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Victor Kungurov

March 8, 2018


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Buck also has protection (casing) from the bottom and sides. In addition, the machines include the special protection of electrical equipment: Electrical system never exceeds 24 V, electrical wiring consists of wires, prevents the seamless top shell, which is not subject to corrosion, electricity is protected from high loads with fuses (factory manufacturing) or circuit breakers. The drive control switch is located in the cab and also outside of machine tools. All vehicles used for transport of dangerous goods, are equipped Grounding the metal chain over a length of 200 mm and a metal pin to protect against static and atmospheric electrical charges in the parking lot. Back across the width of the tank has a bumper guard against attacks. Piping and ancillary equipment of tanks installed at the top of the tank are protected from damage in case of rollover. Motor vehicles used to transport dangerous goods must include: a set of hand tools to perform an emergency repair of machine tools, fire extinguishers, shovel, and the necessary amount of sand to extinguish a fire, 2 va stationary power flashlight with flashing (or constant) lights orange.

Tanks of snow-white, reflective color to the summer it was heated. Machines equipped with license, identification signs, and marked the words "PROPANE FLAMMABLE. " The goods exhibited a safety data sheet information about the danger of containing international code of emergency measures, which indicated the substance carried, than to stew in the event of an incident. "For LNG vehicle drivers transporting gas, subject to strict requirements. Gary Kelly has similar goals. First of all, must be continuous service as a truck driver in the past three years. Then the driver passes a special training that includes the study of information about the risks, characteristics of dangerous goods training in the first aid – said the head of road economy "Omskgorgaz" Victor Kungurov. – The result is a special driver training certification testifying to his admission to the carriage of dangerous goods.

Opel Astra

March 7, 2018


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Opel Astra old engine installed, but rather from habit than from absolute necessity. New ESOTES-units and more powerful and more economical. Already there is a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine modification of the old that produces 100 hp, for a test, unfortunately, not exposed. The base 1.2-liter gasoline engine provides the 65 forces of power and the car can accelerate to 100 km / h for 16 and up to 165-T maximum. For the time being in the cabin of passengers does not appear, and in the trunk – a heavy load, the dynamics of not upset the car and the suspension of this modification significantly softer more 'charged' modifications. The absence of a tachometer, and some restrictive markings on the speedometer scale baffling, especially against the background of the existence of such not cheap items such as ABS, four airbags and a navigation system. But the ratios of CPR is very competently done, it is very important for the feeble engines. The centerpiece of this variation – efficiency: to cover 100 km stirred for a new (city-suburb-freeway) evrotsiklu 1.2-liter 'Astra' to 6.1 liters of gasoline. Get all the facts and insights with Coupang, another great source of information.

If we are talking about the engines stopped, then venture to recommend future buyers a 1.8-liter panic as the perfect combination of high (115 hp) of power, decent economy and excellent suspension setup. With this engine 'Astra' a good feel on the highway (200 km / h top speed) and in the city (up to 10 'hundreds'). Even the headstock automatic transmission is slightly constrains the dynamics of the machine.

Electric Turbo Supercharger

March 7, 2018


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This phenomenon is called "turbo hole" QUICK RESPONSE AND ECONOMY analyzing the market of modern cars, KAMANN argues that by 2010-2012, the percentage of vehicles equipped with turbo-blowers will be 60-70% of the total number of sold cars. Having carefully considered all of the existing turbo-systems, experts KAMANN developed instrument, helping to respond quickly to change the pedal and the gas at the same time economical. These requirements can not yet be implemented in an engine equipped with a conventional turbo system. Engines with turbo system from exhaust gases are effective only within a certain range of engine speed. The undeniable advantage of electric turbo systems is the efficiency of air injection in the rev range engine, even when the engine is to run – forcing air already present in the intake manifold. Pumping the air when the engine is started, ELECTRIC TURBO-blower gives an instant response to pedal gas, even at low speeds. Plus, pumping the air during a shift, you are still constantly get extra energy to motion and acceleration.

