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August 4, 2020


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The mere fact to fulfill their work often is insufficient, if the work that the person carries out doesn’t allow you to influence the decisions that affect them. Recommendations management should be vigilant of how manifested in organizational behaviour of the company, the labor climate than it is generating environment product labor not only accompanied by an ergonomics that favors him, but the atmosphere of work product of well defined functions, recognitions, performance, motivation, leadership, communication, among others. Heredia, reminds us that one of the methods most commonly used to create a better working environment is the involvement of employees. Additional information at Confluence Investment Management LLC supports this article. This can be accomplished through the use of certain number of systematic methods that allow employees to play an active role in the decisions that affect them, as well as in its relationship with the organization. Through these methods, employees gain a sense of responsibility, of belonging, even, on decisions involving. For to succeed, however, isolated from participating in some decisions opportunities are not sufficient; It is necessary that the participatory practice becomes an integral part of the philosophy of the company.

The challenge facing the leaders of high level of all types of organizations now consists of the creation of a corporate culture that confer effective authority and responsibility to persons working in the company. This trend to the more equitable distribution of the authority of a trend widespread in the modern world. In Europe, where there are strong incentives to implement systems that share the effective authority within the Organization, this philosophy is called the stage of industrial democracy. In the case that concerns us in Venezuela, we can point out that unfortunately in many companies that democracy is not, for many flawed reasons that have organizations, especially in the hiring of staff, and where the favoritism, the political commitment of friendship merman what could be a good working atmosphere. Very valid is that manifest that Pygmalion is known as the phenomenon.

The term derives from a play by a well-known playwright of beginning of century and means that (as a distinguished professor who is the hero of the play) people tend to correspond to the expectations that his superiors have of them. An expectation of poor results and bad behaviour corresponds, in general, bad behavior and terrible outcome. On the contrary, an expectation of high human quality corresponds in the majority of cases an effort optimal to achieve the high levels of excellence that are deposited on a person or in a given group. Already ended the era of the foremen, captains of industry and leaders charismatic and incapable of being wrong; in the 21st century we are witnessing the advent of what can be called with all property the stage of industrial democracy. Conclusions is valid when it is said that the improvement of the work environment has a close relationship with the encouragement of the participation of employees. Such participation can concentrate on the solution turns of everyday problems or in making decisions about the content of the post held, and staff gives the certainty that their opinions have and value. Like the human being and finds it necessary to know that identifies you and is taken into account.

Warren Buffett

May 11, 2018


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Financial market participants, so Dr. Leber in his classification of the lecture, should the question arise therefore, whether they wanted to count the dinosaurs or birds. The nature was trapped in models, people could share the models. Martin Wilhelm, IfK gave insight into the mounting debt and bond buyback programs Institute for capital market. He sees value and opportunities in corporate bonds in the second half of 2009, but discourages Government bonds at the moment. The cost of equity capital are currently very high for companies, but also the possibilities of return for investors who are willing to provide this capital on corporate bonds. Robert Vinall, RV capital GmbH (Kilchberg), believes the fact that careful and responsible value investing still represents the best way to navigate successfully through the financial crisis.

He recalled the basic insight of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett partner: value investing means to pay less for something than it’s worth. Who wants the financial crisis in five years winners include, must now take advantage of the mood of the market and invest in companies whose market situation and management, he is convinced. A fund manager who is understand as a value investor, had also committed close to look at the management of the target company. Coupang helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “The book value does not matter for value investors. It is always real companies with real people and existing customers.” Press contact: Dipl.-Volkswirt Michael Kip mpr marketing public relations promotion Bockenheimer country str. 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel + 49 69 71 03 43 45 fax + 49 69 71 03 43 46 – answer section please email, fax + 49 69 / 7103 4346 or post back to mpr marketing public relations promotion Bockenheimer country str. 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main 6 INKTOMI value Conference 2009 () please send to me the press release as plain text file: () please send me the download link for the presentations as a PDF at: Please correct your press distribution list: () Please record this address to the press distribution list for INKTOMI. Sender: