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National Financial System

October 4, 2019


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In English one exists dictated that in Portuguese it would be more or less thus: Desperate times demand measured despaired. was accurately this that happened in last day 07 of May when the House of representatives approved an emendation to Provisional remedy 449 that it grants a true amnesty to the ministers of State, presidents of the Central banking (BC) and excessively public officers who are being processed for taking decisions in defense of the solution of the banks that the Public prosecution service considered crimes against the financial system. The economic teams of the governments of presidents Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2002) had always complained of ' ' oportunismo' ' of the processes and the fact of them to create unreliability in the public agents who take these decisions, but the critics of the emendation approved yesterday evaluate that the final writing of the text created one valley-everything legal one, functioning, in the practical one, as a blank paper government to defend the banks to it and to justify all and any adopted measure. The emendation says that ' ' agents pblicos' ' they will not suffer no type of punishment since that ' ' measures excepcionais' ' they have been taken and executed ' ' with the intention to assure liquidity and solution to the National Financial System, of regulating the functioning of the markets of exchange and capitals and protecting the interests of depositors and investidores' '. Nickname to maldosoApesar to direct the benefit to ' ' agents pblicos' ' , if emendation 19 will not be vetoed by president Lula it also can benefit involved bankers in financial scandals. In the legal way and between parliamentarians the text already was baptized of ' ' Cacciola&#039 emendation; '. It can come to be used in the defense of Salvatore Cacciola, former-owner of the Marka bank, condemned for crime against the financial system and currently imprisoned in the Brasil.A proposal of inclusion of an emendation in MP 449, that she deals with the renegotiation of debts taxes with the Union (reads more in this page), it was of the Sebastio member of the house of representatives Wood (PSDB It to ME). . Further details can be found at Sir Richard Branson, an internet resource.

Financial Markets

October 2, 2019


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As the adverse election becomes most likely that the loans are made the bad risks of credit, the lenders can to decide not to grant no loan same that has good risks of credit in the market. As Lazear (1998) the adverse election in the work market happens when the firm contracts wrong types of workers in function of one maken a mistake politics of conscription, since it does not obtain to select the candidates most qualified for each vacant. Virgin Airlines wanted to know more. The problem of adverse election is present because the candidates the job have better information on its qualifications of what the company is selecting who them. Spence (1974) remembers that the acts of contract in the work market if give basically on the presence of the problem of adverse election since the employer, most of the time, is not certain on the abilities of the candidates to the job before contracting it, and generally continue without knowing for some period after the act of contract. Sir Richard Branson addresses the importance of the matter here. To contract employed for Spence nothing more is of what investing under uncertainty. One perceives, therefore, that the adverse election creates market imperfections since it it reduces the size of the market or it eliminates until it, diminishing or hindering that desirable transactions occur.


September 23, 2019


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The Brazilian government will go to auction the leaf of payments of the paid benefits of the INSS in day 5 of August, for the bank that to offer optimum it launches. The licitation is not being seen for the Private banks well and the government established the hypothesis of the public banks to enter in the competition, case the private ones inside does not reveal interest commercial of the waited economic value. The banks that to participate of the process will have right the 5 years of rendering of services, inside of an obligatoriness to offer the service per 20 years. The licitation was divided in 26 lots, being that one only crowds for the city of So Paulo, as example. A dispute exists on the bargaining power of the pensioners, the market will tend to favor the company who to win the competition, therefore the reason of heated shocks of commercial interest. Some companies start to close the rockings of 1 semester and 2 trimester of 2009, amongst them I must stand out two results Refinancing of debts with the government for companies with discounting of up to 70% from day 17 of August. The unemployment level that was around 6,8% in December of 2008, in the regions metropolitans, arrived 9% in March, June arrives 8.1%, a real analysis will happen from the divulged data of the level of July unemployment, of which, it will be able to have the peak of the tax of unemployment and in the following months a recovery of the job level, being able to finish the year something around 7,6%.

