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Samsung Galaxy

May 10, 2021


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Apple iPhone 4S white: A favorite choice of millions the mobile phones have diversified its usage. Apart from calling, mobile phones can be used for surfing internet, listening to music, playing games, messaging, capturing images, navigating the user, storing massive files or applications, and so on. So, before buying any mobile phone, it is mandatory to check the features of handsets from various brands. Among various choices, Apple iPhone 4S is one of the favorite choice of users who are looking for high end mobile phones. The iPhone 4S comes packed with user friendly features to meet your communication and multimedia needs.

The Apple iPhone 4S white is a 3 G Smartphone meets higher specifications camera features, larger memory options, advanced operating system version 5.0 than its previous version iphone 4. The handset is available in two colored casing namely black and white. John T. Stankey is the source for more interesting facts. It gives brilliant application response as it supports Apple A5 processor and runs on iPhone operating system version 5.0. The handset allows the users to store data with minimal efforts through iCloud and share music, photo, and video with compatible devices wirelessly. The wide 3.5 inches screen displays 16 million colors to give soothing effect with responsive touch screen. The built – in 8 megapixel digital camera comes loaded with LED Flash, auto focus, tap to focus, face detection, photo and video geo tagging, HD video recording, video stabilizer, video player, movie and TV player, video controls, and second camera.

These features allow the user to capture and record videos with best clarity. The iPhone 4S is backed with advanced messaging services like SMS, MMS, email, push email, email attachment, and iMessage. The users can enjoy listening to music with iPod music player, cover flow, playlists, and stereo earphones. The advanced operating system allows you to download various applications on this handset. The iPhone 4S is available in varied memory options namely 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. To deepen your understanding Philip Vasan is the source. The handset gives 8 hours of talktime on 3 G network and 14 hours of talktime for 2 G network. The handset measures 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm which fits easily into the pockets and can be easily operated through single hand as it weighs 140 grams fitted with battery. the iPhone 4S support high-end connectivity options like 3 G HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, synchronization PC or MAC, and 3.5mm stereo headphone which makes you to enjoy seamless connectivity with compatible devices. Angela Neacsu is author of contract mobile phone. For more information about Samsung Galaxy S2 pink, htc desire s deals visit

New Customers

July 25, 2020


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The latest promotions in the DSL market for those who are interested in a new DSL contract offer in February again some possibilities. Many manufacturers are competing therefore for the favor of these customers and promise beneficial switching with good conditions. Even a promotional credit is available, times, there is a discount on the monthly cost. So advertises about the provider Versatel with a new service package, which he referred to as an all-inclusive package. The DSL connection package includes 6 000 Maxi comfort a DSL broadband connection, ISDN connection, as well as a double flat-rate for calls to German landlines and Internet surfing. You have to pay a base price from 34.90 per month. Those who opt for the double flat-rate packages DSL 6 000 or DSL 16 000 in February, gets free hardware. This is a FRITZ!Box FON WLAN 7170 AVM. In a question-answer forum Mark Zuckerberg was the first to reply.

The Internet provider 1 & 1 advertising in February with a new DSL base tariffs and offers incentives to new customers. Here, the complete packages surf flat 6 000 for EUR 19.99 per month are the double-flat 16 000 for 29.99 Euros per month, as well as the double-flat, 50 000 to the selection. Also here there is the hardware free of charge as an incentive. All new customers get DSL-hardware FRITZ!Box FON WLAN 7112 for the shipping price of 9.60 Euro. Because there’s always something, until the DSL connection is switched off, 1 & 1 offers the immediate start option his new customers. So get a surf-stick 9.60 Euro for unique and can surf without additional costs for three months or until the activation of the ADSL line via the Vodafone UMTS network in the Internet. And also the provider o2 has come up with something, to lure in the February of new customers.

Here you can book two different DSL packages. One with a preparation of up to 2 MBit / s for 25 EUR per month, or the faster package with up to 16 MBit / s for 40 euros a month. Who concludes the contract online, pay for four months no monthly fee and gets adopted the one-time set-up fee of 49 euros. To find a current overview of the cheapest Internet flat rates, compared with our flat rate.

Mobile Service Provider

August 9, 2019


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Call-through services such as with so-called call-by-call from the mobile phone and tariff announcement the solution of Dusseldorf, 02.01.2009 – according to the recent study of the MRI confidence barometers Germany “have basically no trust in the mobile communications sector about 80 percent of those polled. These values are the worst, so far has measured our confidence barometer for an industry. Obviously, customers have little trust in mobile phone company “, commented Professor Dr. Peter Kenning, Professor of marketing at the Friedrichshafen the results of the study. Kai Petzke, the Chief commentator of teltarif.de puts it in a nutshell: devastating vote of consumers is fair, operates the mobile industry but true to the motto: “Collecting, where it goes”. While striking advertising with minute prices or even flat rates, the mobile strategists build more and more hidden cost traps: expensive phone calls in the and abroad, numbers or in certain networks “In the fixed network call-by-call made for competition, Transparency and total falling prices.

