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First Coaching Process

August 6, 2018


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First Coaching process the importance of really knowing what you care to die young as late as possible: get you some illusion that will encourage your zest for life!. Javier Guell The vision of the Caterpillar in a forest near the monastery of Montserrat a small Caterpillar walked in the direction to the Sun, towards the highest mountain. Nearby there was a beetle and asked him:-where are you going? -I had a dream. I was at the top of the mountain and looked across the Valley. I liked it so much that I want to see him really.

-You’re crazy! – replied surprised beetle-do you think that you can get? Any stone for you is already a great mountain. Hear other arguments on the topic with Phil Vasan. The Caterpillar ignored him and continued retreating slowly. Soon he heard the voice of a Grasshopper:-are where going, so determined? -I had a dream. I was at the top of the mountain and looked across the Valley. I’m going to go up and from the top I behold the wonderful landscape that surrounds us. The grasshopper laughed out loud open. – Nor I, with my long legs and my large brincos dare try again…-Is it knocked on the floor and continued laughing.

He also ran into a frog, a spider, a toad. Everyone laughed and told him that do not achieve what ever. That it was wasting my time and would end up dead. Philip Vasan can aid you in your search for knowledge. But inside the Caterpillar had a tension that drove him to follow. He obviously tired increasingly. There was a moment that ran out of forces. He decided to stop to rest. He looked for a place to pass night. She fell asleep while thinking that tomorrow would be better. We don’t know how long he remained asleep. All the animals surrounded her believing that she was dead. There was the animal that had had the most insane vision of the forest.

Latin American Currencies

July 6, 2018


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They will continue rising Latin American currencies? when the World Bank makes a study and expected that Brazil will continue to grow and that can, in 2016, be it fifth largest economy in the world, you are placing us a challenge, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil. Latin American currencies continue under pressure toward appreciation against the greater flow of capital that is coming to the region product of the desire of good returns by investors. It will thus continue the trend? Other Latin American currencies could join this group? You should not surprise us that is still occurring in Brazil. Despite the entry of capital tax, incentives for investors to continue facing the Brazilian economy, are still present. Is that the strength of the economy of Brazil and very good perspective that observes and growth that generates the kind of praise that just made the World Bank, make investments have an important return waited with a limited level of risk.

And that risk is also limited in the feeling of the market due to the prudent policies that Lula’s Government, develops as the referred tax, to avoid stress in the economy. The region is in the sights of investors who recognize the test surpassed by these economies, with the recent international financial crisis, a clear sign of maturity of Government and Latin American economies that increase the probability of observing a real evolution in the region toward economic development. The attraction that is keeping the region for investors is manifested in continuous pressure that are suffering most of the Latin American currencies toward appreciation. For example, the Brazilian real is so far the currency that was most appreciated in the year in a magnitude of 35% (which spent 2.31 reais earlier this year to the current level of 1.71 reais to the dollar), followed by the Chilean peso, which appreciated by 20% (which went from $638 to $532 in so far of the) year), and the Colombian peso that made by 17% (from $2.247 to the 1915 $ per dollar throughout the year).

Economy Argentina

June 29, 2018


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The bases of the Argentine economy will weaken: how will the model survive? Buenos Aires, February 2009 Argentina9 the crisis which determined the end of convertibility in Argentina back in the beginning of 2002, gave rise to a new economic model that has managed to maintain a very good rate of growth of the Argentine economy. Two pillars of the current economic model which are the fiscal strength and the external surplus are both in danger as a result of the impact of the financial crisis International by internal problems of the Argentine economy. The weakening of these two pillars of the current Argentine economic model generates a high risk to the economy, to increase the fragility of the same before possible new negative shocks that might affect it. The need that Argentina has a twin, fiscal and external surplus lies among other issues, the need to deal with the services of the debt in a context where does not exist for the country the possibility of access to international financial markets. In fiscal matters, the tax revenue is slowing more than expected. In the month of January revenues increased only by 11% in interannual terms totaling $24.109 million (not registering an interannual increase so low since April 2006). You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. This data is not only worrying but that it is more so considering that it contains an additional income product of the reestatizacion of the retirement and pension system that produced an interannual increase of 70% in revenue for social security. Without the reestatizacion of the system, the interannual variation of tax revenue would have promoted to 4.5% in an economy with at least 20 percent inflation, implying a fall of 16.4% in real terms. The tax revenue was affected by the slowdown in economic activity and inflation in Argentina as well as the fall in the international prices of commodities.

