The Tarot In The Service Of Mind

March 19, 2016


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All states of the human mind can be decoded at a meeting of clairvoyance and of course in a reading of tarot cards. Charts Section of the upcoming events and so that the person consulting can see your own reality. In the tarot cards is the mind that directs events through energy poured into the esoteric meeting, if the person speaks or acts with a negative thought, then the letters would behave in the same way. All moods reside in the mind. The tarot and divination as it can not be otherwise well. If the consultant is subjected to a general circulation must be willing to accept the facts resulting from the circulation, giving way later to decide for themselves what they want, but certainly when the cards speak the true nature of crops like oil water. For clairvoyance and tarot the thoughts that come at the meeting are more subtle energies are manifested in the organ of perception, seeing service with the sole purpose of clearing any doubts arise. In divination sessions the consultant must be willing to control his mind to inquire on the most intimate of human beings. The wisdom of tarot cards is often a valuable guide for use in divination sessions, resulting in the vibration causing events to be revealing and feeling like a soft and subtle sound, because like so many other things in life times of plenty and happiness, we usually tend to be expected, although it is noteworthy that tarot cards and clairvoyance will point us how and when to turn over the periods of unrest and insecurity caused by the experiences that lead to the consultant to go through difficult times, these being part of learning to be undergone in this experience called life. Berta de la Torre