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May 29, 2020


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Zoom Magazine examines quality party the magazine zoom has Germany’s largest transfer test “Super 8 on DVD” released. In the issue published on December 8 the offer is examined by 100 companies, save the Cine in the digital age. There are significant quality and price differences. “30 minutes recording can cost 25 or 150 euros”, says zoom – editor-in-Chief Jurgen backing clean. But: “more than half of the results were unfortunately deficient.” Often, just expensive provider provided poor quality. Off-key, intermittent sound, to beat over images, blue tint, cut off parts of the image – these are just some of the hair-raising results, the zoom to days the test of the journal promoted. You may wish to learn more. If so, baby clothes is the place to go. “Who re-record his old films wants to leave, should give a test sampling of three minutes length in order”, advises Los Sau. Many vendors would perform it even for free.

Eight companies were awarded at zoom, ten received the seal of “price/performance winner” and after all, Twelve providers were “good”. Among the best are from the Switzerland also ever a company from Austria and one. Zoom the editor had sent similar Super-8 films, containing special test scenes, to 100 dubbing services. It used a home address to make the test not apparently. “Sometimes the 3-minute reel were returned overplayed us on DVD c.o.d.”, Los Sau wonders. Other providers put aside an invoice. 25 saw the role as sample scanning and renounced calculation. “On average the recording of the short role cost us 10 euro.

The cash on delivery shipments however were between 40 and 65 euros, although the quality was bad”, says Los Sau. The test have shown that the winners in the bottom to be found to the medium price segment. The full test results are in the magazine zoom 1/2011 to read, which is now available in the bookshop and station bookstores.