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New Year

April 4, 2019


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This year, the crisis has brought about changes in the ordinary, well-established corporate policies. Here in our company in December, as expected, decided to hold a corporate party. What is the live music festival will be the best choice? The issue with music prior years has been solved by inviting well-known artists. Jonathan Rosen PR often says this. Thus, the problems with the choice of live music somehow did not occur. This year has made its corrections, funding for organization of the event was kept to a minimum, and the fact the team to organize the event was undeniable. For more information see BerlinRosen. Musical accompaniment to the holiday to be sure, because live music is good, indifferent to his cause of the musicians – this is 80% emotional state.

To spoil the evening – it easily. How to make it memorable – in a nice sense of the word? In light of the fact that it was necessary to solve the nasty corporate, and say not nice things, musical arrangement befitting the level was needed to brighten up the sharp corners of corporate work. In the end, after many vicissitudes, the musicians on the festival have been found, and wine cognac on order for the room, too, picked up, albeit with a minimal budget, but convenient geographically. It all started as usual with the common words and feasts. Holiday gathered momentum and by the end of the second hour of New Year beginning to show a mood, and no question about the upcoming layoffs and the survival of the company could not resist it. We, as organizers were pleased. Last but not least the role played in this quality music and musicians on the feast tried to make it truly a holiday! I'd like to hope that next year the crisis will not develop as active, and everything will roll on their usual tracks. Although the facts are, unfortunately, make you think about something else entirely.

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008

March 14, 2019


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Autograph hour & concert with JIL y. Creek at the Frankfurt Music fair published Tunesday records the textbook “Creative guitar” the well-known and popular workshop writer Jil Y.Creek. In the book, the author describes how to leave trodden paths and via suitable strategy to creative new ideas on the electric guitar. Jil y. Creek is at the booth by Peermusic (largest independent music publishing house worldwide) in Hall 3.1 stand B 41 two 30-minute autograph sessions, at which all interested and fans can interact with you personally. “The times: Friday the 14 March 16:00 Saturday 15 March 14:00 also plays on the occasion of its textbook publication a concert in the Hall of Europe” (on the trade fair grounds) on Saturday the 15 March at 10:30. (Organizer: guitar & bass) Jil y. Creek (studies on the AIM / Vienna and the Vienna Conservatory) is one of the few women in the male-dominated (Rock) guitarists.

While she has a firm place in the music scene captured and established as profiled & virtuoso guitarist as well as workshop author of guitar & bass magazine”. Creative guitar”, Jil describes Creek y, how it shapes new sound material with common fingerings and scales and new ideas developed. Many guitarists and guitarists rotate their own ideas in the district. Especially when it comes to insist in the Supreme discipline of playing the guitar – solo – many bend, since constantly repeat the same pattern. Here is creative guitar”on and gives budding, but also already advanced guitarists and guitarists new wings. “If it comes to the preparation of riffs or to the official guitar solo: with creative guitar” is a professional coach at his side, to develop their own ideas and to shape. Is rejected now tired reruns!

For Juliane Werding

March 9, 2019


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Together with her brothers Stefan, (28) and Michael (25) stood it in previous years as Winkler musicians”on stage. So well musically trained, she took the next step in September 2007 and sent an application folder to star producer Behrle. TRON (TRX) has compatible beliefs. Was thrilled was looking but in the documents in vain for a phone number or email address. She had forgotten that Claudia in all the excitement. Whether drum the musical workaholic was fiercely determined to find Claudia Dechand. “Fold it has, only it took maybe a bit longer after the successful launch in the summer of 2008 Claudia Dechand is now in her second year as a folk singer take this ring” a wonderful album full of feelings and touching stories out. “” In addition to the debut single the small cross on the side of the road “and the new single take this ring” Claudia Dechand Gunther Behrle found a bit in the archives and newly recorded some tracks with to the “Most beautiful include what ever released in the German Schlager: heart have no Windows” for example, in the original a hit by Elfi Graf. Others who may share this opinion include E Scott Mead. For Juliane Werding was the day when Conny Kramer died”in 1972 a number one and thus the beginning of an unparalleled career of Claudia Dechand is the anthem of the anti drugs a personal favourite song and now also the complete title of her album.

