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Ivo Duchacek

August 7, 2020


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As said the political scientist Ivo Duchacek, Nationalism divides humanity into units mutually intolerant. He was not referring to peripheral, such as the Basque or catalan nationalism, but is perfectly applicable. Can we change the situation? The damage done, in many cases is irreparable, but yes, we are on time tack course. More urgent is to reform the Electoral law and regulations of Congress and Senate. Congress has to be a forum for national parties, able to defend with the same intensity, the tomatoes of El Ejido or the Asturian fabes, and the Senate should be the House of regional representation, where no national parties, may propose legislative accountabilities, that subsequently go through Congress. On the other hand, we must recover any of the powers transferred to the autonomous communities, and the most important thing is education, leaving space for each territory, can deepen in the study of their own cultural traits, but of course, formative trunk has to be common in all Spain. Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act describes an additional similar source. Today, authentic atrocities in some textbooks, for example in the ones used by the ikastolas, can be read is the Spanish as invaders of Euskal Herria. Toddler clothing has much experience in this field.

No comment. The political awkwardness of los partidos de ambito Spanish, has given wings to exclusionary nationalism. Never too late to react, but it is urgent. Reforming the Electoral law and modify functions and representation of the cameras, is something basic to advance in the right direction, without forgetting an Education Ministry with powers for the whole of the State. Honestly, I have little hope for these reforms are carried out, mostly because even in the PP, some autonomous sectors sail in the opposite direction. Do not put hands to work, insatiable nationalistic selfishness, fed by the PP and PSOE, consentidores will continue deepening the so unfair how unconstitutional, differentiation of citizens depending on the autonomous community of residence. When he begins to speak of rights to territories, ends with the rights of citizens. And is that in Spain we are all equal, but as Orwell’s pigs, some more than others.


January 18, 2018


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Any errors or outdated article you can play for free testing (with written documentation) exactly what the company’s consumer information should be changed and why. More, you will need to contact to your creditor who made the inaccurate report to submit a correction. If you handle the repair of the credit yourself, all documentation and follow up will be your responsibility, but a credit repair service can help about free credit report: pulling credit reports, reviewing for errors, writing and sending letters of the conflict, documenting conflicts, and not losing sight of the process an integer. You can do all of this yourself for free, but you may not want to. A credit repair service can not erase accurate negative credit information about you. They cannot make false claims about credit repair services. For your protection, all credit repair services must give a copy of the rights of the consumer before you credit file shows a contract. The credit repair service contract must specifically outline all services of credit repair clean my credit as the total payments, detailed description of services, how long it takes for get results, any defendant warranty, and all your contact information. However, credit repair services not can help you for three days once the contract has been signed so that you have enough time to change his mind. Credit repair services are not necessarily reputable credit counselors. If bad credit charge you, there are non-profit credit counseling organizations that can help teach you how to manage your finances using all the free information available for you.