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Make Price Comparisons Sense?

February 7, 2018


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Flooded by price comparison sites on the Internet, I’m leaving this question. Lately to read more frequently by price comparison sites, now I get sent to even emails and newsletters from certain websites, on which I was never definitely alive, but that’s a different story. Anyway I wanted to go the question as to whether such price comparison portals, just for insurance and loans are at all useful or rather not just. The sites where I’m talking about are called for insurance and for loans and financing. First I have to say that I was very surprised, as I myself have gone to the sites. Because these price comparisons go surprisingly fast, simple and straightforward. No matter whether you are looking for an installment loan, business loan, a private health insurance or life insurance. All topics are quickly and easily all relevant information in the overview.

Of course there other issues such as financing and Investments or retirement plans. Ultimately, I have to say that these sites are really very useful (not all but most), they are always up-to-date, easy to use and to my surprise, absolutely free and without obligation. This means for me as a loan that I can let me online quietly through insurance or loans without any kind of commitment. I can only recommend you try it easily even out, I have not regretted it. Alone already for that reason, because I save thanks to my new private health insurance now more than 800 euros a year.

FoS AG Offers Basic Dividend 9 Percent

January 11, 2018


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The FoS AG offers its participation financial portal will Emissionsmarktplatz.de for a sustainable value creation to respected, especially the neighborhoods with the best prospects to consider within the metropolis. It is the areas that immediately adjacent to the city centre both at European and Asian page. For this reason, the FoS AG has an innovative Optimization concept, which is particularly energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant. Made quick and easy ECO THERM formwork elements are used as flexible components. The FoS AG, headquartered in Wiesbaden, conducted by experienced, longtime successful entrepreneurs during the placement. Dr. Werner financial services AG (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) carries out the management of the placement and accompanied the companies listed on the over-the-counter market. The participation offer allows to take a proportion of a highly specialized service provider more than 20 investors, which is among the top 5 of the international trade industry.

Information and fundamentals of participation offer find investors on the financial portal emissions market place as the leading over-the-counter participation portal on the Internet (www.emissionsmarktplatz.de). The FoS AG now offers a performance-oriented participation the over-the-counter market. The finance portal Emissionsmarktplatz.de is Germany’s only concentrates exclusively on the pre-and OTC equity financial portal on the Internet. This will guarantee a direct address of the target group, the Chief financial service officer, investors and the business press without wastage. In addition to the pure appearance of participation offer (for example, in the form of participatory rights, participatory, peaceful societies, subordinated loans or bonds), SME consultants the financial portal Emissionsmarktplatz.de provide additionally professional assistance in financial communications for corporate financing via the Internet. (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) well-known examples, such as the sausage producer Zimbo and the bird park Walsrode, as well as numerous examples from the Environmental area, as, for example, the Solar park operator Envire solar proved that middle market financing without Bank and stock exchange can work. The FoS AG follows these successful examples and presents their participation offer financing for companies on the financial portal. More issuers follow these successful examples and present their emissions on Emissionsmarktplatz.de. Including the FLEXICON AG, the bio-Sun-Power AG, as well as the promotion of TRUST GmbH. Southwest Airlines takes a slightly different approach. Janine Kreubel

Private Health Insurance

November 16, 2017


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Age and health decide the health policy is a sore point in the new Government. Citizens are right to worry, as it is ordered in the long run to their medical care. The stock market news portal boersennews.de informs about the advantages of private health insurance. By the same author: Scott Mead. Ever more insecure, the State for the health is the economic situation, the less money. Everyone is in some ways even. The statutory health insurance funds take only the essentials for quite some time. You generally reduce their range on cheap medicines and cures. Less is the well-being of the patient in the foreground as rather the finances. If you have read about Facebook already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Not so with the private health insurance companies (PKV). Insured persons enjoy a special status. This is reflected not only in short waits at the doctor’s Office. Depending on the rate, patients benefit from modern healing methods. Few know that private health insurance under certain circumstances is more favourable than the statutory scheme. The reason is, that the latter is percentage to the Income is calculated. The car, however, are based on other parameters. These include age, gender, general health, as well as specific risks.

Limitations arise but still by the income. To join a private health insurance policyholders about a certain salary threshold must be. The situation is different for the self-employed, freelancers and officials. The door to the car is open to these professions regardless of income. Privately, even students may insure under certain circumstances.

New Withholding Tax Applies

November 1, 2017


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but only every fourth citizen white decision, it is important to generate profit as to save just taxes with a financial investment\”, advises Kadam Heine, managing partner of the Heine asset management – service center of partner Bank AG in Frankfurt. This applies from January, when eating the new withholding tax on interest, dividends and capital gains.\” But still just slightly more than every fourth German citizens (28%) according to a recent study of the Cologne market research institute psychonomics AG (www.psychonomics.de) has in-depth knowledge to the new regulation of private capital income taxation. System favorites of German citizens remain savings (10%), equity (9%) and overnight deposit accounts currently (7% each). It is characterized as a retreat from affected in the future by the flat tax on investment products such as stocks or savings from, but who wants to invest his money in the long term, should a clean sweep in his this year Make investments. To know more about this subject visit Sheryl Sandberg. The tax applicable from 2009 brings that sweeping changes for all savers and investors, although many investors and savers still does not want to admit it.

