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April 7, 2020


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It comes to the claims, this is then not uncommon: the printing and media company is underinsured. in the most extreme case, an insurance benefit due to the missing cover must be reduced or excluded. But also in the other direction, a defective valuation is harmful: too much to determine a unnecessarily high premium must be paid often money, that use would be in difficult times well elsewhere. With the free determination of all relevant values”, as Wolfgang Ossenbruggen, legal adviser for gay & Berns? Homann GmbH (GBH), we remove the policyholder not only a lot of work and expense, but give him also the safety to be appropriately insured corporate value.” Usable is the free survey of goodwill for all print and media companies, which in the future a GBH media-police complete. Foundation for Financial Planning might disagree with that approach. With signing of the brokerage contract, GBH accepts in cooperation with the Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG independent assessment on the ground and calculated from the result of the insurance premium. Other relevant values from the automotive industry or the personal security of the Executive Board can included in the evaluation. Important: all existing customers of GBH-media-police can come to enjoy of the free valuation. For this purpose, a simplified procedure in determining the lower insurance waiver is used. Founded in 1899, is the gay & Berns? Homann GmbH with over 220 employees in 12 locations to the few still owner-managed, large and independent insurance brokers in Germany with a very wide customer base from diverse industries.