Clothes Washing Tips

June 18, 2018


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Here are 13 tips to help with the laundry. 1. Washing the washing machine! washing machines also need to be washed occasionally. Put a gallon of vinegar distilled in the washing machine and using warm water, let the washer do all a wash cycle. Vinegar cleanse hoses SOAP residue and leave your washer bright inside. 2. Keep the colors of your clothes like new. To keep the colors in her new cotton clothing and keep them shiny, soak them overnight in slightly salty water, or a mild vinegar and water.

3. Clean stains made in house. Make your own clean stains. Simply increase 1 part alcohol antiseptic and 2 parts water. It’s that simple.! 4.

Remove mud stains. Slice a raw potato in half, rub it over the stain of mud. Soak the garment in cold for awhile, then wash it as usual. 5. Remove oil stains. Oil stains can usually be removed if you rub a bit of eucalyptus oil. Wash with SOAP and warm water. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Phil Vasan has to say. 6. Remove stains from spherographic pen. an excellent way of removing stains from the spherographic pen is using hair spray (either spray or pumping). Put the spray of hair over the stain and then wipe robustly with SOAP (bath or laundry). Rinse the garment in cold water. 7 Remove stains of rust. Remove stains of rust by applying to the stain lemon and salt. Hang it in the Sun to dry. 8 Remove sweat stains. Cloque the garment in a bucket of water and increase a cup of vinegar. Let it soak for an hour approximately before washing. 9 Remove coffee stains or you. Apply hair spray on the affected area. rub with a bar of SOAP and rinse in cold water. 10 Remove chocolate stains. Immediately remove excess chocolate, spray onto the garment with gas and rinse with mild detergent and cold water. 11 Remove tomato stains. Soak the area with alcohol and wash in a cold cycle. 12 Remove fruit stains. Asperjee a little salt in the garment and rinse in cold water. Wash the garment in warm water with detergent liquid, preferably if it is biodegradable and if the stain persists, try applying a bit of peroxide of hydrogen or Borax… 13 Remove mysterious stains. For unknown stains, try these steps: first, rinse the stain in cold water. Treat it with a cleaning detergent from prewash and rinse again. Now wash the garment in chlorine in water at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer of the garment, increase detergent to the wash. Let it dry in the open air and if the stain persists, soak in cold water for an hour. Rub a sponge on stain with cleaning solvent, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse again. Original author and source of the article.

Mateos Euros

June 16, 2018


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Ruiz Mateos blames Banco Santander’s drowning financial group. The right of withdrawal of the sale has been made with a Dutch background and Banco Santander, among others. More than 20 companies from Nueva Rumasa are in bankruptcy. Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos father said Wednesday that the Chairman of Banco Santander, Emilio Botin, the least that can be done is to pay 250 million euros to investors who have deposited that money in Nueva Rumasa. The Patriarch of Ruiz-Mateos, who blames Banco Santander’s financial suffocation of the group, has encryption this Wednesday for the first time in 250 million euros the amount to a total of 3,000 investors promissory notes has been deposited in eleven group companies. Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos has detailed that the past May 12 ceded to these investors the collection rights of the re-appraisal of the companies of the former holding of the bee, amounting to 6 billion just with Galerias Preciados. The lawyer of Jose Maria Mateos, Joaquin Yvancos, who has accompanied him on the appearance before the media, pointed out that the other five brothers of the Patriarch of Nueva Rumasa also adhere to the proposed transfer.

On the other hand, Sabin has summed up that the judicial process in which the former Rumasa is now is a re-appraisal amounting to 18,000 euros s negotiable, that the State would have to pay the company only with the value of the property. In addition, it has ensured last Monday Nueva Rumasa exercised the right of withdrawal of the sale – by the Royal Bank of Scotland – from the debt of 30 million Clesa. Operation of withdrawal according to this, the operation has been done with a Dutch Fund with a 70% discount. Read more here: Coupang. In this sense, Sabin has argued that, either the Bank presents the public deed, or you have purchased is a lawsuit for ten years. This right of withdrawal will also exercise it with debt of Nueva Rumasa with Banco Santander, Ceberus this has sold at a discount, according to their reports, 80%.

