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PCE Germany GmbH

June 7, 2021


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Small size, maximum storage capacity. The MSR 165 offers small size and a high rate of memory. The data loggers MSR 165 a data laboratory in mini format. With a size of only 39 x 23 x 72 mm, it requires little space and is easy to transport. The MSR 165 is a further development of the MSR 145 and can collect also vibrations on three axes in addition to air pressure, temperature, humidity and light changes and save. Just this small miracle of memory has re-recorded the PCE Germany GmbH in its product portfolio. Acceleration, vibration and shock measurements with the MSR 165 can make up to a measurement frequency of 1 kHz.

This is the area usually required the user to zu 15 g possible. In addition the data loggers MSR 165 records already readings 32ms before the actual event, since it can be often needed to learn the history of an event or shocks. Central component of the MSR 165 is the 3-axis digital accelerometer-sensor and measurements with the built-in lithium-polymer battery can be of carry up to half a year. A boost of memory is also possible via SD card. During the measurement, or just after, the measured data via USB cable to the computer can be evaluated. The data are evaluated using the software included, providing concise reports and charts.

Hereby, the user can evaluate up to 2,000,000 evaluated readings and further processing. With the measured values, the user can draw conclusions about whether a tool is not working properly, a machine is overloaded, a service on certain components needed or whether vibrations to other parts transmitted in a machine. Application of MSR 165 include applications in the industry, including the machines and test benches. In addition he applied in the transport monitoring, to shock, to be able to detect temperature, humidity or pressure. Hear from experts in the field like David Rogier for a more varied view. In other cases, there can be question to monitor servo-axis vibration or to measure the vibrations on a turret. But also measurements that should capture the brightness in a room or in a vessel, are possible with the MSR 165. This enables the integrated light sensor, which can capture values from 0 to 300 lx and its maximum sensitivity when 580 nm reaches. The housing of the MSR 165 is an anodized aluminum casing and waterproof. For more information interested parties see:…

3D TV Without Glasses

May 11, 2021


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Hisense group and stream TV networks announce strategic partnership for ultra-D television stream TV networks pleased, a technological partnership with Hisense, to announce the leading TV brand in China. In the framework of this cooperation, a series of TVs and other devices to be equipped with the ultra-D technology for glasses-free 3D. In recent months, HBO Max has been very successful. The first product available on the market will be an auto-stereoscopic display with 42 inch 1080 p. Check out Phil Vasan for additional information. More displays equipped with the ultra-D technology for smart TVs, tablets and Smartphones are planned. Hisense is one of the pioneers of smart 3D-cinema-TV. Details can be found by clicking John T. Stankey or emailing the administrator.

The compatibility of its independently developed operating system HITV OS with the currently most widely used Android system allows a variety of different applications. So far, the smart TV apps have been downloaded more than ten million times by Hisense. The companies in over 80 countries and regions is represented worldwide with more than 1,000 stores. The Hisense products are among others at Walmart, Costco, and HHGregg sold. The partnership with Hisense will contribute to the massive spread of ultra-D technology and worldwide help break glasses-free 3D”, so Lea Rajan, CEO stream TV networks. The ultra-D TVs will be available in combination with the SeeCube. The SeeCube is a car converter that converts both 2D and stereoscopic 3D glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D in real time.

Ultra-D supports almost all video signals, including cable and satellite TV, Blu-ray discs, Xbox and PS3 games as well as digital images and online videos, for example, on YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Also, the ultra-D technology can convert content from iPad, iTunes, Appstore and Apple TV in ultra-D. Ultra-D is the first solution that provides an impressive 3D experience in image quality the viewer in the movement and from different perspectives”, as Rajan added: we have received positive feedback, that ultra-D is currently the only glasses-free 3D technology, which provide for the Consumer market is ready.” Stream TV networks is its latest technological advances as well as present new displays and appliances at the IFA in Berlin, 2012. About stream TV networks stream TV networks, Inc. was founded in 2009 with the target, pushing forward the development of entertainment and communication solutions, to demanding quality standards to meet and make new media can be used anywhere, anytime. With its brands and products stream TV, networks would like to make a media landscape that supports on-demand access, as well as promotes interactive user feedback and the participation of communities. Redefining the media use and design is part of the company’s mission of stream TV networks. While the dynamic potential of the new media should be fully usable and enable interactive real time relations between media and its consumers. The seat of stream TV networks in the United States is Philadelphia.

