Socialist State

June 2, 2020


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With the end of this war, these investors if had hurried in removing its capitals in the Stock exchange to invest again in the Europe. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Fowler is the place to go. This situation provoked a true collapse in financial system North American e, after that, as consequence of the Inter-relations of the capitalist, world-wide system. Displayed the three forms of if looking at economic collapse North American e, the tow, world-wide, we will go to analyze the main points of this call Crisis of 1929. The economic crises are seen of different form as the theoretical referencial. For the marxists, the economic depressions evidenced that the capitalist system would arrive at a period of training where to such they would ruiriam it crises, demonstrating its contradictions, the point of making to pull down while system. However, for classic liberalism, based for Adam Smith and Davi Ricardo, such crises were ' ' normais' ' until good comings, therefore showed the transformation power that the capitalism possua.

In these economic crises, less the chemical preparations fell. Sobravam, however, the most enabled. The historical context where if it passes the Crisis of 1929 evidences that this, however, cannot be considered a common crisis, ' ' normal' '. The countries just left the World War I do not obtain to retake previous the ciphers economic the war. Moreover, the capitalism had advanced in the great industrialized countries. This situation provoked an interrelation between these capitalist countries considered ' ' centrais' '. On the other hand, the peripheral countries, as of Latin America, they survived basically of the exportations to these developed countries more economically. This net of mutual dependences made with that a North American economic crisis became world-wide ratios. The Soviet Union was not only affected with such crisis, accurately because it was not part of this net of capitalist relations, therefore in this country had a Socialist State.