Something that is not understood, because the entity had this guaranteed debt in real estate in a 225%, she added. The lawyer pointed out that companies of Nueva Rumasa are more than 20 which are in competition of creditors, with a passive real of some 1.2 billion euros. There has been progress, moreover, which has been the competition of creditors for five hotels in the Canary Islands, though grouped together in a single procedure. In relation to the total number of companies that have issued you promissory notes to investors, Joaquin Yvancos has pointed out that, apart from the publicized emissions, many companies of Nueva Rumasa – up 11 – will have been funding through loans that gave them either his circle of friendship or people close to these companies. So it has been the case of Cavas Hill, which it has been doing so for 20 years, as he has pointed out. According to Sabin, Nueva Rumasa is negotiating with Swiss Bank who, in exchange for buying these rights of payment with a discount of 50%-i.e. between 8,000 and 9,000 million euros, it would constitute a fund to invest between 40,000 and 50,000 million euros in the Spanish financial system. It is a financial operation that does not have to cost one euro to the Government, it has secured. Source of the news: Ruiz Mateos requests loot to pay 250 million to Nueva Rumasa inverters


June 4, 2018


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Exposure to certain types of substances can be lethal to health, being possible to classify cases of damage generated through these compounds by means of three different categories: 1 – injury derived from work, when damage from those taking place because of the tasks that have been entrusted to the worker by his company, requiring a contact with them. 2. Damage arising from the use of drugs. A related site: Bernard Golden mentions similar findings. These events could include cases of defective drugs or in poor condition, with the responsibility of the manufacturer or the importer; and also cases of medical negligence, inadequate prescription thereof by optional physician (for example, by being contraindicated in relation to the State of health of the patient). 3. Injuries of environmental type, because of the exposure to chemicals contained in media such as air or water. The common factor to all of them is that it could determine the obligation by a certain person or entity offset economically damages arising from contact with these dangerous substances.

In particular, occupational injuries by contact with this type of toxic substances according to the statistics, this is the form of damage by contact with toxic substances that most frequently occurs in practice. And behind them is given, in almost all cases, the responsibility the employer, by not providing the worker with appropriate means to prevent them, such as masks, gloves or goggles or insulating garments. We must remember that legislation on occupational risk prevention forces always and in any case to the employer to provide to all employees a work environment and a safe means to avoid them suffer damages of any kind while performing their functions during their journey. Breach by your part of this general obligation determines its obligation to financially compensate those. In this sense, cases have been giving with great frequency of occupational disease of workers subject to the continuous contact with substances such as asbestos, lead, silica, benzene, vinyl chloride, PVC, methyl alcohol or mercury. So, if you’d suffered any damage in your work as a result of contact with these or other substances without proper protection, you should proceed to claim compensation that suits you as soon as possible. The law is on your side. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina original author and source of the article.

Libya Disunity In Europe

June 3, 2018


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Criterion unit: is perhaps the expression which can explain the lack of consensus to the interior of the European Union regarding what should or not be done in Libya. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. And it’s that reasons that have led positions so dissimilar and distant front action or path to follow in Libya, bearing in mind that the regime of that country not only lacks the legitimacy to the inside of the same, but throughout the international community including the Arab League are – to an extent – unexplained. The question then arises of why before the opportunity to open, or enable the democratic game in that nation, Europe hesitates and in fact transferred that responsibility to the United States. In fact they have been not the joint which prompted military carried out against the Libyan regime and the political measures and the individual positions. In essence, the 1973 resolution United Nations, is a measure of a military nature that could allow the Libyan insurgency have the possibility of leaving the current civil confrontation, fact that undoubtedly would be victorious applauded and embraced by the international community. But and if this is possible, because and facing this scenario Europeans fail to reach an agreement?: the United Kingdom and France are in the intervention impossible to seize political opportunities. The first because with it counteracts the probable budget cuts that have already been raised for the defence sector and the second that strengthens your premier reelectionists aspirations in a year of electoral threshold and that at the same time destroys the Libyan arguments of possible illegal campaign financing. And this would explain at the same time German and Italian positions, apparently have no intentions of supporting the individual claims of their allies, positions that support the United States that have taken the initial steps to lead attacks against the Libyan regime – for the moment – on the contrary.

But the latter is clearly ambiguous, by that on the one hand wield as an argument the des-legitimidad of the Libyan Government and the necessity that its leader to abandon power and on the other make emphasis on that responsibility in military operations moved it in the shortest possible time to NATO. In short, we face a messy sum of national interests that have as a common goal the overthrow of the current Government in Libya, but not before a position and consensus decision of countries, that they would not only prevent attacking civilians but would enable the yearnings of change of an entire nation. The latter should be the community’s position inside the European Union, supported through the action of NATO, thereby demonstrating unity of criterion and quickly in decisions that are based in turn in democratic pretensions and legitimate of peoples that are transforming the social and political scene of the Arab and Muslim world as the Libyan. The question that then arises is because Europe has still unwilling to understand it. Original author and source of the article.

