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July 20, 2020


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PKV insured persons prefer the written contact with their medical insurance (51.8%), insurance of the statutory health insurers use mainly the personal (40.9%) and telephone (40.5%) How to contact with. The partly considerably higher rational strong satisfaction ratings are reflected also in the more emotionally strong issues for the General evaluation of the health insurance fund / insurance. Legally insured will find much more sympathetic, their health insurance these would much more fully recommend their friends and acquaintances and much more frequently again for their health insurance decide than privately insured. The study report to the M + M insurance barometer 2010 can be ordered for 50.00 plus VAT directly at or by mail at Mr Opitz. The extensive bench with all specific evaluation data to study health insurance, as well as to the changes to 2009 is available for 490.00 + VAT.

Contact and more information: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH Frank Opitz Dutch str. 198 34127 Kassel Tel: 0561-70979-17 fax: 0561-70979-18 M + M insurance barometer in brief In a representative survey insured by law and private citizens be involved regularly since 2005 over 1,000 by telephone on their perception of the health insurance fund, in which they are currently insured, questioned. Insurance barometer M + M M + M published 2010 with the management + marketing consulting GmbH (Kassel) for the sixth time in a row a Benchmarkingstudie to customer orientation in the German insurance market. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and their interrelationships and effect relations are central investigation. The survey takes place in structured telephone interviews according to the method of the computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) based on a specially designed by M + M (research group management + marketing) questionnaire developed by the market and opinion Research Institute USUMA GmbH in Berlin.

The planning and execution of the study is a joint project of the research group management + marketing in Kassel, the TU Dresden (Department for) Market-oriented management) and the USUMA GmbH in Berlin. Respondents of the M + M of insurance barometer selects representative and proportional after a multi-stage stratified random selection to the population by province. Person selected throughout Germany in the homes for the people aged 18 years and older according to the last birthday method. M + M insurance barometer allows each year the latest information based on: – facts and figures on the insured satisfaction and insured binding in the health insurance market, – pulses to the review and future orientation of the health insurance market positioning relationships between requirements of the insured, their satisfaction and their binding to the checkout – update the trends of recent years, -.