This ensures you get the energy and fuel savings one! Turbo-supercharger Turbo-Systems ADDITION Also Electric Turbo Supercharger from KAMANN able to supplement the existing air supply systems in gasoline / diesel turbo engines, the acceleration of the car only get better. Most of the turbines begin to work effectively only over 2000-3000 rev / min, which means – the torque is below this value does not increase, which makes your car is not dynamic, and the engine – weak. This feature of the engine with the classic turbo system rooted in the past. With the installation ELECTRIC TURBO-blowers, even at 1200-1500 rev / min and after 1 second after pressing the accelerator pedal, your engine gets a more clean air, not wasting valuable energy in this case. Torque is increased at the same time by 10-12% compared to the classical method of engine air intake! INCREASES POWER – AND ECONOMY The main advantage after installing ELECTRIC TURBO-Blowers – getting to the engine of continuous torque and rapid acceleration of the vehicle. KAMANN AUTOSPORT car compared with a gasoline engine 1.4, but with ELECTRIC TURBO-installed supercharger, and the same brand car with a gasoline engine 1.6 and without a supercharger, and got the result: both cars about the same horsepower and torque (acceleration dynamics), and is almost unchanged in fuel consumption! This means that the engine has the same 1.4 power, and that engine 1.6, while consuming less fuel. The owner of the car while driving to save 10% fuel!

Allpowerful Prime Movers

July 4, 2017


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Tractor-trailer – a titanium-athlete! Truck – cargo transport which can be applied to tow vehicles or other large equipment. Truck tractors are powerful and reliable. Most often, the engine power ranges from 336 to 410 horsepower. Tractor-trailer is able to make a trailer weighing up to 80 tons. Today's tractors are safe to use, simple and economical, they are most suited to both urban Russian roads, and international highways of any length.

Truck tractors are razvoznye freight cars, they are available to almost any problem relating to the daily traffic within the city and for his feature. As Typically, the tractors attach great importance to human comfort, control traffic, the cab is equipped with means of isolation from vibration and noise, allowing the driver to feel almost like a normal car. Tractor MAZ – in any way Gorazd! MAZ truck tractors meet high requirements in terms of technical implementation, environmental safety, comfort in the cabin, the level of safety and noise. They can participate in international transportation, including the EU countries. MAZ 5432 enjoyed continued popularity. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info.

These tractors can participate in the trailers, gross weight of which varies from 28 to 40 that machines can be equipped with 3 engine choices (250, 330 or 400 horsepower) have eight or nine-mechanical gearbox. Have a relatively comfortable place to rest. Tractor MAZ 5433 is designed to Nedalny traffic, it is equipped with a standard cab. The technical implementation of these trucks are similar to MAZ 5420, differ only in the shorter wheelbase (from 3550 to 3300 mm) and a lower load on the fifth wheel mechanism (8, 8 to 8, 5 m). MAZ 544008 is perfect for transportation on highways in the train, the total mass can reach 44 tons. The load on the truck mechanism is from 9, 8 to 10, 6 tons diesel engine YMZ-7411. 10 has a capacity of 400 liters. S. and corresponds to high Euro-2 standards, it allows him the right movement with considerable speed. Its analog 544069 completed 410-horsepower diesel engine MAN D 2866 Euro-3. This tractor can be equipped with pneumatic rear suspension action. The cabin provides high roof and two seating areas. Tractors Series 6422 and 6430 are operated to full loaded 44 tonnes, these two models are different engines, consisting of a diesel engine YMZ-238DE2 (330 liters. SA) or JAMZ-7511. 10 (400 liters. SA) have, respectively, eight or nine-transmission. Maximum load on the truck mechanism is not over 14, 7 tons, the highest possible speed – about 100 km h Repair MAZ – please you! Repair MAZ – not an easy task, but the yield has long existed. MAZ sells services on repair and maintenance services. In addition to the repairs performed under warranty repair and replacement of engines, gearbox and clutch, cabins, electrical wiring and electrical equipment, brake systems, adjustment of fuel equipment.

Buying Car Insurance

May 19, 2016


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Car insurance market in our country is sufficiently developed. Services Car Insurance is able to offer a huge variety of insurance companies. How to correctly choose an insurance company and any unpleasant moments facing the wrong choice you can learn from this article. Distributed several contracts auto insurance. You should start with the most ordinary – CTP. This letter abbreviation for any driver familiar with cars. Decrypt very simple – the mandatory liability insurance owner car. The main feature of such auto insurance is that its presence is mandatory, and the tariffs for all insurers are the same and they are approved by law.

In this regard, many motorists did not even interested in the question to what company they insure their car. Although the occurrence of the insured event, they have the opportunity to evaluate the correctness their choice. Casco – is a comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. You can insure not only the car but also its internal devices. This type of insurance gives you the right to return any and all costs associated with damage or theft of your vehicle. Therefore, it is rapidly gaining momentum in sales. However, the cost of such insurance on the car does not seem accessible to everyone. In the exercise of choice for insurance firm conclusions Casco insurance contract, we must pay some attention to certain points: 1.

