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First Information

May 31, 2016


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And only with registration of new businesses, it goes down. But the most profitable be a leader. Catalog – it's almost like a search engine. If the company is famous, and her account attends a lot of people, it is always prominently displayed. And that leads to even greater flow of customers. But check in the directory – it is not just adding a contact. You are given the opportunity to influence their own presence.

Diverse functional site will collect statistics about the users coming to you, to see their opinion count conversion, etc. That is a real tool to optimize their success. Thus, the catalog will help you: make a visual "hook" the visitor through the company's logo, provide the user with complete information on currently, in the best form to present the price list with photos of goods to be constantly in mind when using banners; become so popular, that popularity will she work for you. Directory is very easy to use, as customers who post information about their organization or company, and for visitors seeking information about the specific products or services. The ultimate goal for clients is that their company was found and all information was provided by the visitor. Customers, in turn, can get a complete list of all organizations to meet their request. Here, the whole secret. Need to attract clients to his company was found the first, and the visitor has expressed interest in his company. In order to achieve maximum results in an advertising company in the directory should be the most effective use of all the properties directory.

Enterprises Cost

May 31, 2016


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By Jorge Paulino electrical engineer cost accounting is a powerful tool in the planning and control of the activities of a company, being an effective tool to analyze the behavior of costs in decision making and meet requirements of the accounting and tax firms. Fundamental is the perfect detail all costs, which will allow the study of correlations between the level of activity, the volume produced and costs and revenues in a given period, giving the administrator of an overview of the performance of production and the financial health of the company. The definition of expenditure, according to hairstyle and Graeml in his book management of production (industrial operations and services), is everything that costs and source of the application that has a counterpart, a recipe that it produces a residual value we call non-profit. Also according to hairstyle and Graeml, we can classify the types of costs such as: the first cost: cost is only includes raw materials (including components) and labor consumed directly in the manufacture of a product in particular. CP = MP + consumed MOD, (MP consume = EIMP + MP costs EFMP) where: CP = initial cost MP = matter premium EIMP = initial inventory of matter premium EFMP = ending inventory of material raw material cost of transformation: the company is investing to transform raw materials and components into finished products.

He represents labor and direct production overheads. TC = GGF + MOD where: CT = cost of processing MOD = direct labor GGF = Generale de fabrication cost of production expenses: represents, in a period of time, the cost of inputs used in the process of transformation of raw materials and components into finished products. CPRO = MP consumes + MOD + GGF where: CPRO = cost of production MP = matter Prima GGF = indirect costs of fabrication cost of manufactured products: represents in a given period, the cost of production of the products (goods + services) manufactured in the period.

Secret Money

May 29, 2016


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You do interesting conversationalist? 6.Bezdeystvie. I want a prince on a white horse (or white ‘Mercedes’), and I want to sit. Need to take some action! Think, where ‘inhabits’ the man of your dreams? Where he is resting, than asked what he friends. Shlomo Kalish wanted to know more. Appear in these places, there you will find it exactly! Determine-what you really want? 7.Neuverennost a low self-esteem, complexes and fears. Where does low self-esteem? It is your belief, ‘I have no fall in love ‘,’ my ugly face (body shape and other options) ‘,’ I am not worthy of such men, who want to ‘,’ to men I do not pair ‘,’ I’m not sexy ‘, etc. Your choice? 8.Neznanie-what do I want.

What is it, your man? External species, age, character, what he was doing, what his hobbies, hobbies, education, life principles. What do you like it? Write it all on paper, it will start visualizing your man. “You become so, what are you most think. And you will attract what most think. It always works for everyone! Do you believe you’re in it or not. ” (The film “The Secret”) 9.Nesootvetstvie. After you write a description of its man, look at how you sootvetstvuesh this image. For example, he plays sports, but you have extra 20-30 pounds and a gym for you until something is unenforceable, you smoke, and he leads a healthy life, he loves move, travel, you love to lie on the couch, he expects their finances and spending, you spend money impulsively.

Your choice? 10.Mnenie others. ‘This man is not for you’, ‘Why do you need this? “,” He was already married, and this not be the last ‘,’ He has no higher education ‘,’ He’s uncommunicative, you will be bored with him ‘, etc. Pay attention only to their comfort in communicating with this man, whether he likes you, not your friends and family. It your relationships and draw more! 11.Rasskazyvat about their past partners and relationships. This you can ‘kill’ your relationship from the very beginning! What was-proshlo.Muzhchina-owner, if he is in love, not destroy it by their own sense of hands! There are many other topics to talk! 12.Prosit money to complain. Everyone knows that a lot of money not byvaet.Chasto woman, a man acquainted with the secured somehow believes that he must at once showered her diamonds, apartments and cars. Whether by itself, develop relationships, everything else will come! You most like people who kept on complaining about something or ask for money? 13. ‘Show off’. No need to ‘fill her worth’, male and so see what you imagine yourself out in reality. Whether by itself, your uniqueness will naturally attract the best quality and ego.Tvoi so visible, develop them! When you see that someone is behaving unnatural, do you like?