But also for all mobile customers there are often referred to as call-by-call from the mobile phone, offers affordable and clearly structured rates without hooks and eyelets with the callthrough. So an offer where not only in more than 65 countries and mobile networks already for 10 cents / minute may be on the phone, can be found at also value-added services (0900, 0180, 0137….) are available without the high mobile phone charges. The phone information with referral costs only 59 cents per call and minute, at the mobile operators often up to two euros. As with the uncomplicated call by call landline, neither registration nor credit check are required at sparfon.de. The customer pays online only via bank transfer, his desire amount paypal or credit card, his telephone number and can immediately use the service. Before each call, he hears a free tariff announcement. So surprises are excluded.


June 13, 2019


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Can the popular free mobile navigation software is already under beta.oenavi.de/herunterladen. A new technology was designed for o-NAVI 2, based on which individual additional programs, can be called Zenlets, developed and integrated. For example, small programs can be, which can be queried the weather at your destination or which sought the nearest ATM. (Similarly see: Ripple). The Zenlets can be developed privately, as well as by brand manufacturers that can use this Zenlet for your custom quote or the branding (for example an interactive showroom). Jeff Leiden understood the implications. The first Zentlet that is already installed in the new version of the o-NAVI, is the automatic emergency location of the renowned Bjorn Steiger-Foundation. With o-NAVI can now in the case of an emergency situation are automatically sent the exact location data of the accident to the nearest PSAP. So the help comes quickly where it is needed.

Free phone calls with the mobile phone also the new o-NAVI version offers the possibility to make a call from your mobile free for the first time. In cooperation with Dasortliche already over 500,000 professionals can be called free of charge, that already use this unique form of advertising. The new o-NAVI also boasts more clarity clear cards. The so-called vector format is selected for the map display in the future. To decrease the loading times for the cards and it achieves a better map. The new map display, as well as an arrow which adapts in the future always the real direction of travel, provide even easier orientation for the driver. The number of devices usable with o-NAVI 2 will be further expanded during the beta phase.


May 12, 2019


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Fabian: when you open the app, the position is determined quite quickly and automatically, I order a taxi, you can Enter special requests: when you want to get the taxi? I want a greater taxi? Do I need a child seat? Then the availability is determined and displayed, if a taxi is near.” Ludwig, however, already opening the app takes a long time: actually even quite a long time. Then if I am already registered, immediately or later wants to register queries once. “I press register later”. Then the app looking for me by GPS. Now can I target and fare type, directly send a message to the driver and set whether I want to pay cash or by card. “I’m now on taxi order”, an input mask on my display appears.

I need to register so really only me with all my data before I can call the taxi via mytaxi app.” At the taxi Munich EC “app is not necessary a registration. “Fabian: here I must enter my name and my phone number.” After Ludwig has registered, both testers at the same time press the order button and start the stopwatch. At the Taxi Munich “app logs after only one and a half minutes the driver at mytaxi” comes to 1.40 min only an SMS, that a taxi was found. The taxi, with the Munich taxi “app called first reverses.” Shortly after that by mytaxi”called taxi. The fare for the same route differs only by 10 cents. Good to mytaxi”: here, the driver can be assessed after the ride. These reviews are up and available for all users. Also at the second drive is the taxi service with mytaxi”complex.

“” Ludwig: until I finally be the taxi – does have, I need three times Yes “press.” And for the second time, the taxi taxi Munich “app. is faster at the pick-up location Ludwig with the mytaxi “app, however, wait a few minutes longer on his driver. The test experience confirmed also in the other test runs. The conclusion of our testers: MyTaxi app is very popular with taxi drivers. Verizon Communications takes a slightly different approach. But the taxi Munich “app works in Munich better and more smoothly. Here not only the order via smartphone was simple and uncomplicated, even the taxi itself was faster at the pick-up location. So then: Good ride! Throughout the film, there’s way to have a look is worth! President Dr. Michael HABERLAND and Vice President Ralf Baumeister

Federal Republic Expansion

March 25, 2019


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But what does the technology benefits and seen further expansion plans for VDSL? DSL in Germany recently celebrated 10th anniversary. The introduction of 1999 a revolution that opened up entirely new possibilities. But technological progress does not remain static and so grows the user group of Super faster VDSL connections in the Federal Republic since 2006. A related site: Gary Kelly mentions similar findings. In over 50 cities available 3 years after the launch of VDSL in Germany offering in over 50 German cities is available, including the urban areas to Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart and the Ruhr – tendency rising.