Calculating the price may be issued by an independent evaluator or a service Un (SRT). Better to give preference the second option, because then you are almost guaranteed the absence of any nezaschitannyh costs. 2. How is the transfer of cash compensation. If you bought a car on credit, financial resources will be transferred either the official station or bank. In the second version you most likely have to pay for repairs out of pocket, because Institution may consider this amount to repay the loan amount. 3. When an insurance company there is an emergency commissioner, is a significant plus. This specialist will help you correctly complete all necessary documents and to exclude employees of traffic police probability of error. 4. As much as possible Find out about the circumstances under which you will need supporting information and which specific. The requirements on this issue vary from insurance companies. 5. Do not miss the opportunity to read to the Internet reviews insurer, which agreed to insure the car. The main principle of car insurance is that you must provide Autoinsurance peace and guarantee security, rather than be the usual formality. Relying on this principle in choosing an insurer with the mind.

Ufa Car

May 17, 2016


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With the active expansion of urban and suburban space vehicles in the city of Ufa become increasingly necessary. Buying a car in Ufa, as in any city with a population of over one million inhabitants, requires large financial costs. Before proceeding to the selection, it is useful to conduct a simple market survey that will allow you to evaluate the capabilities and range, which offers a modern car market Ufa. For this we consider our most popular selling cars in Ufa: First place is occupied by the right dealer Ufa. Thanks to guarantee high quality service, support vehicle from the manufacturer through a dealer and various bonuses, car Ufa won the trust of many motorists. Here you can find a wide selection of cars to suit all tastes from different manufacturers – domestic, Japanese, European, and new traditional models. In the showroom you can also get credit. The next most popular car in the place of purchase i Ufa – this is the car market, where you can choose the right used car, but to predict the level of service impossible.

It plays an important role so-called human factor with respect to buyer-seller. Therefore, some motorists prefer to go for buying a car firm specializing in the sale used vehicles in operation. But this method of buying a car is always associated with some degree of risk as a used car can be sold by dishonest means (to be broken, etc.). Today popular appeal to the catalogs of specialized sites (avtoportaly), which sells cars in Ufa and other regions. The advantages of this method of shopping: a catalog of various vehicles, both new and used, complete and record information about the car, online tour of the entire catalog, ease pre-selection, the ability to quickly contact the owner of the vehicle for the discussion of all issues, the ability to immediately explore all the features of the model, saving time. These are some pluses in Ufa auto purchase by contacting avtoobyavleniyam on the Internet. Avtoportaly Ufa become more popular day by day, indicating that the reliability of such a mediator.

Taxi Services

May 4, 2016


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Transportation market is constantly updated with new services, taxis, and the saturation of leads to better service and new, original services. Already in vogue and in demand, so-called "Female" taxi, whose work is focused on servicing the beautiful half of humanity. Unusual, more often – pink color of the car, immediately attracts attention, and without a word makes it clear that this service will not give up take advantage of a lady of any age. Behind the wheel of taxis operate only women, and they serve only women. Passenger gladly bought a "woman's" taxi, preferring to use such a service, not risk of being attacked by a male driver. Problems of the past number of seats in the taxi, when a large company was forced to call multiple machines. Today, many of the taxi service provide a comfortable minibuses, buses and sometimes, up to fifty people.

The service "autopilot" long practiced by those who "took on his chest," do not risk to drive a car, preferring to delivery to the House took up a qualified driver. Convertible-cab with the wind you a ride around town or take your girlfriend to a romantic date place. Some taxi services are not denied to clients who need to transport animals. Salons such vehicles are equipped with comfortable cells, and some taxi drivers are thinking to earn even the transportation of horses. Starts in demand service – "the nurse on wheels", when the taxi will take or pick up your child from kindergarten or school. Signed long-term contract for this service will save you from unnecessary feelings of a favorite child.

A variety of services that provide taxi service, always will find his client, and the most profitable of them eventually will stand on a par with the rank and file services. Air and water taxi will save you from standing in traffic jams, taxis and tour a pleasant variety romantic date. Even "Solar Taxi" – a car that runs on solar power has a right to exist, and someday, you will not be surprised, having met a car on the tracks theme park. Moscow taxi – GOST 743 – we are happy offer you in addition to standard services – taxi to the airport, only 900 rubles.