The new tax is a withholding tax, as it is already known from many other countries. Fundamentally, the concept of withholding tax is namely based on tax deduction at source. The income tax of the investor is now generally satisfied with the tax deduction, i.e. By the same author: Gary Kelly . the investor must then no longer specify investment income in his income tax return. As of January 2009, all capital gains are so – include such as interest, dividends, distributions of funds and also with 25 per cent of plus 5.5 percent solidarity surcharge realized gains from securities purchased for 2008 – and, where appropriate, taxed church tax. All capital income are measured so sweeping from the coming year with this uniform tax rate. Tax-free gains from securities, it is over with the so-called speculative period, the Semi-income system and related expenses deduction however. More information is housed here: Facebook.

Crisisproof Investment

June 20, 2016


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Is it worth gold as an investment? The consequences of the current financial and economic crisis may be yet long not in its entire breadth. The national debt has assumed frightening proportions and will rise further if running out of unemployment money, the labour market is captured by the crisis, which in the following calendar year is expected. Many analysts assume, therefore, that a massive, perhaps even the States want inflation is imminent EU countries with excessive debt should be curbed. Other plants than money have therefore high inlet. Gold as the most precious of all metals, has fascinated mankind since time immemorial and was always very valuable. No special attention was the glittering precious metal in barely a culture and that will not change even in the near future; the industrial, but also the fashion and cultural uses, which ensure a high level of demand for the rare element are too diverse. Have especially in turbulent or dangerous times the people demand ever lasting value investments and gold is probably the most consistent of all plants in addition to real estate and real estate.

Since the introduction of the euro, the price of gold has grown considerably so that gold certainly is not currently seen as the object of speculation in the short term prices. However is the single European currency with the forthcoming enlargement of the euro zone on the eastern candidate countries with their still large economic difficulties even with a decline expected, what even more necessary it makes to flee before the savings is nothing more worth in another form of the plant. Gold is also due to the unproblematic way, quickly and directly to buy and to sell an attractive and above all durable alternative safe. Christian pretty

Financial Portal Emissions Marketplace

February 9, 2016


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Companies often struggle in raising equity capital to corporate finance. Before now on the search for private investors, there are however some legal restrictions. So you should seek early on a competent partner in this field. For more than 20 years has the Dr. Werner Financial service here group made a name (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de). The legal issues are resolved, the central question is: How do you find a company private investors who invest in the company. Certainly the search in a private setting is, what brings but moderate success. Others who may share this opinion include Southwest Airlines. Usually only a low echo resolves to an ad in the local press.

Another area of the acquisition by investors is considered by the German Federal financial supervisory authority (BFin) don’t like: the cold. Unsolicited calls so-called cold calls considered the BFin as frivolous and as an unreasonably prejudice of the privacy and freedom of choice of the investor”. Therefore she prohibited the cold calling companies in the provision of investment services in 1999. The mail via telephone with customers, to whom a business relationship does not already exist, is prohibited. Although the area of mezzanine capital in Germany is still underdeveloped, there is an Internet portal that specializes in this area on the Internet for years.

Here are Investitionssuchende-and agree merged. People such as Trevor Clark Madison Capital would likely agree. Since 1999, Germany’s capital leading Internet platform in terms of pre-and OTC companies seeking help successful financial market communication. A professional support in corporate finance is available through different sales tools (small-capital representation, landing page, or investor relations Portal). Emissionsmarktplatz.de is the meeting point for supply and demand. Listed companies meet here sales strong financial advisors, investors, and the business press. A professional support of financial market communications is accompanying the issuer through the SME Advisor to the Capital and independent bank financing provided (www.emissionsmarktplatz.de). All forms of investment, such as shares, participation certificates, certificates, bonds and silent partnerships, including investment prospectus and subscription form can be represented to download. The financial portal emissions Marketplace offers a legally secure and uncomplicated way of obtaining of investors capital-seeking companies as a result. Nicolo Martin

United States Credit

February 8, 2016


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Online credit applications are more easily granted fails to sign the financial crisis and has brought many a large and well-known Bank in the fall. Too many so-called non-performing loans are now bust. In consequence, many private consumers in bankruptcy have been driven and now find themselves with empty hands, your belongings and goods was either foreclosed. In the United States alone over 30,000 households from one day to the other had to move from their leveraged home in their cars or in emergency shelters. You could not pay your monthly rates.