Wall Preperation

May 26, 2016


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Preparation of walls, floor and ceiling began to Ddya determine the type of finish and quality of the walls. Preparing walls for painting and wallpapering to determine the quality of the wall (and, hence, subsequent work), it is necessary to determine verticality of the walls plumb, and the evenness of their long rail (the rule). Similarly define ceilings, horizontal level, or building operdelyaetsya gidrourovnem. Putty can "take" only a minor irregularities (up to 5 mm). It is therefore very uneven walls line the first by plastering or drywall sheets sheathe. Depending on the follow-up walls or ceiling is determined by the type of fillers and mixtures puttying quality surface.

Under the thick textured wallpaper is enough to level the surface (rather 1.2 layers) and sand float with a large cloth. Puttying 'painted' (especially if not before staining plan to fleece sticking) requires gorazzho more careful approach. Usually placed at least 3 layers of filler, which are carefully vyshkurivayutsya, the last – small cloth. To the light bulb powerful should not be seen Even small scratches or pits. If any, of them separately and then again zashpaklevyvayut vyshkurivayut. With a significant deviation from the vertical walls of plaster or to bind sheets of drywall. However, if owner does not intend to make a 'perfect' repair, then you can do without it. Although the vertical deviation of 1 cm or more may already be evident, especially on the walls, lined with tiles.

Especially in the wall curves apartments model project is a bathroom wall, as well as partitions between rooms. In the definition of surface roughness to fasten to a wall normally in its various locations. If the gap between the wall and the rule does not exceed several millimeters, it will be sufficient to plastering work. If significant differences are visible, you must first make a plaster works. It is also possible to sheathe plasterboard. In general, if space permits and humidity of the room, then leveling the surface (and vertical) gypsum sheets zanmaet much less time (and probably money) than plaster. This is especially true ceiling plaster which costs about ….. per square meter and is considerable time. No matter line the walls with plaster, plasterboard or not, they must then putty. Surface preparation for laying tile: For tile is not necessary to perfect align the surface. Enough so that it is vertical and relatively smooth (bumps and holes in neskoluo dopuskayutya millimeters). If the wall is deflected from the vertical by 1-2 cm, an experienced tiler will be able to deduce the vertical tiles. But it must negotiate with the workers. Of course, laying on the curves and nonvertical walls will be more expensive. If the deviation from the vertical wall or large severely damaged, it is necessary to first plastering work. Preparation of the sexes. After removing the old coating is determined by the horizontal floors and their status. If the horizontal level of the master suit, close up enough to eliminate defects in sex-cut hills and repaired pothole solution. If the level floors littered with strong and very significant defects, you must fill screed. If you plan on tiling, small differences can align itself in the process of laying tile. For Laying laminate flooring, linoleum flooring and need a quality tie. Sometimes sex is used to align the leveling mixture. The price of the work is highly dependent on the fiber necessary to align the floor, walls or ceiling on the volume of the works themselves (that is, squaring the room, the smaller – more expensive)

Freelance – A Unique Chance !

May 25, 2016


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Freelancing now call this remote work, artist and client that communicate, transmit orders and work done, as well as conduct cash transactions with each other via the Internet. In this case, even respectable distance between these people is not an obstacle. Freelance – a unique opportunity for professionals who are unwilling or unable to work in an office, perform paid jobs in the specialty, such as customers kind of cooperation makes it possible to find a professional artist for your order, regardless of what country in which it resides. Freelance is now very popular, because in fact it is work that requires specific skills, abilities and experience. Freelancing in the market for each type of work performed has its own indicative price list.

Become a freelancer can not only programmer, designer, translator and journalist suitable employment can be found in almost everyone. Writing articles can be called one of the oldest forms of remote work, even the term "freelance" occurred just from the name of freelance journalists. As each of us for school days wrote more than a dozen essays and narratives, writing articles has become one of the most popular ways of freelancing. What is needed in order to earn money for writing articles? This is the first opinion, fairly painless, requires a good command of words, imagination and, of course, literacy. Written articles should not only be interesting to read and easy to understand, often the material is ordered to promote your business.

