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Horacio Pozzo

March 19, 2018


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What remains of the entity, the bad part are the toxic assets that will remain in the hands of the State, or that will be assumed by the taxpayer. There is no doubt of that process will generate a radical change in the structure and composition of the financial system. Even the reform in its regulation, will also involve changes in its dynamics. It is for these reasons that this process of reorganization of the English financial system will not be immediate and it can extend for several years. While the British financial institutions with problems are more than concerned, with its executives sleeping only a few hours daily since they live crucial moments for the future of their companies, other banks come to these institutions with interest of acquiring them or at least part of their business. Santander would be interested buying 312 branches that Royal Bank is in England. Thus, the organization headed by Emilio Botin could consolidate its presence within the British banking and position very good shape to compete for the market. From the Liga although not be It has explicitly shown any interest, is seeking to regain lost ground in its competition with the Santander who has released several bodies of advantage thanks to its aggressive internationalization strategy that has led him to increase its presence in key such as the Latin American and the American markets.

Beyond’s success may have the British Government to stabilize the financial system, will be key to the future soundness, advances that are made on regulation, to avoid that it may lead to a crisis such as the current situation. Probably ourselves in the future with a more atomized banking system and a higher level of competitiveness, although this will not ensure fully good risk management. But this much won’t matter to those who want to take the opportunity to position itself in this market so tempting. Horacio Pozzo economics to understand the Chinese economy markets back to the path of vigorous growth. This will generate great opportunities for commodity-producing economies would you like to know future investment opportunities early by deciphering the information that provide us economies? To understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, became the basic economics for investors course which will provide you with the basic elements to understand the functioning of economies and anticipate its trends and markets. Click here to purchase the course. -Original author and source of the article.


March 18, 2018


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There is a specific group of people suffering from anxiety disorder and related disorders. You’ll then wonder who can suffer this disorder so common today? As well, it can happen either on the face of the Earth. Someone in your family, friends, co-workers or anyone you know. Nobody is safe from suffering this type of disorder. Many times you can try people in their environment, which you could never have imagined millions of years which suffered something like this. Unfortunately, these attacks are usually covered under a cloak of silence. Those who suffer from it tend to perceive their attacks as something embarrassing and in some situations come to be ashamed of not being able to control them.

It is not something of which converse on a daily basis. Even many people try to hide and to deny the existence of these attacks when they are warned by a third party. Believe it or not, there are known politicians, famous sportsmen and movie stars who suffer episodes of anxiety and disorders related. However, they hire publicists and image consultants so that they can keep the problem as far away from the public eye. Unfortunately for people who touches him deal with this disorder, anxiety attacks are able to interfere between them and a normal life. If you is invaded by anxiety and this becomes excessive, we could be talking of a psychiatric condition.

When these attacks become serious and occur for too long, there is no other solution than to be cared for by a specialist. Together with the symptoms of an anxiety attack, the brain releases messages towards other parts of the body of the person. Heart and lungs usually work at a faster pace during the episode and finally there is an extreme adrenaline release. Do you want to know more about anxiety disorder and how to fight it?

Construction Investment

March 5, 2018


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Recently, cement production share in some eastern countries is rising. Some cone crusher giants are planning to increase investment, as well as some river bridge project. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a US $26 million technical assistance (TA) grant, financed by the Australian Government, to support the Central Mekong Delta Region Connectivity Project. The gearing ratio, which compares capital to borrowings, may rise to 110 percent at most in the half from the current 103 percent. On Friday, China Resources Cement announced an interim net profit plunge of 68.9 percent to HK$ 635.2 million. The upper limit of the gearing ratio agreed with the lending bank is 180 percent, chief financial officer Robert Lau Chung-kwok said. The project will prepare detailed designs and implementation support for the construction of two cable-stayed bridges and 25 km road connecting the structures. Each bridge will be 2 km long, with six-lane roadway (three lanes in each direction) 40 m above the Mekong River. Anhui Conch Cement fell 3.94 percent to HK$ 20.70 yesterday, while China Resources Cement dropped 5.94 percent to HK$ 3.96. Shares of China National Building Material (3323) closed at HK$ 7.97, down 2.92 percent. The TA is part of the Australian Government s commitment to provide a AU$ 160 million (US $ 171 million) grant to the Government of Viet Nam for the project, as announced by Australia s Prime Minister during her official visit to Viet Nam in October 2010. The company said at the weekend it was widening the distribution outlets by opening more mega depots and signing on new distributors so that the consumers could reap the full benefits of the increased local production. Australia s grant contribution will help finance the engineering, design and construction supervision of the project, as well as provide a major contribution to the cost of building the Cao Lahn Bridge across the Mekong River in Dong Thap province. Dangote Cement, which accounts for over 70 per cent of the cement produced in Nigeria, have continued to invest more in its production capacity by expanding its production lines and establishing new plants. Dangote Cement recently opened a new $1 billion plant and has entrenched itself as lead supplier of cement in West Africa. The sand maker construction of the other bridge, Vam Cong Bridge, is supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea through a $ 200 million loan agreement signed with the Government of Viet Nam. It is a significant co-financing effort on the part of the official development partners to Viet Nam for this flagship project, which has an estimated cost of US $ 750 million. This, the company claims, will ensure the nation produces enough for home consumption and have surplus for export to other countries.