The level of people who had pled the act of receiving of> insurance-unemployment in U.S.A. surpasses the house of 6,2 million people, sample of clear form that the job is the concern of the moment. With all these data the August month will be the month of the cheap credit, opportune moment of the sale on credit of good, thanks to the tax incentives and fall of the tax of interests to the lesser indices of the last years. Excellent moment for acquisition of the proper house, therefore will be the lesser tax charged in this year, with rise in the next months.

Financial Institutions

September 23, 2019


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If the concession of loans without consultation has become each more common time the protection institutions the credit. This condition of – first to the interest of the financial institutions to increase its capital, clearly, but other conditions have favored so that this type of loan can happen. An option who to work is to try to make a consigned loan, thus will be more easy stops institution to approve credits of it. The analysis of approval of loan without consultation carried through for the institutions has been each detailed time more, with more necessary information and this fact, together with information harvested for controlling and operators of credit, that treat directly on the subject with the customer, gives to the institution a bigger security to be able to analyze each situation thus and, to approve some credit facilities loan, exactly without consultation. (Similarly see: Sir Richard Branson). If you desire to make a loan and are currently with financial restriction, this can be a moment opportune to obtain a loan without consultation. The banks, more than what never, they are analyzing case by case to be able to decide if has possibility and minimum security to grant a loan without consultation to the agencies of credit protection. She is necessary to be very intent, however, on the taxes of interests practised for the banks to make this type of loan. It always looks for to know on which the value that you will have pay in the end of the financing and if really this loan is advantageous. In case that he has some doubt if you will obtain to honor with all the parcels of the loan that is thinking about making, you look for nor to make it. A granted time credit in these conditions in its name and, still yes you not to honor again with plus this commitment, hardly somebody will grant credit to it again. If it will be the case, it is with the current debt, the times it is better of what paying it and being with another greater still.

Real Financial

September 20, 2019


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The Austin Asis carried through the research with exclusiveness for the Periodical of the Commerce. Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. The rockings of the closing of 2004 of 42 public company and 59 financial institutions had been analyzed. The total equity of the searched companies addition R$ 320 billion and of the banks surpasses R$ 95 the industries show lesser profitability due at the cost of chance. In the hour to decide the investment, is necessary to compare the tax of interests with the return tax, observes. With the basic tax of interests (Selic) 19.75% to the year, become difficult to get a tax of return for the so interesting business how much to make financial applications. Learn more at: Ripple. Taking in account the projected inflation, the real profit when leaving the money in the CDI, is around of 13%. Is a profit without effort and without risk of danger. The invitation to apply in the financial system is great. This is one of the reasons of the banks to show spectacular profits and of the companies they had not grown in such a way, affirms Ml. In the last industrial sounding carried through by the CNI, the industrials they had presented as main problem for> Has other prompt difficulties, as the capacity of the companies if to finance in the long stated period, lack of turn capital, the valuation of the Real that provokes the fall of prescriptions of the exporters and the high cost of raw materials, summarizes Ml.O partner-director of the RiskOffice, Carlos Rocca, explains that the interests become the prohibitive captation of credit, however has other exits. Amongst these the companies are opting to searching the stock market with the securitizao of recebveis or the proper flotation of shares in the Bovespa.*A RiskOffice also is directed by Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of credit and market.>