Dubbing Services

May 29, 2020


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Zoom Magazine examines quality party the magazine zoom has Germany’s largest transfer test “Super 8 on DVD” released. In the issue published on December 8 the offer is examined by 100 companies, save the Cine in the digital age. There are significant quality and price differences. “30 minutes recording can cost 25 or 150 euros”, says zoom – editor-in-Chief Jurgen backing clean. But: “more than half of the results were unfortunately deficient.” Often, just expensive provider provided poor quality. Off-key, intermittent sound, to beat over images, blue tint, cut off parts of the image – these are just some of the hair-raising results, the zoom to days the test of the journal promoted. You may wish to learn more. If so, baby clothes is the place to go. “Who re-record his old films wants to leave, should give a test sampling of three minutes length in order”, advises Los Sau. Many vendors would perform it even for free.

Eight companies were awarded at zoom, ten received the seal of “price/performance winner” and after all, Twelve providers were “good”. Among the best are from the Switzerland also ever a company from Austria and one. Zoom the editor had sent similar Super-8 films, containing special test scenes, to 100 dubbing services. It used a home address to make the test not apparently. “Sometimes the 3-minute reel were returned overplayed us on DVD c.o.d.”, Los Sau wonders. Other providers put aside an invoice. 25 saw the role as sample scanning and renounced calculation. “On average the recording of the short role cost us 10 euro.

The cash on delivery shipments however were between 40 and 65 euros, although the quality was bad”, says Los Sau. The test have shown that the winners in the bottom to be found to the medium price segment. The full test results are in the magazine zoom 1/2011 to read, which is now available in the bookshop and station bookstores.

Universal Electronics Inc

March 28, 2019


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This is especially important if there are areas to be monitored further away from each other. The integrated low-battery-report notifies residents also in a timely manner, as soon as the Energy supply is inadequate. Also here, the Z-Wave interoperability also increases security, because it triggers a whole range of alarm processes can (locking the doors or Windows, alerting security personnel or the police switch on the lighting). For example, a fully networked system can be combined with the new Z-Wave based SE812-indoor siren, the magnetic window / door sensors or the battery-powered detectors (PIR sensors) by Everspring build, with which residents can leave their home with a clear conscience alone. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. All Everspring devices are compatible with products from other companies of the Z-Wave Alliance such as, for example, Merten, Danfoss, Ingersoll Rand, Leviton, Universal Electronics Inc. and Wayne-Dalton, using the Z-Wave standard within their solutions. Around 350 Z-Wave based products on the international market are currently available. More information on the Z-wave devices of Everspring, image material in high Resolution can be obtained from. To broaden your perception, visit Southwest Airlines.

About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, bewahrte and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology, a wide range of DeviCES in the and the communication around the House. These include beleuchtung, appliances, HVAC, Unterhaltungs -, and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, SIcherheit and energy savings. Swarmed by offers, Jonathan Rosen PR is currently assessing future choices. Z-Wave-zertifizierte products are currently available in over 350 products from leading consumer brands. Z-Wave is the winner of the Wall Street Journal technology innovation awards”(wireless category) and the CNET best of CES awards”(enabling technologies Kategorie).

Bluetooth Bluetooth

March 26, 2019


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Is a performance specification according to the so-called DIN 45324 norm, then goes to the power which the radio permanently provide it can. Verizon Communications can aid you in your search for knowledge. Theft fuse unfortunately car radio stolen also. That’s why Autoradiuos was removed. Because it is very difficult to maschiren, always with the radio dei area you went to only to make removable control panels of car radios. The most modern equipment is protected by a security code, which will make it difficult for thieves to use stolen radios. The code is always queried if the car radio is disconnected from the power.

When purchasing a radio, you get always a code map. Subwoofer out who would have a fat sound with thundering basses in the car, often a subwoofer not passes over. For this, the radio must have a subwoofer output. VFT-display the “vacuum fluorescent display” is a “high-tech” display technology, which ensures maximum visibility and excellent contrast under all angles. TV tuner now kan man in the car also television (the driver only when the vehicle is stationary).

