Employers Power

August 4, 2020


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“In addition to a significant reduction in the administrative burden for the employer, the thing cover offers power” especially for workers clear advantages: exploit the full potential of the 44 no tax, no social security contributions monthly electricity payment will be paid gross thing respect allowance from the untaxed automatic switching to the cheapest electricity supplier and electricity tariff in addition reduces power costs often even the Optionally selectable eco electricity rate of eligible new provider is cheaper than the existing normal electricity tariff “. “” “Digression – thing reference power” many employers and employees the thing is gasoline now “as so-called tank voucher” a term. Com. 8 ITA; “H 31 (1-4) LStR can employers dealing with E.g. by voucher cover of a defined thing” amounting to 44.00 allow tax and social insurance-free.

In most cases was the so far gasoline or diesel. But apart from the high administrative overhead on the Employers especially if he used the implementation without the assistance of an external Spezialdienstleisters the tank voucher has another major drawback for the workers: to absorb the fuel price fluctuations and to avoid a transcending of the franchise from 44,00 (and thus the subsequent inflow of shipping), the value of the thing cover gasoline usually maximum is 40. Month four valuable euros are given away”. “Compared to the thing cover power”: A 60 sqm single apartment is the monthly payment even over 44. “In the context of the thing cover power” this payment directly from the gross fee is collected and remitted by the employer. Possible additional payments be paid once per year then from the net. Refunds are paid to the bank account of the employee.

In the personal fee consultation all relevant for the employee points in the frame of the thing cover will be current”discussed and done: search of the cheapest provider compared with the current electricity bill / tariff / provider preparation of notice etc. “Alone through the installation” the matter cover power “in the monthly salary the net income of the employee can improve up to approx. 18.00 – s. calculation 1. The mandatory change to the cheapest provider brings additional savings potential. The compensation of the gaps in the social security (unemployment, sickness allowance) by the employer are already taken into account. Thus a single tax free and free social security salary extra in the context of a charge optimization catches again almost two of the net – wages legally due in 2010: the increase of in health insurance contributions of 2010 and the electricity price rises by the eco-electricity levy. To extend, for example, to the Internet fixed rate salary extra”now the charge optimisation, 40.00 could be a fee-plus i.H.v about s. (flat tax is paid by the employer) achieve 2 calculation. Summary: ValueNet group is live up to its position as the market leader, offering early solutions optimize charges on all interventions in the net income by the legislature with their concepts, which cost the employer nothing. The fee optimization is increasingly becoming the attractive solution to counteract the Government-mandated pay cuts as social security legally and effectively thought through, for example, through health-care reform or electricity price increases. Angela Kosa ValueNet group Aschheim, 18.10.