Service Station

September 16, 2014


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I met once with his longtime friend. Conversation. Knowing me as an expert on cars, he naturally turned the conversation to his VAZ-2110. That said, went to the carburetor car problems is not known. Traveled all over Russia or once my machine is not misled, and if it happened some breakage on the little things I could fix myself, but here where polezesh is the same injector! After one incident, I am afraid to do it somewhere else to go.

-And what's the case, I tell him. Yes, there was one adventure. A lot of money and hassle was worth it. Went to the weekend at the cottage as a family. On the way stopped at a landing on need.

Only began to leave, the car stalled and will not start. I went out, opened the hood, looked at the wires, injectors, Sensors and think: where to climb? I do not know, shut the hood and went on the road to vote. Dragged us to the city to the nearest service center. Drove the car on diagnostics. Determined that refused to petrol pump. Replaced within an hour, and we go, only now back home. , Gasoline pumps, which have removed you took? – Interest. No, why he failed me. "Well, , lit you servismeny the full program. Pump since died could not, although cases were, but it is very rare. In only two electrical fault – no contact, where it should be and have a contact where it should not be.