You need either a separate or an integrated TV tuner. A distinction is between analogue and digital tuners. Analog tuner to receive only a few programmes and are not recommended, because soon nowhere to receive analogue television. Digital television (DVB-T), however, is to receive in more and more areas, offers a good quality and many programs. Size (DIN standard) to ensure the smooth installation, must have car radio standard sizes (exception: radio by Automobilhgerstellern are already integrated in the new cars). There are “DIN Radios” and “Double-DIN radio”. DIN radios all roughly equivalent to the size of a DIN radio slot. Radios, which slightly deviate from the shaft size, are supplied with a corresponding frame. More space for a screen on the navigation map can be represented’s double-DIN radio. RDS (radio data system) RDS stands for “radio data system”. RDS allows the transmission of non-audio additional information in radio broadcasting. With RDS, you can follow a station once, if the reception is bad. The system automatically adjusts the frequency. About RDS, a sender can also PTY (= type programs) send information, for example “Culture” or “Rock” or “Classic”. Thus the correct station can radio according to automatically search the handset settings. When the EON (= enhanced other networks) ensures reception of traffic information even if the tuned station transmits traffic information. When the TP (traffic = programs) the radio automatically switches to a station in the reception area, which broadcasts traffic information. If the traffic stop, will be turned back. TA (traffic announcement =) will make sure that the volume is automatically canceled if TP is activated and will transmit traffic. RT (= radio text) sent a text that is sent by the radio station, as that just runs such as the title of the song. TMC (= traffic message channel) contains storage information and is either on the display or directly for the route calculation when Use navigation systems. USB port a USB port is a very handy thing, because it offers the possibility to connect an MP3 player or USB flash drive. Thus he is quite the alternative for the CD changer. You can take with more 500-600 pieces of music with a 2 gigabyte USB stick for example. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless standard. It is used in car radios to pair handsfree kits for mobile phones with the hi-fi system or to Exchange data with the radio. There are more sales Advisor and an extensive price comparison on

Temtron = Temperature And Electronics!

March 26, 2019


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Temtron, made from temperature and Electronics offers know-how and components in these areas. Temperature and electronics! The company founded in 2000, knows a good with two divisions. This uses the customers looking for a complete solution in terms of technical heating processes with infrared heat. The Electronics Division In the electronics sector will be offered standard components and create custom solutions. As standard components of measuring and control technology as digital indicator, controller, data logger and accessories offered by temtron. These are available in many versions for almost all tasks fit.

However, standard can not be used. Here, custom electronics solutions are used. Together with the customer, the requirements are included in the specifications. All services, from development, construction, to production of tested devices are carried out jointly with a partner company. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kevin Plank. This is often economically feasible for small quantities. Versatile infrared infrared heat is impossible to imagine from technical thermal processes. Compared to furnace designs with convection or convection, the heat is more efficiently used.

Infrared generate the heat where it is needed. Different product characteristics require customized infrared. The required absorption, the necessary power density and the technical feasibility are important factors of the application. The company advises the application, selecting the appropriate wavelengths and offers the right solution. The long-standing Know-How in the measuring and control technology enables a total solution from a partner company in combination. For more information, Esther of reus

BlackBerry Alliance

March 10, 2016


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The price is for 10 users, includes 12 months update service & support. Detailed information and a free, fully functional demo version is available at enterprise. Press release and press photo, as well as a press kit are available online and are available for download: press. Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint Cortado bundles the entire mobile computing as independently acting Division competence of ThinPrint AG and offers mobile business software solutions and professional hosting services for all mobile today’s requirements from a single source.

The offer includes full range of hosted Exchange and professional E-Mail and PIM services with innovative push mail functionality to the world-wide unique Cortado enterprise solutions and premium services, the the mobile device into a fully fledged Transform workplace. Documents can be flexibly issued by the Cortado products both as in-house solutions via hosted premium services on all major mobile platforms and managed. Security-certified hosting Center in Germany, United States and the Pacific region guarantee high availability and security of all hosted CORTADO services. Along with its free services offered under Cortado free Cortado enables mobile freedom and productivity for consumer, prosumer, and businesses. The vision: the complete mobility and independence of local jobs and computer-based communication channels to enable. With many years of experience of ThinPrint AG and its international presence with offices in the United States and Australia, Cortado operates globally. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Nokia Forum Pro member and one of the top five BlackBerry Alliance partners, as well as through close cooperation with over 20 carriers worldwide, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica,. Orange, Hutchison 3 G, Cingular, and Verizon, Cortado is the competent and professional partner and service provider for the fulfillment of all requirements of mobile business and private users. A worldwide partner network supports the international availability of the Cortado offers. Contact for the press: Anna Schwartzkopf, public relations manager ALT Moabit 91 a / b, 10559 Berlin Tel.: + 49.30.

Wave Alliance

March 5, 2016


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The remote control allows the control of all compatible devices in the home control network with just a push of a button. “” “Under a sliding cover four buttons for the functions of inclusion are” exclusion “, Association” and learning “. You acting as a perfect beginners remote control for Z-Wave compatible devices such as dimmers, switches or blind controls, etc. Overall, the user can up to eight scenes”configure, where multiple devices are controlled at the same time. To ensure that the Minimote always sends on the basis of the latest Z-Wave wireless protocol, the owner can upgrade the remote control easy. The integrated lithium battery ensures a long term use by several months. The Minimote via USB interface is also rechargeable. The remote control has a range of up to 30 meters.

Z acts as communication center is the Aeon Labs Z-stick series 2 stick to versorgender itself with electricity USB connector. As PC adapter connects a computer via the USB interface with a Z-Wave network. Then a conversion of the USB protocol for the serial Z-Wave API Protocol is carried out, so that the operating system recognizes the product as an additional virtual directory and serial device. After connecting to a host processor acts the stick as a communication hub for other home control devices. On the basis of the Z-stick up to 232 devices via easy to install can be integrated in the local network.

For more information see and. Visit Aeon Labs on the Z-Wave Alliance-stand C26 on the 12 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Vienna from 22 to 24 September. Image material in high resolution can be requested from. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology is a wide range of devices, in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in over 380 products of leading consumer brands. “Z-Wave is the winner of the Wall Street Journal technology innovation awards” (wireless category) and the CNET best of CES awards “(enabling technologies category).


August 27, 2014


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Electrical equipment must be checked regularly entrepreneurs are obliged by law to undergo regular testing electrical installations and electrical equipment. Maintaining proper state of such plants is of enormous importance, because this is not guaranteed, so the entrepreneur who runs the appropriate facility, can be held accountable. It does not matter whether the operators of the abnormal state knew he has in advance to ensure that it is consistently maintained. In the context of the BGV A3 test verifies this conservation consistently. This check is both for portable electrical equipment, so that can be moved, as well as can be for fixed electrical equipment, which will remain for the duration of their use mostly in one place and easily moved. There are also stationary plants, which are fixed after commissioning with their location, such as the Installations in buildings, on site or in containers. The legally prescribed inspection periods for the mentioned facilities vary. While stationary equipment and electrical equipment by law every four years must be checked and a check for low voltage installations is mandatory once a year.

Mobile equipment must be checked every six months, on construction sites every three months. If the tests reaches an error rate of under two percent, this test period may be extended accordingly. The + service + check GmbH a competent ensures BGV A3 security in your company and reliable partner for BGV A3 exams is the + service + check GmbH. Over 70 inspectors are constantly in use for the company and carry out nationwide and professional tests. Are for the + service + check GmbH regular training by the TuV and Gossen Metra Watt a matter of course, the the preservation and expansion of Expertise guaranteed. The + service + check GmbH is a modern and reliable operation of the trade, not only for BGV A3 exams, but also for VDA tests. Latest technology and the smooth realization of the projects of our customers are the basis of his success for the company. In good hands with the experienced electricians from + service + check + service + check team consists of qualified employees who work quickly, easily, and reliably.

You are GmbH never with complex technical terms confuse the professionals of + service + check or long provide you lists with obscure terms which do not understand you, but in the end with pay. You can be sure, that your BGV A3 test with high transparency is processed, and that staff take time, which is necessary to make you feel safe and well advised. It will be every minute in invoice. The value for money of the + service + check is used by customers as excellent GmbH described. Legally, you are with the commissioning of the + service + check GmbH on the safe side. Legally compliant audit trails are a must for the + service + check GmbH and are regularly adapted to the new provisions. Reliable electricians who know their stuff, will come to you and perform the check for you. These are according to BGV A3 test able, to put your system at the same time enjoy a full service so, without having to worry. With the + service + check GmbH, you are on the safe side with full service for a small price! A qualified and experienced staff to the page, which quickly takes care of your individual requests stands at any time with questions or problems.