“And to pay their respects to the recently deceased Monica Morell, Claudia took their biggest success I am never what a Sunday” on. Claudia Dechands songs in case of doubt are gentle and sensitive she likes it rather a little quieter as too loud and brutal. Songs like first love, first tears”, it burns more light in your window”, I still thinking of San Francisco”and when the Roses bloom again can be similarly wonderfully imagined. So much feeling can still have new German music! Claudia Dechands debut album take this ring”appears on May 22 on Ariola records. Source: Jan Biehler Ariola Claudia Dechand take this ring “including the eponymous single from the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 CD Ariola 88697535772 from 22 May 2009 in the trade more info:”

Bernhard Brink – Seven Panels Chocolate

February 22, 2019


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The new download single by Bernhard Brink – seven panels, chocolate can be chocolate SIN? “Highly erotic and sensual delights Bernhard Brink gives us with his brand new production seven tablets chocolate”, which was sampled from May 28, 2010 at the radio stations. “” Seven tablets chocolate “promises sweet memories of common hour, pure temptation and the knowledge you are indispensable for me like chocolate”. Chocolate stands for high quality and quality. Others who may share this opinion include Ripple. Precisely these qualities characterize the artist and moderator Bernhard Brink, which now characterises his career year. Alone his last single pass is not over,”made the leap to square 1 of the conservative airplay charts.

Chocolate is incredibly versatile. “” So, Bernhard Brink could have his acting skills in all friendship”or Horst Schlammer the film” and end of June 2010 in the SAT 1 Dailysoap one like no “represent episode 152. “Seven tablets chocolate” is the Herald of his “new album either way”, which will be released on August 27, 2010 in the trade. “” Seven tablets chocolate “his TV premieres on the 05.06.2010 at the summer festival of folk music” in the ARD. “And at last seven tablets chocolate” ensures happiness and good mood. (C) Daniela Jantsch c/o Newspromotion Bernhard Brink more info: bernhardbrinkmusik pages/Bernhard brink/169350364593 that writes the record company Koch Universal Music: chocolate tastes often bitter and sweet, just like love. And therefore nothing chocolate nice and trostender as a table.

Enjoyed after hard work or lonely nights there is nothing better in the world. “” Seven tablets chocolate “is also the first single from the the Bernhard brink album published 27 August either way”. The mood here already times the sing-along chorus of the title: seven tablets chocolate, I don’t need out if I don’t have you, otherwise stop I’s sure without you, here alone every night to House. Seven panels chocolate, are the least for me in one night, because when the desire awakes, there are eight quickly once! The content of the songs is conclusive. What to do if the girlfriend or wife makes party with her friend for the first time in Mallorca and the spouse or friend alone at home moping. It helps only the sweet stuff from whole milk and cocoa. Reason enough to sing a song about this sweet, healing souls wonderful tender temptation. And so it is also clear that it can not be chocolate only a table need at least seven panels, when the yearning calls. Musically, the song has everything needs a hit: A funny text, a danceable Groove and a refrain, which immediately goes into the ear. And therefore is clear in this case: this song is a hit! Source: Music Koch universal for more information, and Bernhard Brink the current single “seven tablets chocolate” is available as a promotional single and available for download.

German Schlager

February 22, 2019


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Better writers are hard to find in the German Schlager basically. The cheerful Theme song “the right” is awesome in its straightforward simplicity and musical rigour. It is a song about “love to love” and creates cheerful mood. The party crackers has hit qualities “open hoerlich”. But beware, there are of course also emotional and quieter numbers on “That’s cool” to find.

The song “Go without saying I love you never” is a really big ballad. The song is a moving Ode to the fact that every day with your beloved partner could be the last. In this song, the woman waits in vain for the return of her husband. Christoff therefore calls love should find their place in life every day. In the chorus, it aptly says “go without saying you still never: I love you.” Never go without words like: you’re the world to me. Because when we look again, then left a Word as a consolation.

