Private Brokers

May 15, 2016


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It is a myth that with a private broker to deal more profitable How many people would not burn on the services of so-called “private brokers,” all well there is someone who will advise you to refer to any Ivan Ivanovich, because he has “cheaper.” Save you, though not at the cost of services and their quality and their own peace of mind, but this is you, of course, will not prevent. So why, in fact, “overcharged” clients, referring to the agency? First, any self-respecting agency has a code of ethics that clearly spelled out rules of conduct broker with the customer. For example, under this code, the broker has no right to give you incorrect information, he is obliged to protect your interests and provide you all the information on to transact. Violation of these rules may associate lead to very unpleasant consequences for him, up to and including dismissal. Second, the agency all brokers are under direct control of management.

That is, if the broker makes a false step, it is always correct, help advice and, if necessary, will give the client to another specialist. Third, all the documents, passing through an agency, a mandatory legal department verified that simply will not let contract if he in any way prejudice the interests of the client. At the same time, the private agent – is his own man. He chooses what information to sound and what silent on what items the contract to draw your attention, and which – to close his eyes.