In this case, the article should be used so-called key words, which next client using the search engines will find this article. One of the main conditions is the high degree of uniqueness of the article, which can be defined by such programs as Advego Plagiatus, DCFinder etc. One of the most popular majors is freelance programming. It's so common, many people even believe that freelancers – all entirely by programmers. If you want to work successfully in the field of remote Web-programming, preferably well to follow some guidelines: 1. Good knowledge of all popular CMS (Joomla, Bitrix, WordPress, DLE and others). 2. As detailed a description of the technical specifications of the customer. That is what will allow to estimate the degree of complexity of the work before starting. Do not forget to specify the preferences of the customer, concerning the language programming. 3. Maximum automation of routine tasks can help save you time and effort. 4. In the longer term it is important to consider the work created a site with a heavy load. Very unpleasant for free redo all the work a year and a half, when the advertised site falls due to heavy traffic. 5. Do not forget the backup material from the website:

Rental Cars

May 25, 2016


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Interest in rental car washes in Kiev huge, perhaps even speculative. This is not surprising: a simple and lucrative business. Of course, there are subtleties in the sea, and this case (the quality of chemistry, water quality, quality equipment, etc.). But on large car wash – it's not Iron and Steel Works and dairy. Performing five or six fairly certain pattern of action is quite possible to earn good money, even renting a car wash, and not having their own. In As background information, publish information about the cost of rental car washes in Kiev.

It is worth noting that over the past 10 months earnings decreased car-renters. The owners continue to exhibit rents in dollars, and owners of motor vehicles continue to pay for a wash a car in the national currency. Probably not worth more to paint, and why someone in this situation suffers. Of course, the tenant. In the past, 2008 tenant car, say, 3 stations, renting it for $ 5,000 (average number of Kiev), "namyval" currently in net income of 2000-3000 dollars. In the same year, for obvious reasons, such net income tenant cleaning – about 1,500 dollars.

per month. Rental rates are as follows. The owners of car washes that are in good and normal places that have been there for six months or more, do not lower the price below $ 1,000. for one post. Car washes that are not on the front route, and in the enterprise, cooperative, etc., shall be at a price of U.S. $ 600-1000. for one post. In any case, take you to rent a car wash in the garage for two posts in 1500 dollars. per month, or car wash complex with 4 bays with tire for 8000 dollars. per month – if you work there (!), you will earn and will be satisfied. If you plan to rent a car wash, hire cleaners, and there appear once a day, then do not bother – you will be work "in the red"! Good luck! 21.08.09.


May 24, 2016


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Moreover, if you do not like Birkin, to be honest, you have something wrong with the taste, can be worth it to check availability? Birkin – a standard of simplicity, elegance and comfort. This bag completely devoid of fussiness, crystals and other trinkets, it is – an icon of style, this bag with you in 10 years will look fashionable, it is fashion, so it never gets old and pall. Angry is not necessary if you do not can afford to buy such a bag (I also can not :-(), that does not mean that it is not worth the money and that buying it – the rich idiots. I beg to leave with him about it a la: 'Everyone likes to, but I I do not like, I do not like it … ' Again, such phrases can only bring a condescending, dismissive views of those who really love fashion and beautiful, the good stuff. What can I do not like to Birkin? Easy, concise bag, thought to detail, which is not ashamed to go and feast in the world.

Clean lines, perfect proportions, elegant metal parts with incredible functionality and ease of use. Here are the distinguishing features of the bag. Do not like it can – Once the price. What is a soul twist, Birkin – is also an indicator of status and luxury, the possession of a bag you automatically raises the level of 'rich and powerful of this world'. Waiting list for Birkin bag from a few months to a couple of years, and in order to buy such a bag, it is necessary not just to save money and get in line, and the owner of the goods and be home Hermes total amount not less than 9000 dollars.


May 21, 2016


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Residence permit (visa resident) has been issued in the migration service. In Hurghada this service is in the old town of Dahar. The reason for rezidenskoy visa can be a marriage registered in the court of Hurghada with Egyptian citizen and a registered contract of sale – real estate sales in the court of Hurghada. Nedvizhimst in Egypt after the purchase of real estate held from 1 to 6 months before the court will issue a contract registered. TOURIST VISA EXTENSION. If grounds for a resident visa yet, since the documents are in production, we can extend a tourist visa to the migration service for 1 month (for citizens of CIS). Visas Europe's citizens be extended once for six months. To do this you must be in the office of the migration service to 11:00.

If you currently have the following documents: 1. Passport. 2. 2 photo (color, 3×4 or 5×6). Photos can be done, for example, in an instant Photography "Kodak" shop around "ABU Ashari" in Sakalov. The cost of 8 photos is approximately 10 dollars. Your photos will be ready within 15 minutes. 3.