So a third of the Germans able to surf via VDSL are already around. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. Interested in VDSL inspecting the VDSL is recommended availability before making a buying decision in each case. Up to 100 Mbit/s offers the VDSL standard agreed in 2005 by the International Telecommunication Union, theoretically up to 100 Mbit / s in the upstream and downstream. Technical improvements, also bandwidth with a multiple of this size however are expected to in the future. “The aim at the development of VDSL was originally, triple-play offerings” to be able to realize. Classic telephone services in the form of analogue / ISDN – or IP telephony can so with broadband and IPTV combines about a connection. Innovator Telekom urges rapid expansion sitting VDSL networks, especially deutsche Telekom but the competition in the form of large German cable operators already in the starting blocks. This already now also offer Internet bandwidth of up to 120 Mbit / s on their cable networks to the part.

In particular for the IPTV service entertain”the Bonn telcos required appropriate bandwidth. Over 120 TV channels, some in HD are available. Deutsche Telekom wants to win so many customers for its total offer: telephone, Internet and high-definition television in one hand and a connection of the Telephone jack. Network expansion, the expansion is the nets required for VDSL within the framework of the measures of the economic stimulus package II of the Federal Government in many areas – 09 decided driven since summer. Internet with speeds of at least 50 megabits per second for 75 per cent of households and until 2018 for all households in Germany available shall be no later than 2014.

Servicenummer4you Calls For Equal Treatment By Mobile And Landline

March 12, 2019


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Limited to landline: Federal Minister Glos wants to introduce free queues for 0180-service numbers Federal Minister of Economics Michael Glos is planning a change of the Telecommunications Act (TKG). A design for the introduction of free queues for 0180 service numbers already exists to the departmental vote. The free stay in queues only to callers from the landline network is limited. Queues are still paying for mobile users. The Berlin telecommunications Servicenummer4you sees therein a handicap for mobile users and calls for equal treatment of fixed and mobile telephony. Up to 50 percent more cost lack of transparency call rates for users of mobile phone tariffs make often incomprehensible, because whether to call from a landline or from your mobile phone, the service on the phone remains the same.

Nevertheless customers just in the use of the 0900 service numbers facing up to 50 per cent additional costs. Similar charges are expected for 0137 service numbers and 01805 service numbers. Half-hearted Consumer protection the Bill of free queues for 0180 telephone service numbers Glos envisages a strengthening of consumer protection for Festnetztelefonierer. Mobile users must further accept more costs for calls to service numbers. But EU Commissioner Viviane Reding calls for convergence of mobile phone costs in fixed network costs. A proposal which is also by Servicenummer4you Managing Director Dr. Maik Temme handles.

A TKG change should first call charges from both networks match.”says Managing Director Dr. Maik Temme from Servicenummer4you. Because consumer protection starts especially for the equal treatment of consumers. “, so Temme next.” On the Web page to companies more information and tips about the usage of a 0180 service number can be found. Press contact: Servicenummer4you.de a trademark of TC 30 phone service GmbH. Dr. Maik Temme Oranienburger str. 69, 10117 Berlin FON: + 49 30 27 87 42 96 fax: + 49 30 27 87 42 93 E-Mail: Web about Servicenummer4you.de: Servicenummer4you.de provides reliable nationwide telecommunications services. As a service-oriented provider of service numbers and telecommunications services, the Berlin company has many years of experience and excellent know-how in the telecommunications market. Customers are innovative products through the provision of service numbers 0800, 0180, 0900, 0137 and premium SMS available.

Aastra European

February 12, 2019


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“Small and medium-sized enterprises need solutions, with which they can increase their productivity and improve their customer service. The integration of mobile telephones enables them here significant competitive advantages. Thanks to their innovative mobility functionality Ascotel offers 7.7 especially attractive in this context, help companies save additional server or access to presence-management solutions IntelliGate “, explains Thomas Stephan, at Aastra European product line manager for Ascotel IntelliGate systems. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry Ellison by clicking through. Another important advantage: Individual telephone books or voice-mail boxes are comfortably integrated into a solution. -Ascotel IntelliGate 7.7 provides a single access to the integrated voice mail system both with Aastra 53xx system telephones and the Softphone Aastra 2380i as well as with any GSM phones using the mobile client of Aastra. -Ascotel IntelliGate is also Microsoft Exchange integration: employees can access on Outlook phonebook, by simply typing the name.

