RuNet Open New Service Portal

January 13, 2020


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At the new site will not just accumulate the existing offers shippers, transport owners and their customers, but also the conditions for their interoperability. Organized a special platform where everyone can hold a tender for the best conditions for their transport. It is planned to provide cooperation in the field of transportation of any complexity. Ratings will be carriers. Competitions held for the best carrier, the driver, the highest quality web service. In order to ensure safe transport and protection of the rights of consumers begin to form lists of unreliable carriers. The portal only first month of work has already registered over two hundred carriers of different levels and over three hundred units of transport.

At present the vehicle registration and special for passenger traffic (cement, concrete, cars, etc.), as well as special vehicles: municipal and construction equipment. The new resource is already operating at full strength, but some services are still in test mode for optimum adjustment for the audience. Comments and suggestions on the resource will process the project manager Andrew Zienko. His experience working on large web projects is about 10 years. Here are the details he told about a new project: In RuNet Transport prices are lower and more used to search for travel and transport cargo was conducted mainly through newspaper advertisements and personal contacts. But the crisis processes and increasing competition – led this year to reduce traffic in the country almost a third.

This has led shippers and owners of transport to reconsider the usual relationship in the industry who were, moreover, are too complex and fragmented, with hundreds thousands of managers, heads of departments of transportation, team leaders are constantly searching for the transport tasks of companies spending a lot of time and effort. They increasingly look into the Internet now and open it own resources. Many private driver today have their own websites.