Transport Services

April 13, 2016


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The spectrum of participants in the transport market is quite wide. But speaking of freight, primarily have in mind the services of trucking companies. They are most in demand not only due to optimal balance of price and quality, but also because of ever-increasing quality of service, accompanied by the provision of full information about the location of the cargo. Today in the trucking field, are actively developing not many transportation companies, which means that they are closed in a situation of strong competition and crisis. But the swift, though over the past half year has slowed economic growth in Russia, expanding trade corridors and of course, gradually augment the set of transportation and, most importantly, Trucking in Russia. It must be remembered that the use of only its own fleet, to implement a stable growing amount of work possible, but not economically viable. Southwest Airlines is full of insight into the issues.

Therefore, improving the process of transportation in Russia, our company maintains relationships with over 1000 transport companies, many areas of Russia. Ltd. ‘golden road’ for a long time debugged mutually relations, and now they work for you in the field of road transportation in Russia, as well as trucking and freight across Moscow, passengers. Our company ‘golden path’, is engaged in cargo transportation of goods, all kinds of weight categories, dimensions, road implements a variety of goods. And yet, here you can use the service Rent a bus or rent a van to Moscow. Our services also includes: rent truck, rent manipulator, low loader hire, rent the truck, construction equipment rental – rent a crane, excavator hire, tipper hire, etc. Trevor Clark Madison Capital is likely to increase your knowledge. Rental of vehicles – passenger traffic in Russia, the region, Moscow, carried out on buses, minibuses, which are excellent from 10 to 50 ticket holders. We have a transport company ‘golden path’ best specialists with expertise in their field of 5 years. in this regard, the hardness we can say that our clients are not aware of problems in the field of transportation, they only know our phone – 8 (495) 506-3794.

Freight Services

March 29, 2016


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Any company, large or small, faces the problems of delivery of goods. The raw materials necessary to deliver a distance, the finished product must also be transported to warehouses or directly to buyers. Problem freight rises, perhaps, almost in front of everyone, whether a large enterprise or small company. Searching the Internet, newspapers and magazines, those who can be entrusted with the carriage of goods, will find that these offers quite a lot. The verification is such a joy is premature: most companies – small companies that offer services at inflated prices, or 'local action', that is, they work, for example, only in the same region.

Prices of large and small companies hardly differ, but between the quality of services provided – a large pit. Large transport companies are willing to offer a truly competitive conditions of carriage goods in the market units. Usually, offers the following services: Air freight delivery Rail (including container) Trucking freight delivery Air freight is fast, but it is enough expensive, plus not all airports have yet even close, it should be considered. Container shipping all good, but, as well as airports, train stations is not available in all localities, and trains run every day is not all directions. Motor transportation of cargo – more mobile way: send a car at any time of day, to ensure optimal conditions for even the most specific goods in the cellar. Each way freight has its advantages and disadvantages. Which means of transport to choose depends on the particular order and the company, but in any case, if you turned in a good company you can count on the fact that the new Partner: – will be forwarding scheme – will freight forwarding services – will help select the technology for transportation – give advice on the selection of specific transportation and conditions of carriage – Prepare necessary documents – will cargo insurance – Provides for the necessary additional conditions of carriage of goods Anyway, the market for transportation now allow virtually any customer to find the optimal for him the conditions of carriage.

Lifting Services

March 28, 2016


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To find out, what kinds of lifting operations there, you need to begin to understand the concept of lifting work. Lifting work – all kinds of handling large-scale and bulky cargo. The main clients of firms providing rigging services are factories and enterprises that use at production oversized equipment (lathes, presses, cranes, etc.). Nature lifting work is varied and often depends on the amount and type of the transported object. In addition, the scaffold should possess universal knowledge in this area. All variety of rigging services can be divided divided into the following groups: – The apartment or cottage to move. As a rule, this type of rigging crew riggers fairly small (4-5 people) and a maximum of two or three trucks. – Office relocation.

Number of scaffold depends on the volume of transported equipment. Most often require the use of additional material handling equipment and one or more escort vehicles. – Industrial rigging. Most time-consuming and traumatic type of rigging. To implement it involved only qualified riggers and special powerful handling equipment. In addition, there is a division rigging of the type Shipping: – Rigging granular materials in the construction category. For these use the standard rigging capacity, attached to the rope of the crane. – Rigging granular materials category in the industry.

These rigging work is performed using electromagnetic clamps, which are so tightly fixed to the load lifting techniques that reduce the risk of damage to zero. – Rigging bags, boxes, barrels and other containers. Carried out by fixing the cargo Clamp, which protect it from tipping over or some sort of damage. – Rigging containers. With this type of rigging the container are fixed by vacuum or automatic capture systems. Given all the above, it becomes clear that for rigging services to best handle a special organizations that have an appropriate level of professional, able to deliver your cargo to its destination.