May 24, 2016


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Moreover, if you do not like Birkin, to be honest, you have something wrong with the taste, can be worth it to check availability? Birkin – a standard of simplicity, elegance and comfort. This bag completely devoid of fussiness, crystals and other trinkets, it is – an icon of style, this bag with you in 10 years will look fashionable, it is fashion, so it never gets old and pall. Angry is not necessary if you do not can afford to buy such a bag (I also can not :-(), that does not mean that it is not worth the money and that buying it – the rich idiots. I beg to leave with him about it a la: 'Everyone likes to, but I I do not like, I do not like it … ' Again, such phrases can only bring a condescending, dismissive views of those who really love fashion and beautiful, the good stuff. What can I do not like to Birkin? Easy, concise bag, thought to detail, which is not ashamed to go and feast in the world.

Clean lines, perfect proportions, elegant metal parts with incredible functionality and ease of use. Here are the distinguishing features of the bag. Do not like it can – Once the price. What is a soul twist, Birkin – is also an indicator of status and luxury, the possession of a bag you automatically raises the level of 'rich and powerful of this world'. Waiting list for Birkin bag from a few months to a couple of years, and in order to buy such a bag, it is necessary not just to save money and get in line, and the owner of the goods and be home Hermes total amount not less than 9000 dollars.