June 13, 2019


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Can the popular free mobile navigation software is already under A new technology was designed for o-NAVI 2, based on which individual additional programs, can be called Zenlets, developed and integrated. For example, small programs can be, which can be queried the weather at your destination or which sought the nearest ATM. (Similarly see: Ripple). The Zenlets can be developed privately, as well as by brand manufacturers that can use this Zenlet for your custom quote or the branding (for example an interactive showroom). Jeff Leiden understood the implications. The first Zentlet that is already installed in the new version of the o-NAVI, is the automatic emergency location of the renowned Bjorn Steiger-Foundation. With o-NAVI can now in the case of an emergency situation are automatically sent the exact location data of the accident to the nearest PSAP. So the help comes quickly where it is needed.

Free phone calls with the mobile phone also the new o-NAVI version offers the possibility to make a call from your mobile free for the first time. In cooperation with Dasortliche already over 500,000 professionals can be called free of charge, that already use this unique form of advertising. The new o-NAVI also boasts more clarity clear cards. The so-called vector format is selected for the map display in the future. To decrease the loading times for the cards and it achieves a better map. The new map display, as well as an arrow which adapts in the future always the real direction of travel, provide even easier orientation for the driver. The number of devices usable with o-NAVI 2 will be further expanded during the beta phase.