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May 23, 2020


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Only comfort tariffs include the collision with all animals in your condition works or include explicitly more animals such as domestic or farm animals in addition to the ground game. Baby clothes gathered all the information. Who already with his Vehicle and a deer, for example, has collided, white, how much damage can do something and that the vehicle may be behind may be also a total loss. Only those who in this case has a fully comprehensive, then gets its damage still replaced, must live with the upgraded by the claims, which not would occur in the partial cover insurance, because it remains also in case of damage at 100%. Car comparison Stiftung Warentest – comments to the partial cover insurance services Stiftung Warentest has in the November issue the rates and services almost all insurance against and color-coded many so-called basic rates because this a positive premium development have, unfortunately, many of these tariffs have the above incisions in the partial cover insurance services, so that a conclusion of these providers not advisable, because the savings, that you feel in the moment, not by far outweighs the consequences in the event of damage. Due to this fact is of some tariffs, highlighting Stiftung Warentest in your car comparison, discouraged.

The comprehensive Services a comprehensive have included many drivers if you have created to a new vehicle or at least a relatively new vehicle. Often, even a financing rests on this vehicle. The basic idea of inclusion is so often that that one through the inclusion of who feel relatively secure comprehensive services and with a sufficient compensation expects its financing can be solved with the that in the event of a total loss to then back to organize a new vehicle. Alone when buying a new car is known, that you must count on heavy losses in the event of a sale. It is said: “Leaving the yard of the dealership, according to a new car purchase one already suffers a loss of up to 50%.” For this reason, it weighs of course in total security with a fully comprehensive insurance.