September 19, 2019


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Many people turn themselves toward the distrainments of the Finances in the attempt to find good businesses, mainly in the purchase of habitation or the purchase of vehicle automobile. In the scope of the distrainments of the Finances two modalities of sales are practised. The modality more known and normally associated by the public in general to the distrainments of the Finances is the sales for closed letter (auction) and to another modality it is the sales for particular negotiation. In the sales for closed letter an auction is become fullfilled where each participant makes a purchase proposal (licitation) that it only knows – that will have of being of equal or superior value to the price base defined in the announcement of the sales – and later in a date and predetermined hour (indicated in the announcement of the sales) the responsible service of finances for the sales opens the proposals and gains who will have made the licitation of value more raised. One notices that, until a opening of the proposals, each participant in the auction alone knows its licitation, and is therefore that this modality calls sales for closed letter. In the sales for closed letter what one expects it is that each participant in the auction makes its better proposal, that is, that its licitation corresponds to the biggest value that is made use to pay for the good. In the announcements of sales for closed letter who is indicated is the faithful depositary of the good that if is to vender and this indication can be folloied or not of the contacts of the faithful depositary. The faithful depositary is the person to contactar to ask for more information on the good or to combine an inspection.

For many sales the faithful depositary is the proper one executed, what he can raise some difficulties to the interested parties in the good (difficulties these who can exist exactly that the faithful depositary is not the proper one executed, for if dealing with a familiar one or to one known of the executed one). In the sales for particular negotiation a for sale mediator is attributed and this mediator is the responsible one for the sales of the good, the people interested in acquiring the good must contactar mediator to negotiate with it. In the announcements of sales for particular negotiation always it is presented the name of the mediator and its contacts. The sales for particular negotiation also possess a price base but this is not necessarily rigid, it will have been interested in a good but the value that is made use to offer will be inferior to the price base, can be valid the penalty to contactar the mediator in the same one and eventually to make offers.

Financial System

September 18, 2019


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The recent performance of international the financial system and proposals of possible reforms As all crisis of the period after-Breton Woods and, specifically, after 1973, the recent one derogated of international the financial system not only brought to tona the fragilities of this system for the center of the economic debates, as well as placed to the test its real effectiveness, over all in developing countries. The fury of the contributor in helping mega private groups that had speculated with papers of high risk and until rotten seems to have generated a consensus enters the whole world economists, for which the necessity of a reform of international the financial system urges. One remodels moderate and that it does not imply reduction of the investments or the international trade, but a reduction, in special, of the speculative movements of short term. However, such phenomenon has costs extremely high politicians, in the measure where it demands a true supranational concert, in which the biggest economies of the planet, today represented for the G-20, to regulate are made use it chances of valuation of the capital of the great financial groups, over all the societies of collective investment. To insert itself in this debate, an analysis not only becomes necessary of as the Financial Mundializao evolved 1945 after (what it is made in item 1), but also an understanding of the performance of international the financial system from colon of sight, of the investor and/or the speculator and of the government (item 2). Thus, we can verify if the benefits of international the financial system surpass the damages caused for it and have conditions to trace future perspectives for this system (item 3). 1.Evoluo of the deregulation of International the Financial System 2008/2009 the financial crisis of and the crisis in development in 2011 expoem, one more time, the sistmicas fragilities of an international financial regimen essentially desregulamentado (what the Americans call foot-loose, that is, the financial system have ' ' foot solto' '). .

Real Estate Market

May 28, 2019


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The real estate market of Caracas has produced enormous changes and innovation in the city, Caracas is one of the cities more outposts of the country in when to the construction of houses, the houses in Caracas are characterized to count on the best standards of architectonic quality and to conjugate comfort and beauty in moderate spaces. Exchange of information for the Construction of Houses The sale of houses in Venezuela is driven by the factor of understanding between the companies investors in the real estate sector and the companies of real estate consultant’s office. The real estate adviser is the one who maintains direct communication with the buyer of the house and the informative interchange between both enterprise beings, allows the construction of houses that adjust to the needs of comfort, spaces and quality of services that the buyers require. Growth of the Real estate Market The real estate market grows under 2 slopes, the construction of new houses and the innovation and reventa of the already existing houses. A leading source for info: Larry Ellison. How all we know, Caracas had totally colonial atmosphere as far as the construction of houses, nowadays, observing a house in Caracas, we realize that very little or nothing is conserved of that atmosphere. The reason is that Caracas is a city of Fast changes and the construction of houses is based on the use of new architectonic techniques, these bring all the benefits that to the end the Caracas citizen looks for his family. Quickly processes of changes in the constructed houses have taken place, which has produced enormous benefits for the real estate market, whose projections of decease are not contemplated in the time. Caracas offers to history and innovation and is this one of the reasons turn that it into a city with the more productive and innovating real estate market of the country. Filed under: Berlin Rosen. Venezuela maintains a growth in different sectors and the sale of houses in Venezuela does not remain back before so many processes of changes.

