Spanish Manga

May 20, 2016


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LA MANGA (LA MANGA) La Manga (La Manga del Mar Menor) – spa resort located in the southernmost part of the Costa Blanca. To be precise – that on Costa Calida (Costa Calida), which in Spanish means "hot beach." The name of La Manga in Spanish means "arm." La Manga – a narrow sandy spit stretching about 18 km. It divides the Mediterranean Sea and the lagoon area of 180 m2 – the so-called Small Sea (Mar Menor). In the deepest place of the Mar Menor reaches only 8 km in depth, the average water temperature is around +17 C. The average annual temperature in La Manga is +18 C, and number of sunny days per year is not less than 300 per year.

Barrio La Manga – one of the favorite recreation of Spaniards living in the city of Murcia (Mursia). Most tourists, especially golfers, this place is known for its three fields, which regularly hosts championships. That is why the name of La Manga is often used in reference to the saints with the golf tournament. The closest airport to La Manga – a small, but accepts international flights, San Javier Airport (San Javier) Murcia. Daily flights from the UK and other European countries are carried out directly in the heart of the Mar Menor. Another, frequently used by tourists airport is an airport Alicante (Alicante). The road by car from Alicante to La Manga area takes about an hour. Also, between Alicante and La Manga has regular bus service.