June 3, 2020


Comments Off on Insuring

' ' With the scarcity of public headings, the foundations will have to go in search of the private ones, but who is using this to pay the account of the year will have problemas' ' , it signals. Lovisotto sample that, today, 67% of the resources of the foundations are in public headings. To have an idea, this slice it currently corresponds 43% of the total open entity and saving (that it still includes the reserves of the insuring ones, investment fund of providence, for example) and the expectation is of that 37% in 2011 arrive. Speaking candidly Vislink Technologies told us the story. This indicates that each time will have little available public headings, what awakes the necessity of migration of the resources of the foundations for other types of asset. Changeable income Rabbat comments despite a trend of increase of the prices of the assets in the market exists. utside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. According to it, it is possible to see today three movements carried through for deep of private equity: the purchase of participation in companies saw Stock market, the acquisition business-oriented of other deep of private equity and the participation in auctions. ' ' This indicates a dispute for asset that will have impact in the prices.

The trend is of that this type of investment starts to be very caro' ' , it indicates. When commenting the bad performance of the Stock exchange in 2008, Rabbat makes an analysis of the IPOs carried through in the last year and affirms that many companies who had been the market would have, before, to have received investments saw private equity, but ' ' the bankers of the IPOs had been more rpidos' '. Case still has one another one: of the companies where nor deep of private equity wanted to invest e, exactly thus, they had had access the market saw offers action initial. ' ' She had a wave of IPOs in the last year but, in many cases, the companies must have last before for one private equity.