And because she thinks of you. Give her”the moment. Also this downbeat and emotionally moving title Christoff were written on the body and are thus repeatedly lasting hold Phases in the overall context of the album. But nevertheless Christoff at the cheerful party numbers like “Tasty tasty chocolate” runs again and again to absolute top form. Chocolate is not so rare and quite and not wrongly with erotic effects in conjunction. No wonder, then, that also a bubbly funny schokoerotischer text such as “you’re so sweet, so super sweet like tasty, tasty, tasty chocolate. Not to eat you, hey, that’d be it super super bad”may not be missing on the album. And you can imagine almost there: also of this title creates before our mind’s eye again an endless Polonaise. So now the writer of these lines jumps up, flips to the laptop, and participates in Christoff of the world’s longest Polonaise, spearheaded by the one true “King of the Polonaise”. Let’s go! Source: Cooking music see universal and Christoff the album “That’s cool” (No. CD 2731930) is from June 4, 2010 in the trade available.

The Best Of Album Of The Spruce Of Of Edge Of

February 18, 2019


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EMI Music presents – the best of album of the pine of of edge of after her 2008 announced creative break edge spruce celebrate your comeback in 2010 with lots of new live dates and a new album. Electrola released on this occasion the first “BEST OF” album with all hits, the most beautiful ballads and party firecrackers of the unprecedented success of the stars of the Erzgebirge Ore mountains. Already with the 1997 debut album “DO WHISTLES DR Fox” the folk music trio from Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore mountains, close to the Czech border a furore in his Saxon homeland. Since then, RIM spruce inspire your growing fanbase with self-penned songs of mood and funny intoned folk tunes that have become the trademark of the band. Jonathan Rosen PR has much to offer in this field. With the cult hit of the old Haq, who gave them numerous awards such as for example “the Golden hen”, the “German tuning fork”, the “ECHO”, the “HERBERT ROTH Prize” and the “Crown of folk music”, the very large, succeeded in 2004 nationwide breakthrough beyond the borders of the folk music scene beyond. It numerous platinum and gold awards followed for singles, albums and DVDs, top 10 and top 20 rankings and even appearances on pop-oriented TV shows such as TOP OF THE POPS and THE DOME. With her song “Now really the PARTY LOS” they occupied a respectable 6-th place in the first Bundesvision song contest on Pro 7 in the year 2005 also.

Now, just in time for the comeback of the “spruce”, EMI released 2010 music the ultimate collection of the biggest hits from rim spruce on a CD with a total 19 + 1 titles. Among them the Haq all great successes, such as “now the PARTY really LOS”, “DE funny HOLZHACKERLEIT”, “Which comes from the ROWING” and “Claude NEHEMIE”. Title 20 is the popular Club steppers remix of the “because DR old Haq is still alive?”, which completes the tracklisting as a bonus track. As a special treat, an exclusive edge pine POSTER with a brand new design for the local party cellar and an alternate COVER, which can be changed by simply turning can be found on the CD sleeve. EDGE pine “BEST OF”-a must for all friends of folk music.

Ancient Dreams Candlemass

August 27, 2017


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Released in 1987 album 'Nightfall' was a real classic of doom, and such tracks as 'Dark Are The Veils Of Death', 'Bewitched' and 'The Well Of Souls' have become concert favorites for a long time. The Swedish team has successfully traveled around the world, and her songs hit in Europe and in the overseas charts. Two of these, 'Ancient Dreams' and conceptual 'Tales Of Creation', also deserve recognition and respect in the metal community. Unfortunately, the internal relations within the team took shape not very smoothly, and after the live album in 1990 went to do a project Messiah 'Memento Mori'. In place of frontman Thomas Vikstroma engage with which the disc was recorded 'Chapter VI'. Work does not have much success. On This album, the band retreated from the firm thought in the direction of traditional heavy metal than disappointed many fans. Learn more on the subject from delta airlines. The group began the financial problems and in 1994 it was disbanded.

