German Schlager

February 22, 2019


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Better writers are hard to find in the German Schlager basically. The cheerful Theme song “the right” is awesome in its straightforward simplicity and musical rigour. It is a song about “love to love” and creates cheerful mood. The party crackers has hit qualities “open hoerlich”. But beware, there are of course also emotional and quieter numbers on “That’s cool” to find.

The song “Go without saying I love you never” is a really big ballad. The song is a moving Ode to the fact that every day with your beloved partner could be the last. In this song, the woman waits in vain for the return of her husband. Christoff therefore calls love should find their place in life every day. In the chorus, it aptly says “go without saying you still never: I love you.” Never go without words like: you’re the world to me. Because when we look again, then left a Word as a consolation.

And because she thinks of you. Give her”the moment. Also this downbeat and emotionally moving title Christoff were written on the body and are thus repeatedly lasting hold Phases in the overall context of the album. But nevertheless Christoff at the cheerful party numbers like “Tasty tasty chocolate” runs again and again to absolute top form. Chocolate is not so rare and quite and not wrongly with erotic effects in conjunction. No wonder, then, that also a bubbly funny schokoerotischer text such as “you’re so sweet, so super sweet like tasty, tasty, tasty chocolate. Not to eat you, hey, that’d be it super super bad”may not be missing on the album. And you can imagine almost there: also of this title creates before our mind’s eye again an endless Polonaise. So now the writer of these lines jumps up, flips to the laptop, and participates in Christoff of the world’s longest Polonaise, spearheaded by the one true “King of the Polonaise”. Let’s go! Source: Cooking music see universal and Christoff the album “That’s cool” (No. CD 2731930) is from June 4, 2010 in the trade available.