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Wilstedt Germany

August 4, 2020


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The use of telematic systems brings a variety of cost and security benefits in everyday business. Also, meet the travel books stored centrally in the company regulations and prevent tampering. In addition, continuous monitoring of driver activities means a backup of operating capital, by excluding the private use of company cars. Should there be labour processes, telematic systems due to a complete documentation of the driver activity as well as the vehicle movements bring significant benefits for the company. Usage logs and travel books offer a secure basis for the long-term optimization of usage plans.

Monthly or quarterly surveys help to reduce overtime by more efficient use of working time. In this respect, employees control is tantamount to optimize costs while protecting workers. Regular evaluations of vehicle data and driving provide information on possible training needs of the staff in addition the gentler or more efficient handling of company vehicles. A logbook of telematic systems automatically run is a secure basis for accounting and proof recognised by the tax authorities, for example, for field, independent craftsmen, courier services, nursing services, mobile security or winter services. Some of the built-in functions facilitate accounting for self-employed persons and small businesses, by data such as service and usage times for specific programs are available. Holger Hennek, founder of in the telematics industry is at home for years. With that experience in mind, his company is a good example, that expert advice from professionals in the implementation of complete systems for controlling staff provides additional time and cost advantages.

On the basis of thorough consultation, the professional consultants from Wilstedt help decide for the individually correct provider of telematic tracking solutions, the so are powerful as reasonably priced. Contact: Ltd.

Employer Branding

August 4, 2020


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Event series ‘Analytics meets community’ is already arranged in the fourth round for the fourth time in a row the STRIMacademy as a STRIMgroup company a survey convoy with experience sharing and WebEx Conference on employer branding and recruiting”for including interested recruiters and recruiter of large and medium-sized enterprises. Starting point for the profound engagement with the challenging theme of Ausbildungsrecruitments is the current demand market: more educational companies courting declining suitable candidates. But today, the need for qualified staff in the area of apprenticeships is higher than ever. And exactly at this point is the STRIMacademy. Learn more at this site: toddler clothing. The Internet-based information and communication channels an ever-greater importance. The participants learn how to significantly increase your Recruitingerfolg by the inclusion of Web-based technologies and attract so the right candidate for your company and win. The high number of Application inputs is not only more efficient increasingly using so-called online assessments, but can be done through the inclusion of more comprehensive tests also high quality.

These and other topics are the focus of this year’s survey convoy, which will take his statements as in the previous years with a two-day Exchange of experience at Hotel Schloss Edesheim..

Exponential Growth

August 4, 2020


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With 75 new employees the company may growth a staff amounting to around 37 percent percent for the year 2009. For TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH, Dusseldorf, 2010.02.03 new year starts where it left off in the last year: with new hires! The European market leader in the cargo and trunk exchanges is committed continue to the target, to deliver the best service the ever-growing Usership in the respective mother tongue. “” That in an economically more than challenging era of downsizing “or short-time working” for a medium-sized company to represent foreign words, is quite remarkable. All the more remarkable, the Dusseldorf TimoCom employee development must look to outsiders: alone in the last year were a total of 75 new, multilingual staff in Dusseldorf, as well as in the subsidiaries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary set – joined in January directly four more team members. This means an increase in the number of employees to about 37% for 2009 compared with the previous year.

“In addition to new hires the medium-sized companies forms also its in-house talent, what it last year with the certificate for the promotion of young scientists” by the Federal Agency for work is has been awarded. The mid-1990s became manageable 4-man company TimoCom, but with a heavy dose of passion, expertise and courage at the start. Now is the European market leader in the freight and cargo exchanges IT service provider. The perennial favorite TC truck & cargo was extended in October 2009 to the Europe-wide tendering platform TC eBid. A dynamic, motivated, and especially international team behind the success. In 2009 alone, the TimoCom could create a secure perspective for 75 new team members and their families. And while politicians are agonizing about himself, as Europe closer can grow together, the European Union is to live with TimoCom already. Our programs are available in 44 European countries and 24 languages.