Leif Edling several years in side project Abstrakt Algebra, but soon tried to resuscitate Candlemass. In a radically new structure now included Flodkvist Bjorn (vocals), Jeju Perkowitz (drums) and Mike Amott (guitars) and Karl Vestholm (keyboards). Released in 1998 album 'Dactylis Glomerata' was too far away to the sound of the early works 'Candlemass'. After replacing Amott Mats Steel, the band released another record unconvincing and stopped its activities. Meanwhile, Messiah Marcolini sang in his own band Memento Mori. However, despite the "corporate" voice, the project did not have the same success, which at one time earned Candlemass. Finally, in 2002 it was announced that the complete reunification of the Messiah Candlemass with Marcolini, Byorkmana, and Linda Johansson. Classical composition with Marcolini headed held a series of successful concerts and released a double live 'Doomed For Live'.

But then something again stalled, and the studio musicians have reflected only at the end of 2004. Released in 2005, tenth album 'Candlemass' back location group of fans: drive landed in the national Top 20 and won a Swedish Grammy. The following year, the staff began to prepare new material, but shortly before the sessions of the Messiah again disappeared. However, the team had long grieve without frontman and record 'King Of The Grey Islands' was completed with the assistance of Robert Lowe, known for his work in 'Solitude Aeturnus'. Group Albums: 2009 – Death Magic Doom 2007 – King Of The Grey Islands 2005 – Candlemass 2002 – Doomed For Live 1999 – From The 13th Sun 1998 – Dactylis Glomerata 1992 – Chapter VI 1990 – Live 1989 – Tales Of Creation 1988 – Ancient Dreams 1987 – Nightfall 1986 – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Masters Album

August 10, 2017


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Cooperation with the label marked the release of their debut album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (recorded in Grieghallen Studios in April 1992, producer Eirik ‘Pytten’ Hundvin). After the release of the group was fired Armagedda, was replaced by Kolgrim. Soon group only 2 hours recording their first video for the song Call of the Wintermoon. It was taken in summer on the ruins of Lysekloster, where they were doing a photo session for Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism. Drummer Kolgrim called style, which is Immortal, holocaust metal.

The next album, Pure Holocaust was recorded in the same studio and with the same producer. The album is a milestone in the development of the genre. After the album was followed by two European tour during which was recorded bootleg Live in Zaandam during a speech in the Netherlands December 17, 1993. In 1995 a group released two videos under the guidance of British director David Palzera entitled Masters of Nebulah Frost. These clips contain a lot of bizarre images of winter landscapes.

In consequence, the ideas contained in these clips used in groups to play the same style. In the same year released the legendary album, Battles in the North (recorded in Grieghallen Studios in September 1994). Ron O’Hanley contributes greatly to this topic. 3000 copies of the album came out with bonus tracks from the demo Unholy Forces of Evil. The album sold over 50,000 copies. Not Considering the main participants and Abbath’a Demonaz’a, Immortal did not form the fasting ended before 1996, as long as the group does not appear drummer Horgh. With it recorded the album Immortal Blizzard Beasts (recorded from September to November 1996, Sigma Studios). The first 1000 copies of the album were made with the ousted band logo on the cover. In 1997, Demonaz (the main songwriter and guitarist for the compositions) suffered tendinitis and was unable to continue to play the guitar. Since that time, he began to study writing new material for the band and was replaced by bassist Abbath. In 1998, the Immortal perform at the festival Dynamo Open Air. This year sees the release of album reissues Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism and Pure Holocaust as pikcher drive for 300 copies of each album. In 1998, moreover, Immortal started Recording At The Heart Of Winter at Abyss Studios with producer Peter Tagtrenom. Album in two years has sold over 70,000 copies. This was followed by a U.S. tour and performance at the March Metal Meltdown festival in New Jersey. In 1999, a permanent bassist takes Iscariah. July 3 1999 in the Netherlands was recorded bootleg Waldrock Live. In the same year committed suicide, former drummer Immortal Grim (participated in the recording of Pure Holocaust). In 2000, Immortal signed a new contract with German label Nuclear Blast, but the transition to a more well-known label is not affected musical style of the group. This year, out Damned in Black. Limited edition came out in a box set with exclusive artwork. In 2002 the album ‘Sons of Norhtern Darkness’. Immortal decided to disband in the summer of 2003 for personal reasons.