Eric Maskin

March 2, 2018


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In our country must be used both in policies of supply and demand. In the case of United States, experts indicate that economic agents are faithful to the idea of the Ricardian equivalence, its reactivation would be by the advantages of worldwide with its financial industry, which would continue acting locomotive at a lower speed to be the first to emerge from the crisis. If it might not start if that would have more pressures of those who store dollars, to reform the financial architecture. -Eric Maskin (Nobel Prize in Economics 2007) in his theory of mechanism design, tells us that solution is the creation of incentives and cast in the decision-making process, so that each party involved is in accordance with the final decision. Will be necessary incentives for the creation of more industrial fabric, incentives for collaboration between companies (need greater dimension, greater internationalization, creation of synergies and EQ. scale) as well as improvements in training and meritocracy. In any case faced with so much uncertainty, it is better to reviewing economic history historical experience. Would also be advisable that any independent institution could be explained with more detail to citizenship, the risks of each scenario and the risks of each action taken by the Government. The key is knowing that it is or is not a priority at the moment. The new theories of growth, the need for a new macroeconomics, should focus on a scenario of social market economy at the global level, a new theories that exceeds the confrontation of old theories, which integrate and Join knowledge of other disciplines, the neuroeconomics, Bioeconomic, Socioeconomics, the Neo-institucionalismo…do you need the creation of a new dominant paradigm? there more economists in the room ready to discuss?

Kabbalah Nature

March 1, 2018


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Moreover, Baal HSulam affirmed that, of not being able to find other reasons that drive our actions, we will end up immersed in the most absolute chaos. The political turmoil that we will arrive will lead to fascist regimes that will lead to a nuclear conflict: a third and even a fourth world war. Get all the facts and insights with Southwest Airlines, another great source of information. And although these predictions, when they were written 60 years ago, looked wild, today seem to us too reasonable to ignore them. According to Kabbalah, the crisis cannot be defined as the collapse of the financial system. The current crisis is not neither more nor less than a symptom of our inherent nature selfish.

Therefore, the solution not only to this but to all crises, passes by changing our selfish nature to another more altruistic and cooperative. After all, there is an only problem that does not have its origin that our selfish nature. Every action that we undertake is directed to produce some type of benefit. It is a natural trait in us. However, if we could change the orientation of our own to a profit profit shares collective, then we would not only give place to an inherently supportive society, but that also the well-being of each individual within it would be guaranteed by that same group. I.e. we would not succeed by ourselves, the total of society would deal with us, and we, in turn, us some of it. In such a society all regulatory mechanism, the armed forces, the enforcement of laws or tax collection, would become unnecessary.

There would be no crime because no one would like to inflict damage on others. On the contrary, people only wish to share and give. Naturally, a lot of people and resources would be released and available to devote their efforts to companies which contribute socially. And within a period of a few years the world would have changed so much that, to look back and remember the days of exploitation, we reach not understand how we could be so blind. However, to change human nature intrinsically selfish to another more unitary, we need a method that is foreign to us. So we will make sure that does not depend on or connected with our current selfish behavior. And it is here where the wisdom of Kabbalah can help us. Kabbalah is a science that employs the systemic structures in nature about individuals at a particular level and throughout human society in general. In the whole of nature, human beings are the only ones with a selfish behavior. Atoms, molecules, cells, organs all cooperating systems superior to them inside. The same applies to plants and animals. Everything in nature fits perfectly in the place where it belongs inside the system. Everything except the man. We could ask ourselves: then why have been built differently from the system? And the answer is because this is the only way we learn about the system while we we find ourselves inside the purpose of our life is not to dominate others, but understand and consciously integrate ourselves within this nature that all-encompassing. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of the unification. Their techniques allow us to learn gradually what is the place we occupy in the universe, and step by step leads us to our total union with him.