Accordingly, our company is a true melting pot of cultures. We use these living internationality as a decisive success factor for TimoCom”, according to Ralf Breuer, Director of human resources at TimoCom. Optimistic about the company in the future looks: a further increase in sales, customer, and employee number is to estimate for 2010. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Isabel winking Lahari, M.A.

Employers Power

August 4, 2020


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“In addition to a significant reduction in the administrative burden for the employer, the thing cover offers power” especially for workers clear advantages: exploit the full potential of the 44 no tax, no social security contributions monthly electricity payment will be paid gross thing respect allowance from the untaxed automatic switching to the cheapest electricity supplier and electricity tariff in addition reduces power costs often even the Optionally selectable eco electricity rate of eligible new provider is cheaper than the existing normal electricity tariff “. “” “Digression – thing reference power” many employers and employees the thing is gasoline now “as so-called tank voucher” a term. Com. 8 ITA; “H 31 (1-4) LStR can employers dealing with E.g. by voucher cover of a defined thing” amounting to 44.00 allow tax and social insurance-free.

In most cases was the so far gasoline or diesel. But apart from the high administrative overhead on the Employers especially if he used the implementation without the assistance of an external Spezialdienstleisters the tank voucher has another major drawback for the workers: to absorb the fuel price fluctuations and to avoid a transcending of the franchise from 44,00 (and thus the subsequent inflow of shipping), the value of the thing cover gasoline usually maximum is 40. Month four valuable euros are given away”. “Compared to the thing cover power”: A 60 sqm single apartment is the monthly payment even over 44. “In the context of the thing cover power” this payment directly from the gross fee is collected and remitted by the employer. Possible additional payments be paid once per year then from the net. Refunds are paid to the bank account of the employee.

In the personal fee consultation all relevant for the employee points in the frame of the thing cover will be current”discussed and done: search of the cheapest provider compared with the current electricity bill / tariff / provider preparation of notice etc. “Alone through the installation” the matter cover power “in the monthly salary the net income of the employee can improve up to approx. 18.00 – s. calculation 1. The mandatory change to the cheapest provider brings additional savings potential. The compensation of the gaps in the social security (unemployment, sickness allowance) by the employer are already taken into account. Thus a single tax free and free social security salary extra in the context of a charge optimization catches again almost two of the net – wages legally due in 2010: the increase of in health insurance contributions of 2010 and the electricity price rises by the eco-electricity levy. To extend, for example, to the Internet fixed rate salary extra”now the charge optimisation, 40.00 could be a fee-plus i.H.v about s. (flat tax is paid by the employer) achieve 2 calculation. Summary: ValueNet group is live up to its position as the market leader, offering early solutions optimize charges on all interventions in the net income by the legislature with their concepts, which cost the employer nothing. The fee optimization is increasingly becoming the attractive solution to counteract the Government-mandated pay cuts as social security legally and effectively thought through, for example, through health-care reform or electricity price increases. Angela Kosa ValueNet group Aschheim, 18.10.


August 4, 2020


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The mere fact to fulfill their work often is insufficient, if the work that the person carries out doesn’t allow you to influence the decisions that affect them. Recommendations management should be vigilant of how manifested in organizational behaviour of the company, the labor climate than it is generating environment product labor not only accompanied by an ergonomics that favors him, but the atmosphere of work product of well defined functions, recognitions, performance, motivation, leadership, communication, among others. Heredia, reminds us that one of the methods most commonly used to create a better working environment is the involvement of employees. Additional information at Confluence Investment Management LLC supports this article. This can be accomplished through the use of certain number of systematic methods that allow employees to play an active role in the decisions that affect them, as well as in its relationship with the organization. Through these methods, employees gain a sense of responsibility, of belonging, even, on decisions involving. For to succeed, however, isolated from participating in some decisions opportunities are not sufficient; It is necessary that the participatory practice becomes an integral part of the philosophy of the company.

