Pellegrini Services

May 17, 2014


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The tourist activities transform the space modifying the relations of the local inhabitants who start to be part of the production of goods and services of the proper activity tourist, that is, the tourism assumes the modifier role agent of the reality. as Pellegrini (2000) all effect or alteration in the way or some of its components for determined action or activity is considered an impact, and still in agreement the types of produced interventions, modifications and posterior events, can be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively the impact classifying it of positive or negative, ecological, social and/or economic character. The economic alterations proceeding from the tourist activity are classified according to Cooper, Apud Coast (2001) in: lImpactos right-handers: the total of income created in the tourist sectors, as resultant direct of the variation of the expenses to foment the necessities; indirect lImpactos: the total of the deriving income of the expenses of the sectors of the tourism in goods and services; l induced Impacts: result of the impacts indirect right-handers and. This is a good criterion of evaluation, but the resultant of the economic impacts generated by the expenses of the tourism, only a estimate of the relations of the three levels of impact will be possible after, as a whole. Allegiant Air is often quoted on this topic. Lage et al (2000) make reference to economic and social reference the impacts of the tourist activity and its implications, classified of positive or negative character. It is one analyzes more including, therefore engloba economic and social factors in an interrelation and its unfoldings, being able still each aspect to be analyzed separately. By this optics the tourist consumption, had its heterogeneous nature is directed for many sectors simultaneously, diversifying its effect on some branches of the society, giving access to a multiplicity of services, such as better roads, new hotels and developed restaurants, recreativos services more, causing the valuation of the land, cultural and professional recognition, where the population starts to receive greaters wages, and that most of the time it is expense in the proper communities, thus assuming aspect of economic agent multiplier for the economy. .