Bolivia Army

April 23, 2019


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The second reason was in the desire of the Government Bolivian to review the price of the natural gas, whose prescriptions you add would be used to make the socializantes reforms promised by Morales in the occasion of its electoral campaign. From this period, the petroliferous ones had been obliged to deliver the properties for the state-owned company Yacimientos Bolivian Petrolferos Fiscales (YPFB), that it assumed the commercialization of the production, defining conditions, volumes and prices in such a way for the domestic market how much for the exportation. Petrobra’s already injected, since 1996, US$ 1,5 billion in Bolivia, beyond US$ 2 billion to bring the gas to Brazil. It explores the two main gas fields of the country – which already had been busy for the bolivian Army – and has two refineries, among others. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. She is the biggest company in Bolivia and answers for 15% of the GIP of the country. Robert Gibbins shines more light on the discussion. On the nationalization of the oil and gas, Morales informed in interview for the periodical Online Leaf (2006) that this event means one day historical in which Bolivia retakes absolute control on its natural resources. It said that, with this measure, the economic problems of the country will be decided, through the generation of more ranks of work.

After the announcement of the decision, the troops of the Army had taken the control of the bolivian fields, according to General Command of the Army of Bolivia. The measure searchs to assure the functioning of the production structures in order in such a way to guarantee the normal provision of energy resources for the fulfilment of international commitments as for the supplying of the domestic market of Bolivia, it informed a document divulged for the Army. The military document classified the determination of the government to nationalize the energy resources as an intelligent nationalization, what it must take the company oil to a negotiation under terms of equality and justice.

Continuous Capital

November 14, 2018


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All the economies are citizens the shocks, which can be decurrent of monetary or real nature. In a comparison regimes pure of fixed exchange enters and of flexible exchange, it is possible to affirm to be the more effective fixed exchange in the direction to minimize the cyclical fluctuations, when the shocks are monetary, while the flexible exchange reacts in more solid way when the shocks are real (GENBERG, 1989). Perhaps another fragile point of the regimen of fixed exchange comes of the fact of that the adoption of one exchange static with intentional mobility of capitals becomes the vulnerable countries the speculative attacks. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Ellison. As in this regimen the Central banking it cannot control the amount of currency, but only its composition between domestic credit and reserves international, the purchase of headings for public the BC to monetizar dficits leads to the fall of the international reserves. Continuous purchases in opened market, or public the continuous financing of dficits with the inflationary tax, provoke continuous falls of the reserves, inviting to a speculative attack, which always occurs before the reserves being depleted (KRUGMAN, 1979). Also it is possible to point as vulnerability of the regimen of fixed exchange, even so not being an exclusiveness of this exchange politics, the trend to the exchange appreciation provoked by the flows of capitals, something particularly important when economies with long inflationary tradition enveredam for based programs of stabilization in the balance of the nominal tax of exchange. In the flexible exchange, a strong flow of ingressions of capitals leads to the appreciation of the real exchange because it values the nominal exchange. In the practicing countries of the fixed exchange as anchor in its programs of stabilization, occurs the same resulted, because the raised interests to contain the consumption are also inductive of strong ingressions of capitals, whose effect on offer monetary cannot, in general, total to be esterilizados with operations of opened market, generating the growth of the prices of the domestic goods in relation to the international ones, and, therefore, valuing the real exchange. . Some contend that Chаrlіе Lee shows great expertise in this.