The challenge facing the leaders of high level of all types of organizations now consists of the creation of a corporate culture that confer effective authority and responsibility to persons working in the company. This trend to the more equitable distribution of the authority of a trend widespread in the modern world. In Europe, where there are strong incentives to implement systems that share the effective authority within the Organization, this philosophy is called the stage of industrial democracy. In the case that concerns us in Venezuela, we can point out that unfortunately in many companies that democracy is not, for many flawed reasons that have organizations, especially in the hiring of staff, and where the favoritism, the political commitment of friendship merman what could be a good working atmosphere. Very valid is that manifest that Pygmalion is known as the phenomenon.

The term derives from a play by a well-known playwright of beginning of century and means that (as a distinguished professor who is the hero of the play) people tend to correspond to the expectations that his superiors have of them. An expectation of poor results and bad behaviour corresponds, in general, bad behavior and terrible outcome. On the contrary, an expectation of high human quality corresponds in the majority of cases an effort optimal to achieve the high levels of excellence that are deposited on a person or in a given group. Already ended the era of the foremen, captains of industry and leaders charismatic and incapable of being wrong; in the 21st century we are witnessing the advent of what can be called with all property the stage of industrial democracy. Conclusions is valid when it is said that the improvement of the work environment has a close relationship with the encouragement of the participation of employees. Such participation can concentrate on the solution turns of everyday problems or in making decisions about the content of the post held, and staff gives the certainty that their opinions have and value. Like the human being and finds it necessary to know that identifies you and is taken into account.

Healthy Employees

August 3, 2020


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The most common side effects of modern office activity include health care and maintenance with the original Bowen technique shoulder and neck problems, back and head pain. Many workers in companies and public authorities spend eight daily and more hours on the PC. Active health care is needed here more than ever. In the meantime many employers have recognized this: investing in the health of their employees, because they know: healthy employees are the best asset. That thought is also the line of the Amtsgericht Giessen and organized a health day for the 250 employees. The particularly coveted offers the BOWTECH included applications of Kerstin Mack’s fitness trainer. Kerstin Mack, even Assistant at the District Court of Giessen, knows the problems of the staff well from their own experience. In recent months, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has been very successful. “Of great interest to BOWTECH she was surprised but then: the list of the applications was full after half a day.” The original Bowen technique known as BOWTECH is a method that the both the body as well as the soul again brings into balance and strengthens the immune system.

Targeted handles used gentle pulses, so that relaxes the body and the entire body system comes back into balance. The positive effect extends to both the physical and the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual level of the clients. “BOWTECH enhances not only the general well-being in every situation, but can be used to relieve acute Schmerzsymptomatiken: often I kept some colleagues a few steps before that, home must go to, because they were badly”, said Kerstin Mack. Health Day in court she had all hands: In the hourly Exchange there were parallel five people each. This simultaneous application is possible only because the BOWTECH users makes an at least two-minute pause after each handle. So he gives the body time to record the received pulses and to implement. Relax the muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system, and are the body’s own powers stimulates. Check out Adam Portnoy for additional information.

So serves both BOWTECH: health care and the health of the employees. Their training to the BOWTECH Pracititonerin has completed the fitness trainer at the BOWTECH Academy Germany. Nationwide offers seminars and training courses: for professionals such as naturopaths, doctors and physical therapists as well as for medical laymen.

Employment Law

August 3, 2020


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Leipzig – important points labour law titled law legal issues is always a complex issue. An undertaking which is doomed to fail is to beat, even through the labor law in Leipzig. Because the labour law is in any labour code enshrined in Germany, but consists of many small laws. (As opposed to FPUC Program). Labour law in Leipzig is a term that the people with legal issues would find a good lawyer in Leipzig. In Leipzig, there are many people who are subject to an employer. In employment law, you should take care not to be exploited and to preserve its rights. The lawyer helps one, if you want to know whether the contract of employment is fair. Finally there are laws that govern the relationship of employer and employee, not for nothing.

