stephen Hawking

March 14, 2018


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However, if this logic is required to recognize the existence and predfizicheskoy evolution of the universe. (Source: Larry Ellison). In fact, the singularity (Originally existed a dense and hot state space is homogeneous and isotropic medium with an unusually high energy density, temperature and pressure), which is seen in modern cosmology as the beginning of the world, refers to the physical evolution of the universe. But what was before the singularity? In other words, what was predfizicheskoe (which is conventionally called tofizicheskim (5)) state of being? That is the main question whose answer should give modeling origin of the universe within the framework of the laws of logic, and just this side of the issues raised, ie tofizicheskoy evolution should, in our view, more attention in the modern science. And maybe, in this connection makes sense, even to justify a separate sphere of knowledge – tofiziku, which will focus on predfizicheskogo being, that is problems which have taken place between the nonphysical and physical state of being? As is known, the British astrophysicist and theorist Stephen Hawking has recently stated that "modern science is on the eve of the Revolution, when there will be a unified theory that explains everything fundamentals of the physical world and existence. In this case, according to Hawking, the opening will be done within the M-theory, which assumes the existence of parallel worlds and multiple physical forces unknown yet modern science "(6). Third, if we assume that initially there was something tangible, you have to wonder: Where did the matter of which occurred this material, and then – where there was matter of this matter, and so on to infinity.

Book Tables

November 29, 2013


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Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) disclosed to the world> science of the Animal Magnetism. This science still is practically unknown in the half academic of the medicine. Unhappyly, the study of the magnetism still it is little common also in the half esprita, being still restricted the inherent benefits to its application to an amount sufficiently reduced of Espritas Houses. Kardec studied the Magnetism 35 years for more than and affirmed that two sciences (espiritismo and magnetism) form one alone body. A curious fact to detach was that Kardec almost was blind, one victim ' ' Amaurose' '. Discredited for the doctors, Kardec was cured by a magnetizer. Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail to the 50 years was a name respected in France. Great studious of the psychic phenomena, being interested itself in special way for the study of the magnetism.

It hears to speak of the girantes tables and attributed to these phenomena to the magnetism impregnating the tables. Taking knowledge on the intelligent existence of something for detrs of these phenomena, it admits the hypothesis of the performance of the world spiritual. It decides then to verify origin of the facts. E, thus, Rivail (Allan Kardec is the name that it adopted as Coder of the Esprita Doctrine) works methodically in the elaboration of the Esprita Doctrine. In the Introduction of the Book of the Espritos, Kardec makes mention to the gradual series of phenomena that despertaram interest in it and that they had finished for giving origin to this doctrine, saying: ' ' The first observed fact was the object movement; they had vulgarly assigned it with the name of girantes tables or dance of the tables. This phenomenon, that seems to have first been observed in America, or better, that if would have repeated in this country, because History test that it retraces the highest Antiquity, was produced folloied of strange circumstances, as uncommon noises and blows brandished without an ostensive cause, known.