William McComish

May 13, 2018


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In some countries, such as Venezuela, large traditional segments of the TL, they allied and complicit with the more conservative and reactionary of right-wing and corporate Creole sectors, were made to combat all this Bolivarian and Latin American revolutionary tendency of socialism of the 21st century. Being only as a liberating remnant, the ideal of the liberation theology, holding small political and religious sectors invisible by religious hierarchies and political domes. Some former leaders of the TL in Venezuela and the continent, were changing their ideological and theological stance, have made countless attempts to replace the Marxist method of analysis, with emphasis based more on alleged Christian humanisms or new neutral, lacking political analysis of the fighting spirit of the TL. This has allowed some sectors religious and political to conform to the ideals of right and the oligarchies fighting socialism and Liberation of our peoples. Calvinism, as theological and historical thinking system, has much to contribute with your own pedagogy and doctrine Social, to the creation of new political, ideological and epistemological, models based on a structure of thought, coherent and consistent with the ideals of liberation of our peoples. Calvinism, has an immense ability to adapt to different cultures, by having evolved in the midst of a membership with a deeply theological mentality and a strong social commitment. Says William McComish, in Geneva, the citizens have evolved at a same time toward Republican and Protestant beliefs, when they drove to the last Prince Obispo genevans who Reformed Church also reformed the State (William McComish:) Calvinism, has been able to adapt to different cultures, making a deep process of identification, without losing in essence its nature nor its relevance both theological and religious. All this is due to Calvinism founded as theological thought of reform Protestant of the 26TH century, with strong humanistic influences contributed by Juan Calvino and many other reformers and reformers.

Article Quality Culture

May 13, 2018


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EXPERTISE: DEVELOPER LEADERSHIP MATTERS: QUALITY CULTURE TEACHER: RENE ROSS ALUMNA: MA. ELENA PeREZ VALLADAREZ R.T.T.: A0337 zone ACAPULCO developing a culture of quality starting up the concepts of quality requires the existence of a favourable cultural environment to succeed. The concept of quality culture is very broad, confusing, intangible and therefore difficult to define, therefore it is necessary to refer to any social group, in order to determine the characteristics of the behavior of individuals and the own behavior, which defines an organization. However, the cultural characteristics that must have an organization and their individuals to successfully face challenges of total quality can be known. As for the personal quality culture it must be closely related to the practice of a morally balanced life quality, so must put into practice the values of the Decalogue of development. A personal quality culture is understood as the set of values and habits that owns the subject and be complemented by the use of practices and tools of quality in the daily Act, allow you to collaborate with your organization to meet the challenges that are presented in the fulfillment of its mission. Organizations that want to deal with the current challenges needed paradigm change and incorporating the approach of quality, both in the planning, execution, control and all its processes of production or provision of services.

The shift to the paradigm of quality requires the existence of a cultural ad hoc I ambiento, I mean a culture of quality both at the level of the people as the Organization itself, in regard to the habits, customs, values, etc., which must have and implement both the individuals and the Organization to meet the challenges of today. Culture is the pattern by means of which individuals belonging to a group, organization, and society are educated and incorporated to the same activity. Culture must be in motion since it changes depending on the challenges faced by individuals, groups and organizations.

Homeopathic Remedies Against Diabetes

May 13, 2018


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The body uses blood circulation to distribute food to the cells and organs, and must always have a certain amount of glucose circulating in the blood. Glucose (a sugar) is the main fuel of the body and blood circulation delivers the energy to a body that needs to function. When the sugars and starches are consumed in high doses most of the junk food, for example can greatly climb sugar levels in blood at the time. Unfortunately, shortly after eating a meal after the initial rush of sugar, and sugar in the blood sugar levels fall again. When the body is not in control of this situation is called the disease of diabetes. This also happens when we are without food for a long period of time, or skip meals. This process up and down is not healthy! Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is normally produced by the pancreas which is a body near the stomach.

It acts as a key, opening cells so glucose that comes from food can be incorporated. There transforms into energy that the body needs while maintaining levels of sugar in the blood within the normal range. The natural way eat at regular intervals during the day and healthy meals, go a long in support of healthy levels way sugar in the blood. Eat healthy foods also will help provide the nutritional needs of your body, allowing it to function better. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are all important blocks of systemic health. Due to modern ways of life and the fast food, it is missing a lot of people essential vitamins and other nutrients from their diets, and they need to take supplements on a daily basis. While many people recognize this and take vitamin supplements daily, there are other food blocks that are ignored and which are valuable and essential to cellular health.