Part-time employees and free employees are subject to as certain laws such as permanent staff at the bullet labour law in Leipzig. Labour law is to comprehensively protect really all employees. Employment law: The work contract before a Employment relationship is, you sign an employment contract which sets out the rules and obligations between the two parties. The employment contract can be too informal, so orally. In addition to the rights and obligations of employers and employees, also the compensation work is regulated.

You can find a good lawyer in Leipzig. Labour law Leipzig belongs also a good advice to the point, if either party breaks the contract of employment in any way. Looking for a lawyer then. Leipzig has many qualified lawyers. Employment law is a point not to be underestimated. Working conditions can also be regulated in collective agreements, you can find also the labour law Leipzig under the bullet. Lawyer can clarify all issues relating to labour law Leipzig Leipzig Leipzig Attorney labour law. A good legal advice is a prerequisite for a carefree life. Because legal issues on a coming, you should know what to do and what not. Employment law Leipzig is important for all Leipzig citizens, so that they well informed and are protected if they enter into a work contract.

Self Marketing

August 2, 2020


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The new women & work column why some women are more successful in the profession than others? Why not make it the one upwards and the other? The answer lies not only in the personality and the own go founded, but also in art, women, expertly to market their skills and talents. Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling and personal brand positioning, explained monthly in the women & work column on, as well as women can develop an own branding and self marketing strategies there is. Successful brands are fascinating and hardly a man can resist the power of the brand. For more specific information, check out FPUC Program. Have a clear profile and are often unrecognizable by a simple trademark symbol. The so-called trade mark”is evidence of trust and quality, the buyer automatically concede the product or service often, without the brand ever to have themselves tested.

We can learn much from the analogy to the brand”. Helps to develop your own brand character”, from the Mass of candidates to stand out and to be positive in the optimal case,”says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the exhibition-Congress women & work. Her experience women is often missing is still finishing the last when it comes to the own positioning and skills, to effectively market the own skills and knowledge regardless of whether this involves the application to a managerial position or negotiating a higher salary. Women are prone to understatement, a big mistake when it comes to assert themselves in the competition”, she says. “” With our new column be your own brand “we women until to the women & work on 6 June 2013 in Bonn monthly tips, want to can as they build their own brand and in business talks successful.” Technically, Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling, will accompany this column. “” “The column initially extends over less than a year, and is divided in the focus brand identify” understand brand,”living brand”.

The Start

August 2, 2020


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The mother who is habit 7: 00 automatically but totally sleepy, annoyed and unausgeruht awake and such as the animals feed but necessarily must, is totally annoyed and can’t make it to produce a balanced atmosphere for the child. This child, which came into the world much later, than how it would respond to his own impulse, starts his start in life in a rather tortured way. Because it senses the bad mood, possibly even to scream, because the mother annoyed due to a short night’s sleep can not well bear the screams of the child. Thus, as in throwing a bowling ball, everything in this family continues accordingly as was the start. If this child as an adult came to his genetic reality measured too late then to look back striking events in life on the world on 10 to 12 or write on the occasion of a birth time correction developed by esoteric astrologers, so these events happen just exactly why then and on this and no other place, because his life was just the start at 4: 00 and not at 20: 00. Nicki Minaj will not settle for partial explanations. Clarify because the family affiliated unlike began the following day as she would have done it if all rested, got up here countless examples could be in, which is what I wanted to say. Therefore I consider the current birth time correction of this esoteric astrologers also not necessarily reliable for above reasons.

In accordance with his pulse, the child would have her at 20 on this world. The 10 or 12 striking and important events occurred thereafter in this family-minded event loop or event line would have occurred automatically at another time and in another place or partly not. This is because often or usually the force field of the Earth runs synchronously with the investment potential of the child, which would have its own pulse out at the right time according.