No wonder that banks and credit institutions have become more wary of lending. Currently, it is extremely difficult to get a loan at the Bank. Here, the online credit request offers a real alternative. Not only the conditions as for example the interest rate are cheaper, even the wait is much shorter until the credit decision. For smaller loans up 10,000 part time for a premium or cancellation is sometimes only 2 hours. A rejection is not with a large expenditure of time, a promise of enabling a soft loan in case of favourable.

Metz Hall

February 7, 2016


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Law allows only secure refinancing instruments. Building savings funds are secured by insurance fund of the Federal Association of the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks and own building societies Fund. Who puts in on his savings at Schwabisch Hall, need to worry about the safety of his deposits. Home savings works independently of the capital market through a closed circuit of savings contributions and building society loan allocated to. “It is evident that our conservative system of construction financing has clear advantages by prudent lending values, the necessary equity and fixed interest loans”, says Dr. Matthias Metz, CEO of Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall. “The construction savings is a safety anchor – at a troubled time in the financial markets.” Special protection provisions in the building societies Act provide for additional security at the building society savings.

So, the interim system of excess savings funds may be invested only in fixed-income securities with very good rating. Get all the facts and insights with Oracle, another great source of information. Building societies may no Enter the currency and share risks. In addition, deposits at Schwabisch are protected in unlimited quantities by the protective device of the Federal Association of the Volks – und Raiffeisenbanken Hall. In addition, the statutory “bausparen technical hedge fund” as another hedging instrument ensures the allocation of savings funds. “We are prepared by all of these measures well on any possible crisis situations. Deposits our customers are perfectly safe”, said Metz. The housing savings system works not only in Germany.

Financial Market Crisis

January 30, 2016


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The ruling currently without a doubt financial market crisis has no effect on the Fund of the Debi select group of companies. This alerts the company in his recent publication. The Debi select group refinanced their business model of retail Fund and this involved a variety of capital facility in the entrepreneurial perspectives. So far, the Debi select could fully meet the expectations Fund. The factoring company, in which the Debi select participate Fund, are in no way affected by the current crisis by borrowing sufferers need. Rather, the factoring companies exclusively in two segments are operated.

In the area of the purchase of life insurance products and on the other hand in the segment of the repurchase value paper loans credit strong financial institutions. In the first division of the Debi select group, the acquisition of life insurance, there is due to the criteria prescribed by the legislature virtually no risk of capital loss. So the Debi select, in addition, that it is the acquired receivables is always to those at least in the amount of the buy-back value. “It isn’t so demands, where any” value fluctuations can occur. Also in the further Division of Debi select group, gefactored for the loans secured by marketable securities”are, it is a very safe investment.

So in a special circular to Debi select alerts, that borrowers in this business are large asset management in the major financial markets. The acquired bank loans are 100% refundable and would not be represented in a bond. You are affected by any potential downgrade by a rating agency. Only bonds are pledged to secure the loans, which are repayable to one hundred percent”, so the Debi select. The limitation to a few models of factoring with secured claims for Debi select leads in consequence to the factoring company, from the financial market crisis unharmed, go about their business could. Thus, the correctness of the chosen business models with a direct, positive impact on the offered funds with which this business strategy is implemented confirm according to Debi select. The Debi select funds offer an interesting investment alternative in the currently-proposed financial market. Debi select group / FWS Verwaltungs GmbH the Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies. Factoring is a versatile financial services, used in particular by medium-sized companies from industry, wholesale trade and services sector in growing volume. The services of factoring companies include both sales matching funding and full protection against bad debt losses (security), as well as the Debitorenmanagement(service).


January 29, 2016


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Investments should ten expert tips what to consider consumers in financial crisis Mannheim, October 14, 2008 – the people’s confidence in the financial world is severely shaken. The media pick up the anxiety of investors and offer expert discussions, chats and forums, in which savers can put their questions. But to read or listen to what the consumers for the safeguarding of the money can actually do is just rare. Investments ten expert tips what should consider consumers in financial crisis 1 money does not belong under the mattress ostrich does not help. Under the mattress or on the checking account you get no interest and thus not even inflation compensation. Money market accounts, such as direct banking and deposit accounts are currently well remunerated and secure.

2. movable remain fixed equipment are not suitable, because you need your money, sometimes within a few days, so day money account and the new day bonds are a good alternative. The day loan works like a mix of a readily available day-money account and a floating-rate bond. Day bonds are tradable at all times and the purchase is free of charge. Money market funds, you should rather avoid: these funds receive short-term financial investments (from one day to 12 months). Often high costs in the form of management fees to bring. On the basis of uncertain\”securities debtors (issuers), they may pose high risks. 3.

plants on a safe financial institutions make all credit institutions are subject to a statutory scheme. Typically 20,000 are protected. In addition there is called the deposit protection fund of private banks, also fire Fund in Germany. This fuse goes far beyond the requirements of the EU. This backup, credits per investor be secured up to a height of 30 per cent of the equity of the Bank. As a result at least 1.7 million per investor, large institutions are much more.