Urban Poverty

February 28, 2018


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URBAN POVERTY. Urban poverty is a phenomenon that many Mexicans are suffering at present, as a result of the global financial crisis, without being the only reason, in this condition not only lack of opportunity refers insufficiency of basic needs but rather work, the competitiveness that is present, which makes it very difficult finding a jobinsecurity, poor quality of health services and the lack of opportunities for education to name a few, are as a result do not satisfy basic needs. Happens that this topic is of great importance because now the urban poverty has greater presence than rural poverty, even though there are still different States of the Republic Mexican with a lack of electricity, water, ceiling, etc. Now the metropolis divided the territoria in industrial zones, residential areas and areas in which the majority of citizens who maintain conditions that do not meet the needs. But the cities still maintain the same demands, so that neither dan possibility to get what you need with a lower price. It is a contradiction that while there is no work the basic basket prices will increase. The private sector has been Allied Government and any way us has favored all citizens since much of the task of the Government the private sector has done it, but it happens that with the economic crisis the private sector has not been able to respond as we would like and the unemployed are on the rise in the Government already there are many hopes and debts and needs do not stop. The theme is present so we must train people with knowledge and values that can take this country forward in the not so distant future. With minds innovative work to increase productivity and this allows us to satisfy us at all.

Francisco Arias Solis

February 28, 2018


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The phrase of Cicero public health for public health professionals is the law Supreme has been a dogma. In the world of the first decade of the 21st century must recognize that there is a far more Supreme than the public health law and the health of the planet. Today are made more apparent connections between ecology and health and also between ecology and development in the future probabilities. We know that we can not continue increasing our levels of life infinite way due to the limits imposed on us by our system. When the report the limits to growth was published, he was wheeled by many of doom.

The same authors, most recently in its report beyond the limits of growth: sustainable future or global collapse, revising their earlier predictions. In its latest report, they describe a new concept to describe the reality of the overuse of resources, the sobrepasamiento, which means to go beyond the limits inadvertently. It is not already warn about what might happen if we go on like this, but describe the irreversible damage that are already happening. The phenomenon, unknown until recently jobless growth, can subtract in the near future based on developmental policies. In countries such as France, United Kingdom and Germany has reached incredible proportions and may worsen in the near future.

The three countries have increased its GDP by more than 200 percent in the last 45 years without any positive impact on the level of occupancy of their populations. In addition to their ecological impact, developmental models have had a huge impact on health systems. In any health system, even in the most developed countries, the formal, professionalized part and monetarizada is only a small fraction, resting the system primarily in relationships and informal care provided by the individuals themselves, their families or community, and not assuming any transaction. The erosion of this informal health system is so big, and so unfeasible in financial terms its monetisation, who has begun to develop among its priority lines of work programs for the preservation and development of self-care, self-help and social support. And is that you as the poet said: built a labyrinth that was exact replica / of which already built. And another sealed tomb / and in truth it is not known where he was buried. / Be doesn’t even know if it is that he was buried. Francisco Arias Solis. Cadiz with Garzon. Democrats with the judge BALTASAR GARZON Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.

Beverly Silver

February 28, 2018


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This approach holds that when a social or political group created above any institution to which attacks and destroys permanently (as part of its proselytizing efforts) are installed in society chaos and anarchy, which usually end up finishing with who drives them. For those who support this theory, chaos logic is simple and boils down that does not recognize anything of what was done previously; those who favor chaos does not undergo any law because they do not believe in the rule of law. It is assumed that they promoted their interests on the generals, ridiculing or despising the institutions that exist before, contempt order and the hierarchy. Those who think so confuse chaos with anarchy (one of your triggers) Economic Crisis and social chaos after the monumental work coordinated by Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, chaos and order in the modern world 12 system, sufficient arguments there to conclude about the relationship between crises and social struggles and illuminate something else the situation current capitalist system. Indeed, the study argues, with abundant comparative information, which the bad call the economic crisis starts following a wave of factory worker militancy in the 1960s, he was able to spray model Fordist-taylorist clamping and monitoring of workers.

The current situation can be read, under that rationale, as a consequence of long duration of the wave of movements which forced the capital move, transmuting of productive capital in speculative financial capital. Beyond of an always necessary debate on theoretical issues, it is worthwhile stop at such an approach, since it can contribute to a better understanding of the actual movement that is happening before our eyes. The first issue is that crises are not those that motivate social action but upside: mobilization, the breakdown of controls, is what causes rearrangements in the mode of domination, forcing the above changes controlentropicos, not only in the field of the economy but changes societal covering all aspects of life.

