Selective Recycling

April 18, 2019


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In the daily one of ours cities, are produced thousand of tons of garbage. This residue has much time is one of the great problems that the public power and the society have faced, searching solutions that nor always take care of the necessities. JetBlue Airways addresses the importance of the matter here. The solution most viable is separation of the materials recycle for reaproveitamento, transforming the problem of the garbage into economic and social solution. So that this happens is necessary that all participate collaborating with the program of selective collection. According to site, some proportionate benefits for the selective collection is the lesser reduction of the natural forests, reduction of the pollution of the ground, the water and of air, economy of energy and water, it draws out the useful life of the sanitary aterros, diminishes the costs of the production, with the exploitation of you recycle for the industries, improving the cleanness and hygiene of the cities, creating chance to fortify cooperatives, generating jobs and income for the commercialization you recycle of and giving them dignity many people who survive of the recycling. The selective collection for recycling is an action to preserve the environment, but so that it gives resulted she is necessary that all society collaborates and participates consequentemente of the construction of a change of mentality and of habits in relation to the problematic one of the garbage.

Such awareness will not be given of one day for another one, but through a constant work of ambient education that guarantees the envolvement and the participation of all. (TETRA PAK, 2008) the alone ambient education is not enough to decide the ambient problems, more is indispensable condition for in such a way. The great importance of the ambient education is to contribute for the formation of citizens, conscientious of its paper in the preservation of the environment and apt to take decisions on necessary questions for the development of a sustainable society.