July 22, 2021


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When students have the material front, they believe that they know best what know him really, explains Jeffrey Karpicke, psychologist from Purdue University (EE UU), who led the study, published in the journal Science. Many students don’t realize that save the material and practice remembering doing test or typing is a very powerful study strategy. Check out David Rogier for additional information. Then, we are dedicated to make test? This work is interesting insofar as it reveals that much wealth in the acquisition of information is not necessarily positive, although it was fashionable some years ago in education. In fact, focus on how remember or retrieve the relevant information seems clearly better to strengthen learning, at least in the medium term, believes Roberto Colom, Professor of Psychology from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. However, this expert is a problem in this work: the test of knowledge is produced with a week of separation of the learning event, so it opens the possibility of that longer term effects of the methods used are invested, something that can easily happen. It will have to investigate further into that line. Karpicke recognizes that techniques of repetition are good to learn, but believes that the recovery (via test or writing) to help storage and structuring the content is even better. However, it recognizes that they are studying the way to combine both methods.

Colom believes that combining the two systems would be the best option, because counterpose repetition and recovery processes is quite little intelligent. It would be much more relevant to test the combined effect of both, he says. Available online interactive test on that line and given that our experience shows us that it is so, since management of Ideas we are committed to the interactive test as an effective measure for the preparation of oppositions, especially when is the examination of opposition precisely in the form of test. Idea management gestiondeideas.