Destiny Manifesto

February 25, 2018


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First act in the scene, an angelic woman identified as Columbia (personification of the 19th century in the United States of America), globalizing the light of civilization, with the right that I assign the Providence for the development of freedom and democracy. Those who do not think alike and resist as wild animals flee in the darkness of the ‘uncivilized’ planet. Second act Abraham Lincoln uttering his sentence, in the sense that the United States are the last, best hope on the face of the Earth a political ideology based on the mission promoting and defending freedom and democracy far and wide in the world, is wielded by the Governments of the United States of America, highlighting as strong arguments: The virtue of the institutions and the citizens of USA. UU. (Source: Southwest Airlines). The mission to extend these institutions, Remaking the world in the image of the United States. Follow others, such as Gary Kelly, and add to your knowledge base.

The decision of God to instruct the United States achieving that mission. Third Act are presented as champions of freedom, democracy and development appropriating 2 million 500 thousand square miles of Mexican territory. Theodore Roosevelt was awarded to exert an international police power to save the world from obscene rejection of the principle of European democracy. Woodrow Wilson, redefines the manifest destiny with a global perspective, arguing that democracy must demonstrate his purity and his spiritual power to prevail. This vision of themselves, as the leaders of the free world, grows in the Governments of stronger U.S. Since the second world war, until the war in Viet Nam, in which this idea of being a people different from the others and pursue high interests, falls steeply. As any self-respecting, the teatrito due completion in this third Act, but the forty-third President of the United States of America, never well weighted George Walker Bush, CEO of the oil company, Bush Exploration Co. to Spetrum 7, which in its rejection of the Kyoto Protocol argument brilliantly that in his opinion is that the economic growth the solutionnot the problem and that swung a punishment just by it from 11 September to launch the war against terrorism.

His first action faith the deployment of a military force against the taliban regime, to catch Osama bin Laden (which not was never captured), and promote the invasion urgent for Iraq, pointing out that the country had weapons of mass destruction, which Saddam Hussein was a threat to the security of the United States, destabilized Middle East, fire the Arab-Israeli conflict and financed terrorists but as well as in Viet NamThey swept the interests in Iraqi oil resources economic and geopolitical in Afghanistan as a real reason. In the storm of the global crisis, caused by the corruption of the financial system of the United States of America, anti-terror war culture may be her last and most sad expression of its manifest destiny, since if we remember a famous quote from the English political leader Winston Churchill history written the victors likely that already not their rulers written it. P.S. The participation of the USA in the infamous opium war, seems distant to us but China has memory.

External Advisor

February 23, 2018


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D how much I want to invest? It should be to establish the project as an investment and as such, it requires financial resources. Make your budget on the basis of the different options described below. what is the complexity or the size of my company? If the structure of the company is complex, you will need a face-to-face adviser or an internal expert, if it isn’t, you can assess other options. Depending on the answer to each of these questions, you can choose the option or options most appropriate. 1 External Advisor (face-to-face counseling) the external consultant is a person with extensive knowledge in the implementation of quality systems moves to the company and which analyzes the situation, prepare an implementation plan drawn up by mutual agreement all necessary documentation (manual, procedures, etc.). After this usually helps in the implementation and even advises in the stages of preparation for the certification audit. 2 External Advisor (advising on line) the Advisor Online is a new form of implementation of quality systems. They are companies composed of experts in the implementation of quality systems that offer their services over the Internet.

It is a way analogous to outside counsel but without scrolling to the company. You choose according to the activity of the company the documentation which is more appropriate and receives all of it (manual, procedures, etc.) prepared for its adaptation and implementation. Consultations and advice are made by telephone or e-mail. The cost of this kind of advice is much lower than the face-to-face. 3.

Specialized forums forums can serve as helpful during any phase of implementation, even (or more) after this. On the Internet you can find several specialized web where can find answer to your questions or raise issues which in a short time are answered 4 other references as we said at the beginning, there are many companies that have already gone through the implantation of the quality system. If you know some, ask them about their experience, ask his opinion and recommendations. With this simple step you can get answer to many of your initial questions. 5 Specialized publications both if he is an expert and if not, it is always convenient to read any publication or book on the subject. Both specialized and online bookstores can find publications on the subject that will help in knowing the advantages you and help you in your training.