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Telecommunications Act

March 13, 2018


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almato expects growing interest in quality assurance in call centers of Tubingen, March 15, 2011 is the charge of by phone on hold also with a transitional period of one year – done deal. Go to Gary Kelly for more information. Almato GmbH the decision, a go-ahead for a quality offensive in contact centers represents the Federal Government, because only more efficient customer service can avoid high costs for the call center operators by waiting loop fees. The discussion of the question whether the telephone customer service extremely cost-conscious companies or more quality conscious vendors will prevail, receives this decision a new, serious argument “, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director who almato GmbH. tomorrow for yet even more must pay the assumption that who today at quality saves, will confirm in the future even more clearly. To avoid expensive hold the contact center must invest more in quality, plain and simple, the Processing times and thus waiting times shortened.

“The Federation of consumer organizations asked for changes to the Telecommunications Act for years. Now the first to be initially from the year 2012 two minutes in a holding pattern for the caller free of charge. Experts assume, however, that the consumer watchdogs formulate at least in the medium term further claims regarding the charge of telephone waiting loops. The almato GmbH, a provider of software for real time interaction management, quality monitoring and e-learning, expected after the Government decision a growing interest in solutions for quality assurance in call centers. Through a rapid processing of requests can edit effectively trained employees in the customer service more requests per hour which queues are rarely needed.

Even if through coaching, training and sophisticated processes, working the call center can be accelerated, almato additional potential in the use of systems, see the the employees in every situation pointing out his decision-making and action. It is not about stripes over the agents a corset that makes him immobile and squeezing in a standardized process “, explains Thomas Geiling. A computer aided system that brings together different applications and sources of information for the employee on a surface, and it allows him to respond individually to every customer inquiry and faster to edit, can significantly increase the performance of customer advisors. By the employees can concentrate more on the customers, the customer service is fast and the shorter queues. “

Mobile Favorites

March 8, 2018


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Both SIM cards are simultaneously active, both for SMS and call inputs and outputs. Dual SIM mobile phones enable what have many years wanted, namely 2 SIM cards at the same time in a Cell phone to operate. Trivera.de specializes in the sale of dual SIM phones. What is a quad-band? Mobile phones in Europe work today according to the GSM standard. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. Use frequencies 900 MHz (D net) and 1800 MHz (E net), respectively. Tri-band phones can also operate on 1900 MHz or 850 MHz, these frequencies are used mainly in the United States. Quad band mobile phones dominate all four frequencies. The new interface: In addition to the primary interface with the digital telephone network a mobile can offer other interfaces, such as infrared, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth, data can be exchanged about that also.

Wi-Fi or WLAN also enables thus with the phone wirelessly to the Internet surfing. What are the Mobile Favorites and what’s new? The mobile phones were at that time in the price of a small car. Today, there are a huge range of shapes and colors. The costs have fallen dramatically and are now affordable for everyone. The most belibteste mobile is the classic form with display and keyboard. These cell phones today carry the Name of candy bar phones, from the English, because they have the form of a candy bar. But also the mobile phones are always crazy.

There are in addition to the legendary slider to slide, now there are many other sophisticated types of moving the keyboard or display. Such as the swivel clamshell with rotating screen, the Jack knife with horizontal swivel joint and also the folder/clam-shell/clamshell phone. An increasingly popular variant of the mobile phone is the so-called touch phone. These are mobile phones, which are controlled by means of a touch screen display and a technique called multitouch primarily with the fingers. More recently, the phones are so small that even cell phone watches exist. Ideal for sporty active and independent people. Meanwhile, there is the right phone for the needs of each individual. The selection is huge, but the prices are also the price been money equitably adjusted. The present is the State between the good old days and the more beautiful future. ” Said Zarko Petan. So we look at looking forward to the future, what she still brings us.