Copies of passports. Need a copy of the first page with the data and copy the page with the latest visa which if put in the entry of the airport (make). 4. 11.25. pounds – the renewal fee tourist visa valid for 1 month. Filled the questionnaire in English. In the window of receiving the documents filed form, passport, photos, copies of passport fee. To pick up a passport with a visa, we must come back to 13:00 in the Migration Service After the visa is two weeks, during which it is necessary either to extend the visa once again, or fly out of the country without penalty. In If the visa is expired, then the departure from Egypt to the scheduled flight will be paid a penalty before going through customs. The penalty is $ 30. However, if you have already registered at the hands of contract in court, the penalty is not taken, because customs officers are instructed not to take penalties. RESIDENCY. Necessary, in addition to the list of documents on a tourist visa extension, just to have an original and a copy of the contract Court (A3 paper in Arabic). This document is most often on green paper, so many call it the green contract (green contract). However, the paper color has no meaning. Bank documents at 11:00 am. Necessary remain in the lobby of the migration service, as soon followed by an invitation to interview at a secret police force, which is located next door at 10 meters. The interview lasts for 5 minutes. Scanned documents. Further, in passport stamped, which are discussed. After 2 weeks, must get a visa to come of the resident. First visa is for 6 months, followed by 1 year, then at 5 years. Then you can put a regular visa for 5 years or a Egyptian passport.

Spanish Manga

May 20, 2016


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LA MANGA (LA MANGA) La Manga (La Manga del Mar Menor) – spa resort located in the southernmost part of the Costa Blanca. To be precise – that on Costa Calida (Costa Calida), which in Spanish means "hot beach." The name of La Manga in Spanish means "arm." La Manga – a narrow sandy spit stretching about 18 km. It divides the Mediterranean Sea and the lagoon area of 180 m2 – the so-called Small Sea (Mar Menor). In the deepest place of the Mar Menor reaches only 8 km in depth, the average water temperature is around +17 C. The average annual temperature in La Manga is +18 C, and number of sunny days per year is not less than 300 per year.

Barrio La Manga – one of the favorite recreation of Spaniards living in the city of Murcia (Mursia). Most tourists, especially golfers, this place is known for its three fields, which regularly hosts championships. That is why the name of La Manga is often used in reference to the saints with the golf tournament. The closest airport to La Manga – a small, but accepts international flights, San Javier Airport (San Javier) Murcia. Daily flights from the UK and other European countries are carried out directly in the heart of the Mar Menor. Another, frequently used by tourists airport is an airport Alicante (Alicante). The road by car from Alicante to La Manga area takes about an hour. Also, between Alicante and La Manga has regular bus service.

Buying Car Insurance

May 19, 2016


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Car insurance market in our country is sufficiently developed. Services Car Insurance is able to offer a huge variety of insurance companies. How to correctly choose an insurance company and any unpleasant moments facing the wrong choice you can learn from this article. Distributed several contracts auto insurance. You should start with the most ordinary – CTP. This letter abbreviation for any driver familiar with cars. Decrypt very simple – the mandatory liability insurance owner car. The main feature of such auto insurance is that its presence is mandatory, and the tariffs for all insurers are the same and they are approved by law.

In this regard, many motorists did not even interested in the question to what company they insure their car. Although the occurrence of the insured event, they have the opportunity to evaluate the correctness their choice. Casco – is a comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. You can insure not only the car but also its internal devices. This type of insurance gives you the right to return any and all costs associated with damage or theft of your vehicle. Therefore, it is rapidly gaining momentum in sales. However, the cost of such insurance on the car does not seem accessible to everyone. In the exercise of choice for insurance firm conclusions Casco insurance contract, we must pay some attention to certain points: 1.

Calculating the price may be issued by an independent evaluator or a service Un (SRT). Better to give preference the second option, because then you are almost guaranteed the absence of any nezaschitannyh costs. 2. How is the transfer of cash compensation. If you bought a car on credit, financial resources will be transferred either the official station or bank. In the second version you most likely have to pay for repairs out of pocket, because Institution may consider this amount to repay the loan amount. 3. When an insurance company there is an emergency commissioner, is a significant plus. This specialist will help you correctly complete all necessary documents and to exclude employees of traffic police probability of error. 4. As much as possible Find out about the circumstances under which you will need supporting information and which specific. The requirements on this issue vary from insurance companies. 5. Do not miss the opportunity to read to the Internet reviews insurer, which agreed to insure the car. The main principle of car insurance is that you must provide Autoinsurance peace and guarantee security, rather than be the usual formality. Relying on this principle in choosing an insurer with the mind.