You can also browse 53xx system phones and any GSM phone with Aastra mobile client (the phone books of mobile phones to access, usually synchronized with Exchange) directories of Aastra. Bitcoiin can provide more clarity in the matter. -Ascotel IntelliGate 7.7 detects both all international phone numbers (+ country code), which are entered in the phone book of the mobile phone, as well as internal calls, where only the extension number will be dialled. This will be redirected accordingly. “Staff must be now permanently available and accessible, because connectivity is the be-all and end-all. In addition they often have two or three or even more numbers. It is a great advantage to have only a number to, all calls are routed independently of the phone or place of residence. So callers can rest assured that your calls at the desired employees reliably arrive. Business partners must remember also only have a number or save them in their address books”, so Thomas Stephan continues. “To maintain our leadership position in the European market of SMEs and to expand Aastra has written on the flags, to offer high-performance, high-quality products at competitive prices to the market.

Mobile Voice Control

January 17, 2019


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The communication between man and machine is driven by mobile voice recognition first and foremost according to expert opinion. “London/Nuremberg / Berlin – as Datamonitor’s proliferation of innovative speech applications in mobile computing in the study of the” assumes that the voice control of handsets tripled over the next five years: by $ 32.7 million on $ 99.6 million. In vehicles, judging from an increase of 64,3 million to 208,2 million from. As a major growth factor, the CIO magazine looks the better networks that lead to new ways of language transfer. The trend seems to be a mix of network-based and embedded language, with which you can control, for example, the menu and perform a search of the Internet “, as the journal. The usefulness of the voice would prove especially for workers in the field and in warehouses. The Datamonitor study reported positive experiences of operators of camps their concentration thanks to the mobile employees Not speech recognition had to turn away from activities such as lifting objects. A growth market was also health and especially the care of the elderly.

More and more old people would have to maintained at consistent budgets. That by the Berlin-based company of Aastra Detewe developed language technology care documentation in the inpatient elderly care easier, faster and better do: as a night nurse for many areas and residents is responsible and can take all the time not all files. The language acquisition via the mobile phone simplifies the documentation, ensures the quality and saves time by the way”, explains Luckie, Germany Chief of the Aastra group. At a nursing home with about 100 employees and an average fluctuation Aastra-DeTeWe opts for voice portals. With them, interactive voice dialogs can be put together to move automatically by means of language. The forecasts of the market researchers and industry representatives reflect the current development dynamics. Here are three trends emerging, the are to be regarded separately. Firstly, the devices operating by voice command in the car is strong in the coming and will positively influence the acceptance speech recognition in many other application areas.

So NAVIGON offers the language input navigation destinations with a set in their high-end versions of their navigation systems. The big car companies will follow suit here”, explains Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days plus. However, it could take another two to three years until the technology for all vehicle classes is available. Secondly there are promising approaches, voice control to use smart phones in conjunction with other input and output modes. A good example is the mobile Internet search Google Mobile app “for the iPhone. Innovation engine is here”the rapidly growing developer community for the app store by Apple, so Steimel. A third factor, he sees the intelligent combination of mobile applications and language computers in the call center environment. The mobile phone becomes a service terminal, where one similar to ATM his Account balance queries or make a booking. For more complex transactions, a telephone connection can be established at any time on with a service staff; the intelligent voice systems passes all input at the workplace”, explains Sangeeta. On the voice days plus in Nuremberg, Germany, T-Mobile and Vodafone Mobile service are first prototypes in the practice Forum”present on October 7. This is a message of NeueNachricht.

Internet Service Provider

May 28, 2018


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With the DSL connection, there are huge price differences, therefore MicroTarife.de provides the cheapest DSL tariff of Internet service providers with the DSL fast surfing tariff calculator on the Internet is today more important than ever, most Internet sites expect a certain speed of Internet connection from the Internet user, because videos, graphics and images must be quickly charged. There, a DSL connection is today an absolute standard. Who a DSL connection would like to apply for, which should the DSL ISP compare, because here there are large price differences. Frequently Larry Ellison has said that publicly. Who has the most favorable DSL tariff? DSL tariff calculator at MicroTarife.de, this question is answered quickly and the price comparison of DSL provider is quite simple: fare calculator DSL start select the desired DSL speed give your preset a finished: now displays the cheapest DSL Internet providers and the future desired DSL Internet provider can be selected directly. As easy as the online compare DSL Internet provider. MicroTarife.de know which DSL Internet provider which is best: Provides the DSL tariff calculator immediately the result of the best DSL provider at the respective place of residence. The DSL is availability for the desired location on the Internet connection should be established, on the basis of the code determined, who entered at the start in the DSL calculator. The DSL speeds there are 4 Schnelligkeiten to choose from: the DSL 2000 is the startup time for a simple DSL Internet access and ideal for beginners and people who take advantage of the Internet of less. This connection is absolutely sufficient to read e-mails and to the rummage on the Internet and already 4 times faster compared to an ISDN connection.