Safety Standards Easily

March 21, 2019


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Can you drive a car without a hand brake, with run flat tires, broken headlights? Theoretically, perhaps, yes. Source: Kevin Plank. And without an engine? What a silly question, you ask. And it is not stupid, because the staff of the Lviv traffic police, after examining (Or test) is such a car ZAZ-968 1985 release, safely given to its owner tehtalon and recognized the state inspection passed. On a similar experiment decided activists of Ukrainian Public the organization "Civic position" within the campaign "Cancel inspection – to cancel requisitions!". If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Plank. The purpose of the action – to prove the absurdity of forced public inspection procedures. Before examining the car, which is already that was clearly not "on track" and pulled the engine yet, "tehtalon" was received.

Not hard to guess that at such a positive result "inspection" has affected a certain number of crisp colorful papers. Thus, tehtalon received, the inspection performed, and the cars can not drive. Therefore, in the presence of the press and public activists "citizenship" given the ill-fated gai Lviv, where the wreck has been recognized technically sound. Each car owner knows very well that the next gai always revolves-spins are many companies and firmochek ready for a very specific rewards do (read – fake) tehtalony on a car in any condition. Disappointing conclusion: the money would have been, and inspection, then certainly will. But more and more terrible. Even passed through official channels, inspection does not always guarantee an objective assessment is technical state of the car. Traffic police are more concerned with the availability of documents, not whether the car wanted, whether paid fines and fees.

And as far as working, and is therefore safe, the car – it let the subjects of interested in farming. That would be funny if it were not so sad and hurt. It's a shame, especially for the police. Does not matter that the Ukrainian, it is flesh and blood of the Soviet militia, which, unfortunately, is not a secret, more than state of the car, interested in the state of the purse of the owner.