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August 9, 2019


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Call-through services such as with so-called call-by-call from the mobile phone and tariff announcement the solution of Dusseldorf, 02.01.2009 – according to the recent study of the MRI confidence barometers Germany “have basically no trust in the mobile communications sector about 80 percent of those polled. These values are the worst, so far has measured our confidence barometer for an industry. Obviously, customers have little trust in mobile phone company “, commented Professor Dr. Peter Kenning, Professor of marketing at the Friedrichshafen the results of the study. Kai Petzke, the Chief commentator of puts it in a nutshell: devastating vote of consumers is fair, operates the mobile industry but true to the motto: “Collecting, where it goes”. While striking advertising with minute prices or even flat rates, the mobile strategists build more and more hidden cost traps: expensive phone calls in the and abroad, numbers or in certain networks “In the fixed network call-by-call made for competition, Transparency and total falling prices.

But also for all mobile customers there are often referred to as call-by-call from the mobile phone, offers affordable and clearly structured rates without hooks and eyelets with the callthrough. So an offer where not only in more than 65 countries and mobile networks already for 10 cents / minute may be on the phone, can be found at also value-added services (0900, 0180, 0137….) are available without the high mobile phone charges. The phone information with referral costs only 59 cents per call and minute, at the mobile operators often up to two euros. As with the uncomplicated call by call landline, neither registration nor credit check are required at The customer pays online only via bank transfer, his desire amount paypal or credit card, his telephone number and can immediately use the service. Before each call, he hears a free tariff announcement. So surprises are excluded.